The scene of the proposal for financial rights in the healthcare sector is complete

Istanbul deputy Ahat Andikan, who spoke on behalf of the Y party group about the whole proposal, recalled that they criticized the health sector proposal, which was brought to parliament in December and then replaced, not only by covering doctors, but about. 39 groups in the health system.

Noting that the offer now only covers medical doctors and dentists, Andikan said:

“As a Y party, we offered at least one payment to pharmacists, nurses and other healthcare professionals during their commission meeting, but it was turned down. Their salaries needed to be improved. Unfortunately, the proposal we discussed today did not provide for such an arrangement, and the improvements were made very little, limited to a few hundred lira.

In the first proposal, 4,710 lira for general practitioners’ pensions and 5,415 lira for specialists were improved. In the present proposal, 1648 TL has been provided for practitioners and 2 thousand 119 TL for specialists. In other words, it’s down to about one-third of the bill’s figures. In Mr. Nebati’s words, I would like to bring this issue to the table in terms of the dollar, since the Turkish lira has depreciated and now two currencies are used in this country. When we first accepted the offer, the dollar was 12 lira, now 17 lira; In this case, the total amount paid to practitioners in December was $ 392, now 97 97, meaning one in four; When experts recommend 45 451, now it’s 12 124, again close to a quarter. It costs hundreds of lira to make so-called improvements to pensions, and improvements to additional matters. Now I would like to ask the Minister: Did you pay this price for the doctors who fought selflessly in the face of the epidemic and shot those in Parliament? With the proposal, the mouse is born; It’s a complete failure, a complete deception, a complete disrespect. “

Andikan said that today a very serious number of doctors and nurses have started from Turkey in the world and argued that this is due to the inability of the AK Party government to read the world developments properly.

– “Healthcare Satisfaction Rate”

MHP Konya Deputy Mustafa Kalaisi said the bill includes regulations aimed at improving the privacy rights of healthcare workers and providing healthcare services more effectively.

Emphasizing that effective, efficient and equitable delivery, organization and financing of health services is one of the important responsibilities of the state, Calesi said, “Our country has recorded significant improvements in access to health services and quality of health services. Quality. Thanks to these improvements, satisfaction with health care is at an all-time high. ” Evaluated her.

Explaining that the whole world is going through a difficult process due to the epidemic, Kalaycı said, “Turkey has become one of the countries in the world to successfully manage this process with its health infrastructure, effective management style and appropriate policies. Offers screens that keep their lives in line. ” He resides.

Noting that violence against health workers is a situation that is never acceptable, Calaisi said, “Important measures have been taken to prevent violence in the health sector and should be implemented effectively. Those who have attacked our responsible brothers and sisters should be given maximum punishment.” Seriously. ” Says

Kalaycı said that with the proposed legislation, regulations were made to meet some of the needs and expectations of healthcare professionals. A legitimate increase of about 40 percent would greatly benefit retirees and the general public. ” He resides.

– “Is it alive?”

HDP Batman Deputy Nakedd Package, recalling and replacing the sanitary area law proposal brought in December, said, “At the moment, we are June 15. In December, the dollar was 13 lira, fuel 11 lira, inflation 37 percent, gold 700 lira today. What’s better? Life is expensive, purchasing power is low, you pay less than you paid that day, and you take back some of the rights you paid that day. What is life? What is it? ” He asked.

Many who criticize “health transformation” say, “Health transformation means to contribute; transformation to health means no medicine; transformation to health means to be examined for five minutes ten minutes, to make an appointment four months later, five minutes. To the doctor.” About a month after the departure for the ultrasound. That means taking him to the next day, when he goes for surgery, that means no material; I thought to myself, ‘We can’t do this, we can go. I mean. ” What’s wrong with your gray?

Speaking on behalf of the AK Party, Kayseri’s deputy Ismail Tamar said they had made arrangements to ensure that everyone in Turkey exercised their right to health in the most effective way possible and to implement the policy of the social state.

With this legal regulation, they aim to cede the rights of doctors who work day and night without seeing their children, “said Tamer. I see the problem in the situation, I have made some changes in that regard. ‘ Says

Until the AK Party government came to power, everyone knew about health problems very well, but these negatives were quickly forgotten. Temer said, “I want to appeal to all areas of health; your efforts cannot be measured by money. If I were you.” Used expressions

CHP Istanbul Deputy Mehmet Bekarolu said allegations had been made from all parts of the epidemic, but no conclusions had been reached.

The proposal, which was withdrawn in December and included better regulations than today, Bakerloo said the budget issue was still on the agenda. “There’s money, but who you give it to is your choice,” said Bakerlu. Says

Bakerloo, who said the proposal included regulations that would disrupt the work environment within the health sector, criticized the health transformation program and the city’s hospitals.

Bakerloo argued that there were problems with access to health and that he had been employed for a long time. TwitterClick to follow

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