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‘The Small Lights in the Universe’ is a true and compelling biography of our way of finding and losing our way through difficult times. Reading the whole cigar stories about being a family, being friends, being a man, being a woman, stars, dreams, grief and space, you can honestly see and understand yourself.

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The life story of world-renowned astronomer Sarah Cigar, in her own words, is one of the most touching, heartwarming and true stories I’ve ever read. It’s really hard to look at yourself from the outside, fearlessly, objectively. Moreover, it is commendable to acknowledge, express and display your emotions while doing this.
Sarah Cigar’s autobiography, The Small Lights in the Universe, which is considered one of the 25 most influential people in space research, was published with a translation by Domingo Duigu Akin. You too can honestly look back at yourself, understand and accept yourself, and read ‘Cigar stories’ about being a family, a friend, a man, a woman, stars, dreams, grief, coping with loss, and space. Don’t go it lets you decide.
Grief is a feeling that a person can deal with the most and, in fact, most cannot. It’s simple, powerful, something that pushes you. On top of that, there are people who expect you to collect yourself and not give up so much. Loss of the most difficult foundation in the life of a whole cigar. Cigar tells us about her father, who gained strength from her childhood, trusted her and loved her very much, her dog, the cat, whom she adopted with her first love and husband Mike, and then her husband’s death, and her loss. Efforts to continue space research and raise children. In doing so, he reveals how difficult it was and how he found strength in his most difficult and most honest way. The fact that he met the ‘widow’ group he mentioned at the beginning of the book certainly gives a clue. When a person loses someone he can love, his size in the world decreases. Most of your lost places are filled by friends. If there are friends around who can ask for help, then all the troubles of the world will be alleviated.
He had nervous breakdowns, in hardware stores, butchers treating him like crazy or stupid, they look for fathers in their heads wherever they go with their children and that person is an astronomer but true. That one woman hits us again forcibly. Cigar, who resisted the presentations and who faced the preference of an old male scientist instead of himself in the research team for his own ideas, is also inspiring with his endless stubbornness and endless perseverance. Not being masculine, putting her femininity aside and not being aggressive, knowing the value of friendship, she falls and rises and looks at the light of the universe. Throughout the book, Cigar deals with the developments in astronomy as his life progresses. On the one hand, you can learn how difficult and how slow the evolution of space is, and what has been discovered so far is for some stubborn people. While all this is going on, he does not give up his determination and determination to look at the stars and find the exoplanets. She stumbles, falls, falls and learns not to be ashamed of it. Of course, you will learn with him while reading.
The relationship that a woman feels so lonely in life, that she is as lonely as a man, that they are trying to strike a balance and finally her fight with cancer is another matter. Let me explain with a small example, one day after the death of her husband, she found the ‘Guide to Life on Earth’ on the computer. From dry cleaning to grocery shopping, from repairs to heater work, her husband leaves her with a list of ‘how to work in daily life’. Do we appreciate each other enough when we have time, you ask yourself?
While keeping the tail up, trying to look strong and being cold-blooded are considered the right features in society, ‘The Small Lights in the Universe’ which makes you realize that suffering, being defeated, sometimes failing, breaking down. , Fall is not so important and your friends are superheroes in our lives. I sincerely recommend.

The smallest light in the universe

Love, pain and explanation
Sarah Cigar
Translated by Duigu Akin
Domingo Publishing House, 2022
308 pages.

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