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Commerce Minister Mehmet Moss said the “Hill in Turkey” portal, which was set up to boost healthcare exports, would fill the gap in publicity, adding that “our healthcare export revenue will reach বিল 5 billion. Through our new support system, in the medium term. I believe we will reach 10 10 billion. ” Says

Minister Musa participated in the Health Services Export Summit held at TOBB and in promoting new support and portals. In his speech here, Moss noted that service exports, which were only 14 14 billion in 2002, were .4 35.4 billion in 2020 despite the epidemic and increased by 64 percent to .1 58.1 billion in 2021. In the third quarter, service exports grew 66 percent year-on-year to 15 15 billion.

The number of visitors to the healthcare service, which was 216,000 in 2012, when the support began, emphasizing that the impact of the support had reached 1.5 million people, Muş continued as follows:

“According to Turkstat records, our income from those who come to our country for health purposes is 1 1 billion as of 2021, and in the first quarter of 2022, this income has increased by 68 percent over the same period. In 2021, it is estimated that our healthcare export earnings will be above 1 1 billion, at the level of -3 2.5-3 billion and approximately বিল 4 billion in healthcare exports. The dollar will reach 2022. A survey has been started between our ministry and TUIK to measure the number of visitors to the country.

Noting that with the President’s decision released in April, support for healthcare exports has reached new heights and has expanded, Moss said, adding that the goal of these supports is to sustainably increase healthcare exports with an innovative approach that is appropriate and necessary. .

“We can sort the supports under 6 headings”

Noting that they released the new support under a single heading “Healthcare Export 5.0 Support”, Muş shared the following information about these supports listed under 6 headings:

“The first is ‘Complications and Travel Health Insurance Assistance’. With this assistance, a person who goes to our country for medical treatment is fully insured from the loss of his / her luggage to the time of his / her visit and emergency health services which may require complications.” May occur after treatment. Moreover, the importance of the insurance component is confirmed. With this in mind, we have set the support rate at 70 percent, not 60 percent, which is a positive inequality for this support item. The second is employment support. We all know that We have the potential for a young and vibrant workforce in our country. Using this potential in our healthcare export, we aim to increase international competition. “

Noting that they want to benefit from the cultural and geographical richness of the country in healthcare exports, Moss said, “We believe that by enriching the services we offer as a package, it will enable us to earn more from exporting services. . ” Says

“No experience required”

Moose said they would encourage the employment of qualified workers in a range of healthcare export value chains, ranging from guides to translators, call center workers, social media and marketing experts, and elderly and disabled care workers to social workers. There is no need for that experience.

The third support is vocational education and foreign language support, Muse said, adding that a protocol will be signed between our ministry and our universities that meets our standards and vocational and foreign language education for our healthcare exporters who learn from them. Assistance will be provided. ” Used phrases.

The fourth support is referring to product placement, Moose said, “I invite our healthcare exporters to benefit from our product placement support in our products published abroad so that our healthcare export sector can coordinate with the film, TV series and game sectors.” And spread the message of positive Turkish service more vigorously. It was included in the opportunity to support the export of our health and sports travel services together. ” He said.

“Patient complaints can also be found through the portal”

Note that the sixth and final support is the “Hill in Turkey” portal which gives the crown of these supports, Muse said:

“Hill in Turkey” will be more than just a portal, it will be a slogan and a destination brand that our country can use to export healthcare to the world. With the contribution of this portal, we will write a new success story. 100% support for five years for the development and operation of this portal. The portal will have a call center and it will be possible to receive complaints and suggestions from it. Foreign Patients. More importantly, our image as a reliable destination will be strengthened. Also, our healthcare exporters who are its members. The portal will be able to earn extra points in advertising, promotion and marketing incentives. “

Muş, access to health visa and complex insurance information through this portal will also affect the selection criteria for foreign patients. A sustainable and effective campaign through participation. With the opportunity to promote for free, we aim to reduce the promotional costs of sector stakeholders and the import of services in this regard. ” He said.

“Supported organizations that have expired have been reset”

Emphasizing the need to include important updates in the new incentives, Moose said they have equated the support rate, which has been changed from 50 percent and 60 percent in the previous decision, to 60 percent.

Noting that they have increased the annual support limit for certain items, such as advertising, promotion and marketing support, Muş explained that they have increased the applicable support period for some support from 4 years to 5 years. Muş said they had also reset the terms of companies that had previously expired their support and noted that the counters of these companies would start from scratch with the new decision.

Noting that mediating organizations, which had not previously benefited from all the support, would benefit from the assistance that health organizations would benefit from, Moss said: “Finally, we have doubled the number of target countries that have been given an additional 10 basis points. We believe that this update will bring more action for many more countries. Our goal is to increase the position that our country has already reached in the field of healthcare exports. We will continue to improve our healthcare export earnings in the short term, thanks to your work, valuable representatives of the sector, and our new support system. I believe we can reach billions of dollars. In dollars and in the medium term we will reach 10 billion dollars. ” Says

At the end of TOBB President Rifat Hisarkikliolu’s speech, Minister Musa was presented with a plaque.

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