We aim to get a share of 10 billion from the global health market

President Erdogan said: “Our goal is to get a share of the স্বাস্থ্য 10 billion from the global health market by serving 1.5 million foreign patients next year, I hope.” Says

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan attended the inauguration of the Bogazisi University Candili Science, Technology and Research Building.

Believing that the building, known as the “Deep Technology Base”, would make a significant contribution to the country’s research, development and innovation ecosystem, Erdogan said he sees the technology base as part of his vision for a national technology initiative.

Emphasizing that Turkey is moving closer to using its potential in core research activities like any other field, President Erdoানan noted that the center, which will be opened and will be dedicated to all incubation centers working for research and development activities, will add knowledge to technology. Transforms the power of the country.

Noting that some of the infrastructure of the deep technology base was established with the help of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, Erdogan continued:

“For example, one of them would be to reduce our country’s dependence on fossil fuels, which could be applied in many fields, from biofuels to food supplements, from animal feed to fertilizers. In addition to supporting our country & # 39; s zero waste target, this unit will be operated.The other work is a research and development support laboratories project for SMEs producing pharmaceuticals, vaccines and medical devices for the health sector.Our Life Science Center And our country will be a proud technology brand with qualified human resources. The rapid development of the health sector makes this kind of research even more important.

“Deep technology base will host many different studies”

Noting that the health sector was at least as critical as the defense industry during the epidemic, President Erdogan said they both wanted to reduce the current account deficit and improve exports of such products. Health sector including domestic and national resources.

Stressing that the SMEs that receive services from the center will be able to compete with large corporations in a short time with the help of academics and researchers, Erdogan said the deep technology base includes natural gas production from coal, earthquake emergency response systems and earthquake response. Safety, genetic research, nanomaterials, robotics research. He further mentioned that he will host various works such as

“We have 9 strategic goals, 5 strategic goals, 31 policies and actions, and 5 important projects in our roadmap,” Erdogan said. Investment as a foundation contributes significantly to the implementation of our roadmap. Hopefully, as these efforts bear fruit, we will witness together how our country reaches its goal step by step. ” Used phrases. Referring to the coronavirus epidemic and the very important message for all humanity that began after the Russia-Ukraine war, President Erdogan said:

“Countries that do not have strong health infrastructure, no matter how rich or affluent, are vulnerable to serious threats. We have all seen and felt that without a pandemic such a massive health crisis cannot be tackled. Information and technology, manufacturing, human resources and infrastructure. Thanks to the investment that Turkey has made in health infrastructure over the last 20 years, as in all other areas, it has been able to overcome this great crisis with minimal losses. I believe that those who ridicule our city hospitals The slanderers, although they did not make it clear when the epidemic broke out, were grateful for our opportunity. “

President Erdoানan said that it is not enough to just build a hospital building and hire health workers, and that they should create equipment and systems that will equip these buildings and facilitate the work of health workers.

Explaining that as Turkey, they have left the first phase behind and are now in the process of devoting all their energy and time to the second phase, Erdogan said that the Center for Life Sciences symbolizes their efforts. Erdogan said that in addition to protecting the health of his own citizens, he aims to become one of the most important health care centers in the region and in the world. “In the past, our citizens used to go abroad for diagnosis and treatment. Now millions of people from all over the world come to our country for the same purpose, spending billions of dollars here. Hopefully, through 1.5 million services next year. We aim to get a share. When we combine the quality of our services with the ability to develop and produce technology, our revenue will grow faster. “ He said.

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