At age 45, he graduated from university with first place.

Murat Yildim, 45, a graduate of Bingol University Vocational School of Technical Sciences, won first place.

The 2021-2022 academic year graduation ceremony was held by Bingol University Vocational School of Technical Sciences. At the ceremony, Murat Yildirim (45), a father of 3, won first place from the Vocational School of Technical Sciences.

After graduating from the Industrial and Vocational High School Turning and Leveling Department in 1997, Yলldিরrিমm returned to Turkey after 5 years in the Netherlands. Yıldırım, who works in various jobs, started working in 2015 as a government employee in the National Education Department.

Yıldırım, who took the university exam in 2020 to realize his university dream, won the Department of Machinery and Metal Technology at Bingöl University. Working as a technician at Governor Gunnar Orbe Secondary School, Yıldirım ranked first among 150 students in addition to his work and family life.

Yıldırım’s elder sister Ayşe Dursun, sister Neslihan Kaya, sons Halit Meshal Yıldırım and Emir Hattap Yıldırım, primary school teacher Melik Turan and Governor Gunnar attended the graduation ceremony of the 2021-2022 academic year. Middle school director M Selim Anakur.

At the ceremony, where Yıldırım and his classmates wore gowns, the school’s first place certificate was presented and a gift was given.

“My brother behind my success”

On the occasion, first, Murat Yildirim of the Department of Machine Technology, gave a speech on behalf of the students.

Mentioning that he lost his father at an early age, Yıldirım said he succeeded in business and school life with the support of his older brother Emin Yıldirım and said, “I want to start with a small part of my life. The middle child of a family of 8, we The mother who lost her father at a young age, especially my mother, was very supportive of us both financially and morally after my father’s death. She did not leave us in her prayers. I could not pass. He played the role of both brother and father. When he was young, all the responsibilities of the family fell on him. He had a lot to do with our upbringing with my mother. “

Mentioning the dream of the university he never forgot, Yildirim said, “For the story of my machine department; I have reached the age of 42, now I am married and have 3 children. I never forgot my childhood dream. When I was studying under the old name of the Department of Led Leveling and the new name of the Department of Mechanical Technology, I always dreamed of studying in either the Department of Mechanical Engineering or the Aeronautical Engineering Department. Of course, time and circumstances delayed me from realizing those dreams. The reason for this delay was my short European life, then my business and marital life. But I never forgot those dreams. I was very happy when I heard that the machinery department has been opened at Bingol University and I was happy to realize that dream, even if only partially. Then I took the exam and was admitted to the Technical Sciences Vocational School Machinery Department. And now I’m here to graduate from this department. “

“Never give up for success”

Yildirim said, “There is no age for study and education.” My advice to dear friends; At the age when you want to achieve success, there is nothing you cannot achieve if you work hard and with the right plan and a good program. Maybe you will be sleepless, maybe you will be tired, maybe you will be upset sometimes, but never give up. (Primary)

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