Büyükekşi is the new head of TFF.

Mehmet Büyükeksi, who entered the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) Extraordinary Elections General Assembly as the sole candidate, became the new president of the TFF, playing 158 of the 209 games used.

Büyükekşi will be the chairman of the federation for 1 year.

The federation will go to the General Assembly in June 2023 and determine the new 4-year administration.

List of Board of Directors of Mehmet Büyükekşi

Yalkin Orhan, Nukhet Kukel Izbarsi, Murat Aksu, Yusuf Gune, Idil Karademirlidag Suher, Erman Kalkandelen, Ibrahim Burke, Alkin Kalkavan, Ramazan Ukdan, Muslim Ozmen, Hamit Altantop, Alikatan.

Hamit Altintop, Ali Dusmej and Alkin Kalkavan were also in the previous administration.
Who is Mehmet Büyükeksi?

Born in Gaziantep in 1961, Mehmet Buকেkeki graduated in 1984 from Yildız Technical University, Faculty of Architecture. Büyükeksi, who studied business administration and English in England, is married and has three children.

Büyükekşi, 61, was appointed president of the Gaziantep FK in September 2019 and resigned in May 2021.

Mehmet Büyükekşi Jilan Gairimenkul and chairman of the board of the Water Garden.

– What did he say?

Speaking at the General Assembly, Mehmet Buekeki explained that Turkish football needs an atmosphere of trust and said:

“I was with the late Hassan Dogan. He left us an important legacy in this regard. I promise you, I will present this legacy in the best possible way. I am on this path with the principles of faith, stability and justice. We ask for your sincere support. In this way, we can reach the goal in a short time on the road. We see football as a common indicator of friendship, brotherhood and love. ”

– Publication tender statement

Emphasizing that the development of Turkish sports will start with infrastructure and amateurs, Bouyuki said, “We all know what the main problems are. I will say only two sentences about the tender for the broadcast. This year, we had to go for an extension. Super League tender broadcast. Unfortunately, We don’t have time for a different formula. 1 year later. “We need to start working now. This time, without leaving it until the last minute, we will go out to find something different. The solution works quickly. “

– Sports law

Newly published Sports lawMehmet Büyükekşi, who drew attention, continued his remarks as follows:

“The law has been passed, the regulations have not been passed. We will follow the regulations. We will consult with the clubs. We will strengthen the regulatory system and become transparent. We will reach a federation structure that will focus. It has basic duties. I believe there should be an update, one of which is the travel ban. No doubt. We are at a common point in taking some action. We must bring our spectators back to the stadiums. We are very serious about lifting the ban. We will also discuss the demand for 8 percent VAT. We will also make significant differences between the clubs regarding the representation and the observer structure. Pirate Broadcasting “This is an important agenda item for both the club and the broadcaster. We will do our best to activate the working committees. “

Büyükeksi said: “We want to save the clubs from the financial structure of the debt spiral. We have to take some action. Then we will not be able to make profitable products in foreign markets. “We are the second country to sell more TV series and movies. Why shouldn’t we sell matches? All right? We will work for that too. “

Mehmet Büyükekşi talks about the project “Referee Performance Artificial Intelligence Model, Talent Development and Reserve League Perception”:

“Confidence is more important when we become a referee. We have to take very serious steps. We will have academic studies on both the development of existing referees and the development of new referees. We want a football community that talks about the quality of football. No. We plan to perform referee performance with this artificial intelligence. “We plan to establish a league coordination board, which will include one person to determine the fixtures and referrals as determined by the Clubs Association. We need to focus consciously. About infrastructure. I am positive about the demands of the Reserve League. Our goal is to enliven the Reserve League in the 2022-2023 season. We will start working on it soon. “

Emphasizing the need to increase the brand value of football, TFF Presidential Candidate Axioglu said: “This issue is so important that it depends on revenue from broadcast tenders, Turkey’s participation in the world football economy, arrival of the best players in our league, increased sponsorship revenue and increased audience interest. So we will look at this from a completely new perspective, not from a classical point of view. TFF will be an innovative, transparent and institutional stakeholder with everything from now on. We are laying the groundwork to achieve this. , We have set up with 2 female executives, ”he said.

Büyükekşi thanked the members of the General Assembly for their support and said: “This is the day to bring football to its due value and to work hard. You have given me a great support in particular. You have given me this confidence. We will do it ourselves. We must work together to improve the quality of the brand. ” His speech ended.

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