Carbon Entrepreneurship Program Demo Day was held at Kokeli Chamber of Industry

Kocaeli University Technopark Inc. And Kocaeli University Technology Transfer Office Inc. In collaboration, the Carbon Entrepreneurship Program was implemented to bring young entrepreneurs into the entrepreneurial ecosystem and to give these entrepreneurs new opportunities. Entrepreneurs have applied to the program with innovative and technological ideas in the scope of the Carbon Entrepreneur Program and 13 of these applications have been accepted into the team program. The teams involved in the program are on their way to commercialization after 6 months of intensive preparation, training and consulting process, maturing their business ideas. Demo Day They have taken the opportunity to get financial support by stepping in front of the investors.

Ilhan Aidin, Provincial Director, Kokeli Chamber of Industry, Kokeli Industry and Technology; Dr. Nilgün Fığlalı, Kocaeli University Technopark A.Ş. General Manager Prof. Dr. Oğuzhan Urhan, KOSGEB Manager Ibrahim Ustaomar and Kokeli Chamber of Industry Secretary General Memet Turabi took their place among the participants. In his opening speech, Dr. Professor Dr. Ogujan Urhan When sharing information about the process of the Carbon Entrepreneur Program, Professor Dr. Nilgun Falali ‘Supporting entrepreneurs on the journey from carbon to diamond transformation and being with them on this journey is invaluable. Today, we will hear ideas that have turned into diamonds together, “he said Memet Turabi “As the Kokeli Chamber of Industry, we are delighted to host this event. As the chamber, we look forward to strengthening and enhancing collaboration for the future and contributing to the program with our industry and investor networks to integrate on important issues for the future.” Provincial Director Mr. Ilhan Aidin While emphasizing the importance of the program for our city in his speech, he did not neglect to provide up-to-date information about our city. Nesrin Aydin, Deputy General Manager of Kokeli University, gave a detailed presentation to the participants with her presentation on the Carbon Entrepreneurship Program. Also, Kokeli University Technology Transfer Office Team Leader Ahmet Sen participated in the program with his presentation about the work of their organization.

The stars of Demo Day have reached the real thrill with the presentation of 6 successful initiatives. Each team presented to the investors a five-minute presentation in which they expressed their business ideas, team, acquisitions, processes, plans and investment requirements for their products and services. Entrepreneurs who answered investors’ questions at the end of their presentation were able to explain themselves in a short time.

The teams that took the stage and made a successful presentation were;

BabistanTracking and analyzing children’s development in neonatal intensive care unit with image processing software.

The purpose of this project for parents is to relax their children whenever they want. Babies need 18 hours of sleep a day, incubator covered. This situation makes it difficult for health workers to control. The child will be able to be visited by healthcare professionals with a camera system integrated into the incubator with the image processing system.

Team Leader: Zahid Sami ATA Istanbul University Serahpasa – Industrial Engineering

SOMECO2 -New generation floating CO2 conversion plant

The most important feature to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and reduce carbon dioxide for sustainable energy production under current needs is the methanol, which uses carbon dioxide. A crude material, which will be used in the current sequence of additions to the fuel oil sector and may be commercialized as fuel itself in the future, completely reduces CO2 emissions with environmentally friendly production of renewable resources.

Team Leader: Serhat Can Bare | Hastep University – Chemical Engineering

Stetoguard – Disposable stethoscope cover and machine

The goal is to mediate the carrier of the source of infection when using a patient-to-patient stethoscope and prevent this problem with an alternative that will create an effect such as using a special stethoscope for each patient with a disposable stethoscope. Head

Team Leader: Irfan Yusuf Baisal / Kutaha University of Health Sciences – Faculty of Medicine

Suryabeta – Conversion of industrial electric vehicles

This will enable companies to convert conventional vehicles into electric vehicles.

Team Leader: Abdul Melik Demir Kokeli University – Mechatronics Engineering

AI MOD – Artificial intelligence software that enables living creatures to make prosthetic designs

We aim to create affordable, accessible and healthy products that can complement the functionality of living things, quickly model them with the artificial intelligence we have created and make them productive with the help of 3D printer technology.

Team Leader: Bark Can Astakin / Kokeli University – Mechatronics, Robotics and Automation Engineering

MOGS – Motorcycle autonomous safety system

The autonomous work attached to the front and rear of the motorcycle and the specially designed airbag system to reduce the risk of collisions in the event of an accident and to prevent the rider from attaching a special seat belt during an accident.

Team Leader: Korhan Mehmet Mersin Kokeli University – Automotive Engineering Technology

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