Faveji Master resists “last sandals” technology

Favji Olka, 64, who lives in the Mughal town of Marmaris and sells his own sandals at a small stall in the market where he was born and raised, is now called the “last sandalmaker” because he is no longer there, he said.

Only one person, 64-year-old Favji Olka, made the internationally famous handmade sandals in Marmaris, one of the most popular tourist cities in the world. Olka, who did a lot of work before doing the profession she learned from her father, could not be happier with someone else’s job, so she returned to her father’s house and returned to the hereditary profession.

Sandalmaster Favji Olka, who has been in the profession for 34 years, said: “I came from Marmaris, I was born here, this is my father’s house, this is my profession. I have taken this profession from my father since 1988. I am doing it.” No problem for the master, there may be models that take its time, of course, you buy it. You create a special model, you prepare it, you think about it when you think about it. So there are difficulties. And of course, I work alone. After my father died, I have been working alone for almost 10 years, “he said.

He showed his talent when he had nothing to do, Wolka said, “I started making sandals when I had nothing else to do. I had that talent too, we continue. I’ve been making sandals for 34 years. My dad died. Therefore, the only master who made handmade leather sandals in Marmaris.

“Student Master”
“They say there can be no masters without an apprentice,” Olka said.

“The biggest problem with the last sandal is the model thief”
Favji Olka, 64; “Many years ago, buyers came and went to see. I always stay in the same place. Our sandal models are usually classic. You know, my dad has classic models made by previous masters, or they already have. So, according to customer choice, we see Which goes more, which costs more, and we develop the model. We try to stop and do something and try to create it ourselves. Let’s create a model, let it be different or something. It depends on your health, “Sometimes they come, they take pictures, I’m not going to take pictures for my friend or anything else, they don’t come, so there are jobs in these jobs. And we realize that some of them stole our models,” he said. “Digital thieves have stolen his model,” he said.

‘The healthiest clothing made of leather’
Experienced Master Olca ‘How many years has this been an art made from 80 to 70 flaws, for example, an art belonging to Marmaris. These were called Bedroom Sandals and Marmaris Sandals, there were many masters here at that time. Marmaris had seven or eight shops, all of which went back to the 90’s, and I continued this profession. Why are sandals healthy because of the leather? All the ingredients used are healthy, the skin does not sweat, does not smell. Also, it can be matched with any comfortable and stylish outfit, ”he said.

‘Poetry book also out’
Favji Olka, who wrote poetry in addition to her sandal skills and published her works in a book with the help of the Marmaris Chamber of Commerce, said: , I don’t know, ”he said.

Favji Olka, who turned the house where he was born and raised into a workshop and a sandal exhibition and hung shells collected from the sea on its wall, said he would continue to make sandals as long as his health allowed.

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