Hamit Uzun – If You’re Going to Divorce, You Don’t Have Children?

I went out and he is looking at me strangely! … I am entering the house and my mother is strange.
I couldn’t stand it, that’s curiosity, I stood in front of my mother and said:
I said, “You have a problem! … Tell me what’s going on, what’s going on.”
“Your wife, who left because of your disability! … married someone ten years her junior.
Too bad for you, they were renting a house next to ours. ”
They won’t tell me because they don’t want me to be sorry. So people have strange looks.
The red shirt is burning fast, they say … I would lie if I said I wasn’t upset. I was told …
On the other hand, I was comforting myself.
She! … That’s what she wanted.
“I’m young, I’ll find someone young,” he said.
Yes, he found what he wanted. Can she be happy?
Time will tell.
Mom went out. My son also came back from school:
“Dad, I’m hungry.” , “Son, tell your midwife (Grandma). Let her prepare food for you. “With that my son went to his midwife.
I was breathing like I was taking oxygen from a cigarette, lost in myself!
Suddenly the door opened.
My son was lying in bed crying.
Unbeknownst to me, I approached him:
“What’s the matter, boy? Didn’t the midwife make you dinner?” “I asked.
Don’t say anything to his midwife.
It goes to his grandmother.
He used to visit his grandmother almost every day as it was close to our house.
He went again that day and asked his grandfather about his mother. Her grandmother immediately interrupted:
“Your mother is married and gone,” he says, adding to my son’s anxiety.
As soon as I realized my son was crying, he was crying with his eyes, I touched my son’s hair, cried from my heart and poured my tears into my heart so that my son would not see it.
The trigger on my tongue was broken, I couldn’t find a word to comfort my son.
She cried for a long time, I heard.
Then he fell asleep in his bed.
The boy slept on an empty stomach …
I was wondering … what would I tell her when she woke up! …
What shall I say, O Lord? I was praying …
My mother came:
“What happened to her? She just went to bed.” It was said
I told that mother what happened.
My mother also:
“Don’t they fear God, they made this baby cry,” he said.
Eventually, my son woke up, feeling like he had calmed down a bit. Looking into my eyes:
“Dad I was open,” he said.
She always comes to me even though she knows I can’t cook because I’m disabled:
“Dad said I was open.
While my mother was making the table, my son told me;
– She sighed and tried to tell me that she doesn’t love her mother, she doesn’t want to see him anymore, she won’t go to her grandmother anymore, she doesn’t love them either. Me too:
I was saying, “Let’s have dinner, we’ll talk later.” My son didn’t really believe what he was telling me.
But he had to express his grief in one way or another.
I realized she was trying to share her pain.
These painful, stressful days did not last long, we got used to it!
Although my son is not his mother like before, he still goes to his grandparents.
Even if I went to my mother’s side, I could understand her feelings!
Because my mom married someone else when I was younger!
What a pain I got then! … My son is alive now.
“Baby, if you want, don’t go too far to your mother, so that her husband doesn’t have any problems because of you.” I said. “Okay, Dad, that guy! … I’m leaving when he’s gone.” …
Weeks and months passed quickly.
My son’s mother had to move from their home to another place, saying that her husband, whom she married, would arrest us because they had not divorced his ex-wife.
My son was upset that his mother was going somewhere else.
The weather is getting cold and light rain.
It’s evening, my son hasn’t come home from school. After praying for Mom, go outside and see if she’s playing a game somewhere. ”
After my mother prayed:
“I used to chase after her father, now I’m chasing her baby, my endless ordeal.” He went to look.
It was dark outside.
Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya.
She is wet and muddy at the same time.
See it this way:
“What happened boy, did you have a fight, how are you?” I asked.
He also told me one by one what happened.
In the morning his mother was moving.
Since her mother’s married husband is also at home, she cannot go home and talk to her mother, “My mother may come out and see her, so she comes back to our house without seeing him, whatever it is.” He waited a long time.
I listen to my son, I torture myself for not being able to cry. My Mao came angry.
“I’m looking for you at the door, where are you going?” He asked.
We also told him what happened. My mother was angry with my son’s mother.
All I could do was try to save my son from getting upset.
But what we did was the worst for our son! …
We did it separately from our parents! God forgive us.
This is why if you are going to break up, you will not have children.
Wife! … She has been living with her new husband for one and a half to two years since she left our neighborhood.
Then, I don’t know why, he also broke up with her.
She marries someone else, dies and returns to her father’s house to continue her life.
My best wishes and prayers.

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