I don’t think people will go left or right this year.

আমাদেরBB President Ekrem Imamolu, who instructed the İBB administrators, said, “We need to increase the number of summer sports schools a little more. It is very important, why should I call sports schools? I don’t think the nation can go. . ”


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Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem Imamoglu instructed IMM administrators to increase the number of summer schools, saying “I do not think the nation can move left and right because of the economic process.”

Ağaç ve Peyzaj A.Ş., an affiliate of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, has opened the 11th Garden Market in the city of Ataşehir.

CHP Deputy Chairman Hon’ble Adiguezel, EBB President Ekrem Imamoglu, Atashehir Mayor Batal Ilgezdi, IYI Party Istanbul Provincial President Bugara Kavyajquez were present at the inauguration of Bahche Market at Atashehir Boulevard. It was held with the participation of General Manager Ali Sukas.

Mentioning that they have introduced this facility at the request of Atashehi Mayor Batal Ilgezdi, Imamolu said in his speech, “Our garden market, AGAÇ A.6. Excellent service of our company. Such places are arranged not only as a market but also as a green area, and it is worth noting that the morale they give to their beauty and environment is effective. I think it’s helpful to come here, not just to shop, but to get around, to learn about the flowers or the tree species. ” Istanbul is not just for people; Recalling that it is home to many animals that live in the air, on land and in the sea, Imamolu said, “We must not forget that we are also a part of the world. No, “he said.

“We like our test venue”

Emphasizing that they have begun work on a second participatory budget, Imamolu said:

“Despite being our citizens, we are not stubborn about doing anything. We cannot be stubborn. Because we do not own the property. Those who own property, society, citizens; Not the person, not the person. Managers are custodians, managers are temporary. We have been elected for 5 years. We will be re-elected if we are good. Batal Bay was elected for the third time. This means that it has won the admiration of our citizens and has been elected. Therefore, choice is our testing ground. But before that, it was a 5 year service area. In this case, it is never possible to neglect the citizen. Dissent cannot be ignored. Nor can we distinguish between ‘those who choose’ or ‘those who do not choose’. Of course, voter service is important. They voted for you. But do you know the basis of democracy? The main thing is to protect the rights of those who did not vote for you. It’s about being more sensitive to those who didn’t vote for you. Democracy is special to him. In fact, it is imperative that the most courageous steps in democracy be taken so that our country and our nation are always united in beauty. “

“There’s a huge building floor against me”

Sharing the scene he saw from the platform, Imamolu said, “As I compose all these beautiful sentences, I have a pile of huge buildings in front of me. Millions of square meters of buildings. Building the building, the central bank with its headquarters in Ankara, Zirat Bank, this and that, you would say, ‘Istanbul, the financial center of the world’. OK; It will be, let it be. Let it be a trading center. Let it be the cultural capital of the world. Let it be the industrial capital of the world. Be the best at everything. But financial centers cannot be built with buildings. A good economy cannot be run by building buildings or palaces. It is possible to keep qualified managers there. The reason for an increase in evening and morning is because life is expensive every day; Of course, the world has its challenges. Of course, on earth, there are some difficulties that cannot be prevented. But he is not alone. How should you get out of there with the least damage? How can you improve the economy? Not with these buildings. You can make it possible by putting conscientious, expert people in it. In this case, our country needs beautiful geographical location, green areas and parks as well as a beautiful system and a beautiful process where deserving people get the opportunity. “

‘Yenikapi’ call for citizens

Noting that they are working with equal service agreements in 39 districts of Istanbul, Imamolu reminded that they will complete the third year of their order on June 23. “We wish we could say March 31 is our anniversary,” said Imamolu.

“But they insisted, ‘You hit us twice.’ We beat it twice. We have won a great struggle against this handful of people, in the struggle of the precious people, all who vote or not. June 23 is his anniversary. We look forward to welcoming you to Yenikapi on 23rd June. Do you know why We welcome all our people. There, get to know IMM’s companies that haven’t served you before, maybe not offered, or you don’t know. Do they provide services, what do they achieve despite the difficulties? Find out for yourself the roof of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Get to know their partners. So know SKİ and İETT. How big are we actually? How strong you are when we stand together, realizing that you are the organization that has an establishment and a strength in front of the most important cities in the world. Let’s have fun there. I say, ‘Join us on this 23rd June anniversary’.

Instructions for IMM managers

After the Garden Market opened, Imamolu also took the test at Atashehi’s াতBB Sports Facility in Asatpasa Mahalsi.

Instructing İBB administrators, İmamoğlu said, “We need to increase the number of summer sports schools a little more. It is very important, why should I say sports schools? I do not think that the nation can go from right to left for economic reasons.

“We will prepare the sea in Istanbul, we will prepare the beaches, we will prepare the sports schools. We have to make our children happy,” said Imamoglu.

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