Introduction to 15 little-known sci-fi movies

Fiction movies have recently experienced a serious breakout. Digital platforms in particular give fans the opportunity to watch many productions of this kind by setting their eyes on the stars. Yet hundreds of sci-fi movies have been made throughout history, and there is still plenty of quality work that you may not have seen.

On this list, we’ll tell you, “If only I had discovered it sooner!” That’s kind of what you might say Fiction movies We wanted to offer. In the ranking, we put together the films that we ignored and which we believe have a special aspect. Have a good time watching!

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A post-apocalyptic youth telepathy with his dog: a boy and his dog (1975)

Interested science fiction readers must have heard of American writer Harlan Ellison. Allison’s book A Boy and His Dog, which made important books in the 60’s and 70’s when the genre began to shine, was adapted for the big screen in 1975 by the same name LQ Jones. Set in a post-apocalyptic time, the film is about a young man struggling to survive with his dog, with whom he is telepathically connected.

The modern HBO series is the core of the hit story: Westworld (1973).

Everyone has heard of Jonathan Nolan and his wife Lisa Joy’s HBO science fiction series Westworld. So, did you have any idea about the original movie that inspired this production? In this production, who is also a guest on our list of 70s, he is in the chair of director. Co-author of Jurassic Park With Michael Crichton. Set in a futuristic environment, the film tells the story of guests who come to spend time in an adult-themed amusement park and get into trouble with a “break down” robot.

A World Where No One Wakes Up: The Dark City / Mysterious City (1998)

In the 90’s, the list is now known for productions such as Gods of Egypt and Mask of the Evil Operation. Alex attempts A signed film.

The Dark City, where the mystery is predominant, is the story of a man who can’t remember a wife and A nightmare world where no one wakes up Includes its history. The character named John Murdoch wakes up one morning in an unfamiliar hotel where he doesn’t know how he got there, and realizes that he is looking for the killer of a brutal murder.

Under the skin (2013):

Starring Scarlett Johansson and Jeremy McWilliams, Under the Skin is inspired by Michelle Faber’s 2000 novel. Johansson in Scotland She plays a woman who persuades and preys on men. In construction, the character’s self-discovery takes an unexpected turn.

What if your dream turns into a real memory? Total Withdrawal / Withdrawal (1990):

By Philip K. Dick Blade Runner Everyone knows the movie based on the book, but the Total Recall movie, taken from another similar cult story, We Can Remember It for You Wholesale, is a bit behind.

Combining names like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sharon Stone and Michael Ironside, the film From a company called Recall that turned dreams into real memories This is the story of Douglas Quaid, who receives service. Quaid, who wants to get rid of his boring life, finds himself in a completely different alternative.

Donnie Darko / The Dark Journey (2001), which blows your mind and gives you unique emotions as it ends:

Although it is known by a special audience, it is a production time that its fans follow passionately. In the lead role in the production, which is probably the only movie where Richard Kelly was able to show himself, he is one of the most popular actors of today. Jake Gyllenhaal Also performed with youthful age.

The movie begins when a mentally disturbed high school teenager, Donnie, is briefly rescued from a bizarre accident. Driven by a man in a big (and stupid) rabbit suit, Donnie’s chaotic love life, about the end of the world, parallel universe and wormholes.

Special Recommendations for Star Wars Fans: Schreimers (1995)

Now another Philip K. Dick’s adaptation time. Based on Dick’s Second Variety story, the Scrimmers engage the audience. In the days of an interplanetary war You will not answer. In the movie, a commander goes to a devastated country to negotiate a peace treaty; It speaks to the struggles of life that he reads when he discovers that the robots they have created to kill their enemies have gained “sensitivity”.

Good science fiction doesn’t always come from Hollywood, does it? Cashron (2004):

Let’s change our route to East Asia and continue our journey with a different flavor. A 1973 film of the same name by Japanese director Kazuyaki Kiriar Cashorn. As an adaptation to anime Meet the movie audience.

Production is about genetically modified mutants that threaten the future of the world. The only hope of humanity is on the shoulders of Casheron, a reborn warrior.

Sunshine / Sunshine with Stargate Cast (2007):

Danny Boyle, 127 Hours, 28 Days Later … and Slumdog Millionaire, in the relatively little-known movie Sunshine. By 2057 We are guests. In the movie, a group of astronauts try to save the Milky Way galaxy by interfering with the dying sun through nuclear fission. The cast includes Celine Murphy, Rose Byrne and Chris Evans.

One of the 80’s classics, Enemy Mine / My Enemy (1985):

Wolfgang Petersen’s Enemy Mine, which was nominated for an Oscar with a slave boot, is one of the classics of the 80’s. Anime Mine based on Barry Longier’s 1979 award-winning novel Hugo, Nebula and Locus. Pilot two enemies from different planets It’s about fighting together. The volcanic planet Fyrine IV has been forced to crash-land, with one pilot a soldier on Earth and the other a reptile from the planet Dracon.

If you go back in time with the time machine and face yourself … Los cronocrimenes / Time of Crime (2007):

Los cronocrimenes is our next science fiction, thriller and crime film, at this stage we are the guests of Spanish cinema. Produced by Nacho Vigalando Going past through the time machine And the story of someone who met him there is as follows. The film drew attention after returning from many film festivals in Europe with awards.

For those who like sci-fi with humor: The Ice Pirates (1984)

The 80’s were undoubtedly a special year for science fiction. Directed by Stuart Raphael, the screenwriter for Passenger 57, the production takes place in a watery endless future. Focus on space pirates In the story, pirates steal ice from a spaceship; Their lives change when a princess is caught and sold.

The War of Humanity Against an Animal with Strange Power: Scanner (1981)

You know Canadian director David Cronenberg for The Fly, A History of Violence and Maps to the Stars. However, Cronenberg is also a name who has done very important work in science fiction movies. Productions starring Jennifer O’Neill, Stephen Lack and Patrick McGuhan, Of a “scanner” with strange powers. It’s about going to a bloody war against the people.

The movie was made for only $ 7000: Primer / Capsule (2004).

Upstream Color director Shane Carruth’s debut, Primer, has grossed half a million dollars worldwide despite costing only $ 7,000. Written, directed and starred by Shane Carruth Two engineers who, miraculously, were able to invent a time machine. It’s about what happened to her.

One of the lesser known science fiction films of recent history: Chronicle / Supernatural (2012).

The first feature of Josh Trunk, Chronicle, who wrote screenplays for various productions such as Capone, The Kill Point and Fantastic Four, When three high school friends get involved in an incredible underground expedition and gain supremacy. The beginning of the journey of young people, whose lives are slowly getting out of control, connecting with the darker aspects of them is the subject of the film. The production cast includes Dan Dihan, Alex Russell and Michael B. Names like Jordan.

Is there any science fiction movie on the list that caught your attention? You can share your own choice with us in the comments!

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