Kadriye Deacon, a space lecturer, spoke on education

Everyone between the ages of 7 and 70 showed great interest in the Jarzewan Sky Observation event, which was held in Diyarbakir for the second time this year. Among those who showed interest were Kadriye Deacon, 55, who lives in Diyarbakir and has 6 children and 6 grandchildren. Deacon’s interest in space and his speech was such that he would open the horizons for young people. Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varanak shared Kadrien Deacon’s speech and curiosity on his social media account. Kadriye Diken, who opened her home to İHA reporter Rıdvan Kılıç, made a statement about her exciting ideas about history, science and youth.

“Since Jerzevan, my mind and my mind have changed even more.”

Kadriye Deacon said that his curiosity started when he was a child and they were watching him lying on the roof. The thorn said, “Why is it big, why is it small, why is this light, why is it dim? That’s why, I was looking at the moon. While I was watching to see why they were throwing mud, it was morning. I didn’t notice how I slept. When it was like this in Georgia, I wanted to go. My daughter has applied to the teacher. I said, take me with you. They took me. As they were getting off, they said to me, ‘What are you here for? You are old, why did you come? ‘ I said, I have come to see them. I said I would look at the stars. After that I went and it was really cool. I looked at the stars, I learned about diamond stars, I learned about dead stars. I want everyone to go there and learn something like this. After Georgia, my mind and opinion have changed even more, “he said.

“I don’t stop there, I go like a goat and look at the rocks.”

Noting that he had studied up to second grade in elementary school, Deacon continued: “I don’t remember exactly. I didn’t read when my father died. His Excellency Ibrahim Hakki was employed in astronomy. I always thought of him. “I will do things so that the shadow of my grave does not fall on the shadow of my teacher’s grave,” he said. I was very curious about it. Again, I am very upset and very jealous. Russia or Israel is not a lie. They came, they said, sell us those tools. Let’s test those tools. I was upset when they said that. Why do they do it and we can’t? Where did they come from, our ancestors will test their works, why don’t we do it. I used to educate my children. I was telling them, just work. I will bring your water, I will bring your coffee, tea. I’m glad it was there. I was happy twice. To see a sky, for a history. I didn’t stop there. I went like a goat and looked at the rocks, at the other side, what they did here. I think I went somewhere, they were doing a ceremony there. A soldier upstairs said, ‘Auntie, sit down.’ But there was quite a bit of space. I asked them why they didn’t do it here, why they did it in the middle of the hill. I even said that they did it there so that they could dominate where the enemy came from. I saw him there too. There is also a water channel. I was thinking about it too. I went and saw. The paramedics there said, ‘Don’t worry about what you’re going to do with your aunt.’ I said no, I’m curious. Why are they digging this? I did not sit idly by. “

“My bottle is full now, not taking water. I have half a child, my grants are empty. “

He was very interested in history and said, “Let’s not go back, but let’s not forget our past.” Let’s move on, there is no point in going backwards. The president’s son-in-law built a UAV, a SİHA. What a proud work Selkuk Bayraktar has done. So, if we do, we can do it. Nothing is difficult. Lots of opportunities at this time. Friends, now let’s consider three bottles. Only me, my son and my grandchildren. My bottle is full now, not getting water. My kids are half gone. My grandchildren are more empty. They can meet anything. I’d like to get in the van. As a family, I am waiting for the invitation of the Minister along with my grandchildren. I say work, work. Don’t stay with the university. Read 2, 3. Go as long as you can. My daughter is a teacher, but I am her teacher. I’m saying you don’t know who. Teach properly. Teachers, doctors, engineers, professors, everything will come out. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. I want a mother to take her children, a grandmother to take her grandchildren and a teacher to take her students, ”he said.

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