Nursing students take oath

When the students of Akdeniz University Faculty of Nursing took the first step in their profession by taking the oath of nursing, Rector Prof. Dr. Dr. “We are very proud and delighted to be able to bring in qualified nurses to the health care system,” said Ozlenen Ozkan.
Akdeniz University Nursing student, Rector Professor. Dr. She took her first step in the profession by taking the oath of nursing in the presence of Ozlenen Ozkan.
Speaking on the occasion, the rector of the University of Akdeniz Professor. Dr. Ozlenen Ozkan said, “We are proud and delighted to be able to bring qualified nurses from our Acadenzie University Faculty of Nursing into the Health Army, which has the distinction of being the fourth faculty of nursing established in our country. As a physician colleague, I would like to inform you that you have entered a very good profession. Healthcare services require interdepartmental teamwork. You are our nurse, the backbone of this system where every healthcare worker is the gear of a functioning system. First, you, our dear nurses, have a huge role to play in ensuring that this process does not become robotic and preserves its human side. For this reason, your empathy, kindness and compassion should not stop when preparing your patient’s treatment plan, care and treatment.

“Give your diploma rights by serving humanity”
Rector Ozkan, who addressed the graduates, said, “Never lose your love for your profession.” You will feel the difference in quality education. Thank you for the quality education you have received. I am confident that you will complete your career without any difficulty wherever you are in the world. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our teachers and families who have raised you. . ” Rector Ozkan said they would always feel the difference in the quality of education provided by the nursing faculty at the University of Akkadian and that they would pay for the diploma by serving humanity in the best possible way.
Antalya Provincial Director of Health. Ismail Bashibuyuk says students aim to be part of a very important system after graduation.
Congratulating the graduating nurses, the Dean of the Faculty of Nursing, Prof. Dr. Jeanne Ozer, on the other hand, wanted nurses to feel and feel the privilege of graduating from the University of Aachenes in the care they would provide to patients in their professional lives after graduation. Dean Ozar thanked the faculty members and student families who contributed to the training of nurses.

“It’s a privilege to be Mediterranean.”
Speaking on behalf of his friends, Top Best Unal said they had a difficult academic year due to the epidemic and said, “I would like to say that being a Mediterranean student is a privilege for our students. When I was admitted to the nursing faculty, I was concerned about whether I would be able to do nursing properly. But today, I’m here as Nurse Best, who is well versed in post-work, which has been given a lot, and is ready to pass on this knowledge to people in the field. ” This is followed by a slide show featuring photographs of special moments in the academic life of graduate nurses.
Rector Prof. Dr. was present at the event organized by Gazi Mostafa Kamal Sports Hall. Dr. Ozlenen Ozkan, Antalya Provincial Health Director. Ismail Bashibuyuk, Vice Rector Professor. Dr. Murat Turhan, Professor. Dr. Ayesha Gulbin Archie and Professor. Dr. Genghis Tokar, Dean of the Faculty of Nursing Professor. Dr. Janep Ozar, Dean of the Kumluka Faculty of Health Sciences. Dr. Selma Onsell, Deputy Chief Physician Professor at the University of Akdenij. Dr. Ozge Turhan, Secretary General Ali Ivren Imre, Sukran Siloglu, President of the Turkish Nurses Association Antalya Branch, faculty members, students and their parents were present.
The ceremony ended with the traditional cap throwing of the graduating nurses.

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