Paper collectors and mobile vendors met with the CHP delegation at Conakry Square.

CHP General Secretary Celine Sayek Boke, CHP Deputy Chairperson Veli Ababa and provincial administrators of CHP Izmi met peddlers and paper collectors at the entrance of the historic Camaralti Market, Konak Square. A schoolgirl from Valley Ababa said, “My father is a farmer. I have come here from far away to study. I get emotional talking. I am very sorry for my country. The doctors of this country are leaving. We need them. They. Tell me.” “If they go, they will go. We really need a new administration. We can’t buy books, we can’t buy clothes for ourselves,” he said.

CHP General Secretary, Izmir Deputy Celine Sayek Boke, CHP Deputy Chairman Malatya Deputy Veli Ababa met with CHP Izmi Provincial Administrators and deputies, businessmen and citizens of the city. At the entrance to the historic Camralty Market’s Conakry Square, CHP supporters today gathered with peddlers and paper collectors with banners reading “Establish a Ministry of Craftsmen, release craftsmen and artisans in the municipality, traders and mobiles.”

Collectors who entered the square with traders, including paper-collecting vehicles and women florists, drew the attention of citizens. When peddlers and paper collectors explained their problems to the CHP delegation, they responded to the cost of living, the ever-increasing cost and the difficulty of working conditions.

Grandfather: We will eradicate poverty

Hearing about the problem, CHP Deputy Chairman Veli Ababa said:

“In Turkey, we have about 6 million people who make a living on the streets. Normally they exist, but they are not on the record. We support their registration. We must protect the rights of the municipality and the state. These people. Thousands of street workers on the streets. Yes, but nobody sees them. There are SimitCCs, there are bust sellers, oyster sellers, shoe shiners, street musicians. They live their lives without the burden of the state. We will do it. This is our promise to you, Kamal Kılıçdaroğlu. He has insurance to support his family. If his income is less than the minimum wage, we will do it up to the minimum wage.

Boke: We are building a bright future

CHP General Secretary Celine Sayek told Boke:

“As CHP, we are in Izmir for the next 3 days from today to do field work with all our Prime Minister and YDK members, our deputies and our Izmir organization. Because we know that Turkey’s problems can only be solved with a common mind. “Everyone goes to different parts of Izmir and we spread to different districts of Manisa. Together with the people, we listen to the problems of the people. Together we build solutions and build a brighter future. That’s the kind of work that unites us today.”

Girl students cry: We can’t buy books!

A female student who came to Ababa in the square was worried about the difficulties of life. The schoolgirl, who broke down in tears as she described her plight, said: “We are in a very difficult situation. We will study, but we have no job opportunities. It seems we are studying for nothing. This administration needs change. People are hungry. My father. I am a farmer. I have come here to study from afar. I get emotional while talking. I feel very sorry for my country. The doctors of this country are leaving. We need them. They say, ‘They should go.’ We can’t buy books, we can’t buy clothes.

Valley’s father comforted the young woman by saying, “It will be cut off.”

“No money to buy brakes”

On the other hand, the female citizen said that she studied with flower money and was unemployed despite graduating from Nissantasi and Adnan Menderes University.

A paper collector, on the other hand, said he was collecting bread from the rubbish and protested, “I am calling on the party in power. Not shopkeepers, people are crying. I have no money. Buy cereals.”

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