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“Brother Feridun, I have a son who is in his final year of high school. My generation’s conflict with the new definition begins. He denies me, pretends to say ‘you don’t understand’ when I ask him. I couldn’t communicate in any way. How should I behave? “ Who says IstanbulFromMom“Our pseudonym reader, this problem is one of the common problems faced by many families today.

Parents, and in some families, grandparents teach their children or grandchildren the rules about our traditions, customs, and beliefs, of course, thinking of their welfare… and inviting them to live by these rules… they want them to live… but never Ever see children on social platforms most of the world community that they secretly or secretly follow in school or around them. In the name of music, entertainment and social awareness, they face global trends that are inconsistent with our traditions … most of which are very enjoyable activities in childhood… children find it difficult to explain those tendencies to their parents in such situations. Because my mother thinks my father will be angry. Parents are usually unaware of this trend. When they want to live according to what they teach their child, the child may feel the fear of being alone among his friends who are trying to live according to that global environment. This puts children in a very difficult situation …

In this case, the most important thing for parents and guardians to pay attention to is not to exclude their children, to remind them that they are with them, to remind them that they can share all kinds of problems with them, It is important not to get in the way of asking her questions and to train yourself to answer her questions. If necessary, you can get help by contacting your parents, your own teacher, your child’s teacher on a difficult issue … As long as you can maintain a communication style that is not detached from you and can explain itself, you can Do not feel racial conflict with the child. F.A.

Enemy of information!

Brother Feridun, I have worked as a public educator for 32 years. It was kind of embarrassing to see such a good teacher. Those who take 10 days of excused leave every year, get medical report 30-40 days a year, do not plan or program and run away when they hear the word project, those who are not ashamed to give private lessons. Separately paid to their students, who teach only 15 hours 2 days a week and go to school 5 days. There were a lot of people who came to rest and stay away from vocational courses …

To raise standards, the Ministry of National Education should conduct professional examinations for teachers every 3-5 years, as in European Union countries. Those who teach coding without knowing software, those who teach English without knowing language, those who teach physical education without knowing sports, those who teach computer without knowing computer are lagging behind.


I sadly condemn the academics (!) Who have received reports of 2 more days of sleep after the holidays, even though they are not sick.

Ali Ozdemir-Trainer

First, do not destroy homes.

“Brother Feridun, can you talk about our problems?” Our reader, whose name is preserved, said that the court had not ruled in favor of the divorce during the years of divorce. “In this situation, I continue to support my ex-wife, whose face I have never seen or met, and I cannot remarry because I am not legally considered a” widow. ” Unable to manage my eating and drinking healthily … What will happen to me if my wife does not come to court! “We do not know the progress of the law, but similar problems that have come to us suggest that such issues should be resolved as soon as possible,” he said. Although it is not possible to eliminate such problems experienced by the family, in order to reduce them, the mediating agencies should be activated in this case as in other cases and first of all, the houses should be protected from destruction. The end of a marriage, which will certainly not be successful, should not be prolonged so that both parties can draw a new life for themselves. We are presenting this issue to the public as a general request. F.A.

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