The General Assembly of the Turkish Grand National Assembly has passed the control of health workers

The bill, which includes provisions on the financial rights of health workers, which health professionals consider inadequate and criticized, was drafted by the Turkish Grand National Assembly.


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The General Assembly of the Turkish Grand National Assembly adopted the law, which included provisions for the financial rights of health workers.

Health workers-professional organizations oppose the proposed legislation on the personal rights of health workers.

Sebnem Korur Finkansi, Chairman of the Central Council of the Turkish Medical Association, made the following remarks at the action held in front of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey:

“As you have realized once again through the new draft law, the scenes you have played on the screen of Parliament are now illegal in the eyes of both us and the society. After months of scattering, you’ve made fun of the doctors’ efforts with the extortion law bill.

While we demand a basic wage increase that will be reflected in retirement, we want to avoid inequality between retirees with different work regimes, we want to be qualified physicians, we want to allocate adequate time for our patients while trying to provide qualified healthcare services. , We want to allocate sufficient time for our patients, while we want to strengthen the areas of preventive health care and non-violent health work. What he did was impose a performance-based payment system on our doctors and budget. Our labor should be allocated as city hospital rent and service fee.

Against the ailments you have imposed on our physicians, we have come together to change this course and for a healthier future. We are united as producers in the field of health and social work, this is the first. Our duty is an application today. We want this objection to be heard in the General Assembly. We reject this view made in the assembly. “

What is given in the law

Under the new law, the term given to family physicians who do not have access to specialized training while working as a family physician will be extended to January 1, 2029.

An additional amount will be paid per month, including a pension, multiplied by 26,000 for those who have retired from specialist medicine and 20,000 for non-specialist retired doctors. Monthly coefficient of government employee.

If by December 31, 2021, 50 per cent of the unpaid dues from the healthcare costs paid to persons who cannot benefit from health insurance by the health facilities affiliated to the Ministry of Health are paid in one year or within one year of disclosure in installments. In this article, the rest will be discarded together with the accessories. If the amount receivable is 5000 TL or less, it is called full office and if half of the receivable is less than 5000 TL, the remaining amount will be recovered by canceling 5000 TL.

In the approved proposal, 5,000 sentences of the article were changed to 10,000. Accordingly, the article was amended to say that “if the amount received is 10 thousand lira or less, the whole amount will be collected ex-officio, if less than half a thousand lira receivable, then 10,000 lira will be canceled and the balance part will be collected”.

This will ensure that certain additional payments to the staff working in the University Hospital are met from the budget of the Central Government.

With the proposal, the terms and conditions of re-appointment of first or specialty physicians in accordance with the Medicine Specialization Act are determined by the Ministry of Health and aim to bring it. A fair arrangement at the appointment. It is planned that arrangements will be made to ensure that doctoral faculty members and principal assistants contribute more competently to specialized training. Lottery Procedures and Policies and the Procedures and Policies for Their Recruitment to the Ministry of Health shall be determined by a regulation issued by the Ministry of Health.

Due to the limited number of contracted positions, its goal is to first begin to fulfill the obligations of the civil service as a civil servant, and then to make a change that would allow for transfer to the contracted position, considering the number of current positions. With the regulations, workers will be able to work as contracted health workers in their province while performing their state service duties.

Health workers who receive extra pay for their work at the Education Family Health Center or the Education Family Medicine Unit will also receive additional pay at their parent institution. This will be made from the additional central government budget specified for the employees of the central agency of the Ministry of Health.

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