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Thousands of members of 11 health and professional organizations have gone on strike against the bill, which seeks to market healthcare. The workers, who said we were in the G (ö) Rev., wanted a health care system where the public could access it for free and where labor was valued.


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Labor service

The government’s health policy has blocked the system. As labor became cheaper, the working conditions became heavier. Emerging health policies from all over are gathering feedback after them. Draft laws and regulations not only deepen the problems, but also reduce the rights of health workers. The union and the professional chamber have been working for some time.

The Turkish Medical Association (TTB), Health and Social Services Workers Union (SES), Turkish Dental Association (TDH), Hekim Sen, Tabip Sen, General Health Work, Union and Solidarity Union, Chikitsak Union, Stopped working. Although the service was closed without an emergency, the turnout was high. Patients have come out in support of thousands of health workers who have quit their jobs.

Protests in many provinces have led health workers to demand an end to the marketing of health care, quick and free access to quality healthcare, a reduction in labor costs and the repeal of regulations that protect the health rights of health workers. .

A press statement was issued during a mass rally in front of a large and well-established hospital in Istanbul. Calling from Serahpasa Medical Faculty Hospital, where the work had a 70 per cent participation, health workers said, “We don’t want to be late, we want what we want right.” The hospital did not provide any other services. Department of Emergency, Pediatrics and Oncology. Health workers who could not join the action also supported their friends with applause from the hospital window.

We will resist use

Following the press release, Dr. Tahsin called on the government of Chanar as follows: We wanted basic wage increases to reflect retirement, adequate time and opportunity for us to work in a decent way, non-violent workplaces in health and strengthening preventive health services to make society less sick. Imposing performance-based payments, which you think is our job, should be allocated to our labor as city hospital rent and service fees to bury the budget. We are together to reverse this trend and to build a healthy future against the ill health you have imposed on us. “

Large and well-established hospitals such as Okmeydanı Cemil Taşçioğlu and Samatya Istanbul Training and Research Hospital were also worked on. Intensive support of health workers has come from the patients.

Health workers issued press releases at several hospitals in Izmir this morning, including Buka Sefi Demirsoy Training and Research Hospital, Sigli Training and Research Hospital, Katip Chelebi University Atatুrk Training and Research Hospital, and Alsankak Never Salih Igoren State Hospital. “Unless we get what we deserve, we will continue to do our utmost to oppose your unhealthy policies and embezzlement.” Together we will build a healthy future, where we get our labor rights, ”it says.

We want to live

The joint address to stop work in Ankara was Hasatep University Hospital. The slogans “equal for all, free health” and “we want to live, we want to live” were often used in the work of health, labor and professional organizations. In a joint statement read out by Ugurlu in Ayesha of the Ankara Medical Chamber (ATO) administration, “We who do not sleep day and night, who do not pay close attention to this unhealthy system, who have been ignored for months. Misleading tactics, those who do not bow to the word ‘let them go’, pay below the poverty line, those who work till our death, we have a word against those who create violence in health. By proposing new legislation, the scenes you are playing in Parliament and on screen are now null and void in the eyes of both us and society.

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