“We have 41 foster families in Malta, but …”

The Yasabe couple, who have 2 children and live in Malta, live a happy life without separating their daughter, whom they took from a dormitory as a foster family 13 years ago, to their own children.

As a result of their decision, the Malatyali Yababe couple applied to the Malatya Provincial Directorate of the Ministry of Family and Social Services just 13 years ago and decided to become the foster family of their 6-year-old daughter Y.Ö. The Yasab family, who have two daughters, are Y.Ö. Who did not separate, whom they have been protecting from their own children for 13 years. Their own daughter and Y.Ö. Currently living in the same university, in the same dormitory and in the same room. Expressing emotion at seeing the orphans, Yasab called on the couple to become foster families.

He has a mental structure and he and his wife often visit children under protection and care after marriage, said father Yildirim Yasabe. First, we were overwhelmed by the sight of street children. Second, my wife and I would visit the children from time to time under protection and care. We said we would be happy to hold the hand of at least one child, and we decided to be a foster family. “

Noting that there has been a positive response to the environment after having a foster family, Yasabe said, “There were some people who first approached it very positively and hoped that we could do something better. There were those who said, you have your own child, why are you adding another’s child? But as time went on we saw that everyone around us was going back to the idea that we could do it too. It made us very happy. “

“I think we’ve become a real family.”
Mention that they are Y.Ö. Who did not separate, whose foster family they adopted, from their own children, Yasab says:

“We took our daughter with us when she was 7 years old. My daughter is now 19 years old and studying at the University of Cyprus. They didn’t even part with my other daughter there. They live in the same university, in the same dormitory and in the same room. At first we or our daughter were not forced. My daughter came to us very sincerely, we came to our daughter in the same way. In a very short time we became a complete family. It’s been 13 years since we’ve been a foster family. I never thought that my daughter was not my own child. I don’t think my daughter has the same thoughts that she is not my real mother and father to us. So we had complete family unity. They are the same age as my eldest daughter and I always say, I have never seen siblings live so well. I think we have become a real family. “

Revealing the process of becoming a foster family, mother Mehtap Yasbe said that she often took up the idea of ​​adoption in kindergartens and said, “I was wondering how I would overcome this if I were a mother of children. “Let’s support a child. I had the same request. Then we decided and appealed to my wife,” he said.

“Our goal was not to separate the child from his family, but to raise the child for the future,” she said. Living with family is a special feeling. We try to be a house for him. I want moms and dads to support a child they want to be a foster family without worrying. It is very important that parents have a joint decision, “he said.

Galip Sokman, provincial director of Maltese Family Social Services, recalls that last year, June 30, was declared Family Day by decree issued by President Erdogan and said, “We are also visiting foster families starting today. We exchange views with you, ”he said.

Noting that the number of foster families in Malta has increased, but this number is still insufficient, Sokman said, “In Malta, 41 foster families took 46 children with them. This number is not enough for Malatya. Prior to 2012, the number was about 8 children.

“We don’t want our foster children to lose touch with their own families.”
Congratulating the Yababe family, who have been a foster family for 13 years, Director Sokman said, “Despite our elite family having 2 children living in the Maltese elite, they put another plate on their table and took them away. They had a third child, and there was no difference between them and their own children. This is what we want. We do not sever our children’s bond with their natural family or their foster family, we enable them to be reunited. Looking forward to the support of NGOs in our province, I invite them to our provincial directorate. ” He said.


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