Bahri Baba’s call for pedestrian association: Adhere to the criteria!

AGEDESONSOR– Pedestrian Association Kanak has published a written statement regarding Bahri Baba Overpass. The statement said that the design and construction of the overpass did not meet the standards of accessibility, which is located in the dense pedestrian crossing area and the Konak-Kemeral should be used to enter and exit the area. In the statement, it was emphasized that the overpass created a problem for disadvantaged groups such as a mother traveling in a baby car, a heart patient, an elderly person, a slow person, a disabled person trying to cross with a crutch. , And wheelchair citizens.

The description of the pedestrian association is as follows:

Being a pedestrian is an act that we all do without realizing it হওয়া being a pedestrian in any situation in our urban or daily life; What we all feel is a choice for some of us, a necessity for others.

Although overpasses are defined as a way for pedestrians to cross the road without having to worry about traffic, Bahri Baba Park in central Izmir is not for everyone passing through the overpass. However, passing is not everyone’s job Via Mithatpasa Street, which provides access to many parts of Izmir. The Bahri Baba Overpass is the only mandatory route that gives us access to the Bahri Baba Park of our past, where the main bus stops are located, as well as the Konak-Kemeralti area. , Which is a commercial center, main pedestrian area and historic city center.

This overpass, which impedes the movement of pedestrians, is unfortunately far from meeting the standards and its incorrect slope, slippery soil in rainy weather, length of entry distance, facilitating the mobility of fragile sections of society, at the top. All the negativity.

In addition, this overpass, which is a high-value investment type and has been recommended as a safe way to protect pedestrians from the negativity of vehicular traffic, is unfortunately the subject of control for the third time in 10 years, and non-slip cover. Materials used in pedestrian crossings, where standards are still set, provide a sense of safety and adequate lighting for pedestrians. , Construction of resting places on ramps with a slope of not more than 8% and ramps longer than 10 m. It is far from a design that provides secure accessibility, which can be easily passed by anyone who meets the technical obligations set by law.

The design and construction of the overpass, which is located in a dense pedestrian crossing area and should be used to enter and exit our Conak-Cameral area, and in its modification phase, accessibility of each, which is the purpose of a universal design, is not considered in terms of structural arrangements for the overpass. As well as for baby cars. This creates more problems for disadvantaged groups such as a traveling mother, a heart patient, an elderly person, a slow-moving person, a disabled person trying to cross on a crutch, a wheelchair citizen.

At the design stage of public spaces, overpasses are a way that pedestrians do not like. When we look at it not only in terms of vehicles, but also in terms of human energy loss, underpasses are the choice of our pedestrians, that they are level and safe.

In other words, if we can get out of the house as a pedestrian and reach Bahri Baba Overpass by overcoming many obstacles with great difficulty, then this time there is slope, slip problem etc. Unfortunately, instead of going home shopping instead of overcoming obstacles or being injured by falling, we made our journey to a hospital with fractures, displacements, etc. The chapters have to end.

With a little creativity, it is possible to create low slopes, wheelchairs, prams or all parts of society that can be climbed without getting tired, actually meeting the standards. We, as Pedestrians, as Pedestrian Associations, reiterate that the priority issue for local governments is to enable children, families with infants, pregnant women, the disabled and the elderly to use the overpass, which has already been created so that pedestrians can go. Get out of the way of motor vehicles in a comfortable and safe way.

Last word: the city belongs to pedestrians, citizens can not be forced to underpass and overpass!

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