Don’t give credit to those who do politics with lifestyle

Jizem Taban / EZ Newspaper- Kamal, president of the Republican People’s Party (CHP) KilikdarogluOn the second day in Izmir, the people of Konya were met in the program of the citizens’ meeting. Kılıçdaroğlu delivered the ballot at an event organized by the Confederation of the Union of Konya People’s Association (KONFED) at the historic Coal Gas Factory. Metropolitan Mayor Tunis Soyer, Provincial President Deniz Usel, Confederate Chairman Mehmet Aidogan also spoke at the event, and a revolving saint show was held. At the event; Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunis Soyer, CHP Izmir Provincial President Deniz Youssel, Confederate Chairman Mehmet Aydogan, CHP Vice President, Party Council members, deputies, mayors, district presidents, provincial and deputy commissioners and citizens of various political parties and organizations.
Highlights from the speech at the program CHP leader Kılıçdaroğlu said:

‘I am honored’

My origin is from Horosan to Anatolia. They settled in Konya Akshehi. They stay in Akshehi for a long time. My grandfather’s grave is also there. Then, after the battle between Yavuz Sultan Selim and Shah Ismail, they first came to Adiyaman and then to Dersim and settled in what is now called Tunselli. Therefore, you have come and settled in Izmir. From Konya, Karaman they settled in the Balkans. Our family also settled in Darsim at that time. So I am honored to be with the countrymen.

‘A Valuable Person’

Central Anatolia has features; Mevlana is a valuable person who has enriched the spiritual world of all of us, she is a Sufi. He is a valuable person whose books are read with interest not only in our country but all over the world. That’s why the whole world respects Mevlana, not us. Of course, it is a matter of honor for all of us that such an honorable value was nurtured in Konya, central Anatolia, and he proclaimed his philosophy and worldview to the world from that geography. So Central Anatolia has an important place in our history and culture. You have come and settled in Izmir. You have brought your own culture and enriched the culture of Izmir. If we have pine and oak in the mountains of Izmir today, the people of Konya have a great deal of effort.

‘We are not satisfied with going’

I will not talk about heated politics, I will just say that none of us are satisfied with the way it is going. I know the kitchen is on fire, and you know it. The whole point is to ensure the growth of Turkey in a democratic way. To solve the problems facing Turkey in a democratic way. Tomorrow we will go to the polls and vote. When you go to the ballot box, think about your children, our country, your flag, Turkey’s reputation, democracy and free media. We all have the right to live in a developed Turkey. Don’t give credit to those who do politics based on lifestyle. Do I have the freedom to choose my parents so that I can politicize my ethnic identity? Why should we make politics the crop of the family in which I was born? The rise of Turkey is a matter of politics.

‘More beautiful Turkey’

We can live independently and raise our children together in a developed Turkey. We can contribute to the development and growth of a developed Turkey. We can all live in peace with our families. Every mother will feel the beauty of Turkey in her heart if she puts her child to bed well. We all have to build this beautiful country. Even if the century separates us, our heart is always in Konya, Akshehir. We don’t forget Konya, we don’t forget Akshehir, we don’t forget Turkey, our flag or our homeland. Together, we will grow and develop Turkey, “he said.

‘We have three red lines’

Deniz Youssel, provincial chairman of CHP Izmir, who issued a statement saying, “When it comes to Konya, believe, have high spirituality, be honest, sincere, tolerant and dedicated to their country and nation.” The people of Konya are bound by their lives and blood to the motherland and the nation. We are going through difficult times, we have the strength to overcome these difficulties; let’s unite, unite, embrace. Good people, honest people should not give up when they find each other. As long as we talk, discuss, compromise, We have three red lines: one is our red flag, soaked in the blood of our martyrs, the other is the great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatুrk and the values ​​of the republic that protected our motherland from enemy occupation. The third is the indivisible integrity of our country. We respect all opinions except these. Apart from these, every opinion and idea is our resource. ”

‘I am at your command’

Tunis Soyer, mayor of the Izmir metropolitan municipality, says they are always at the service of the people of Konya. I am very happy and proud to be with the people of Konya tonight. I want you to know that I am always at your service.

‘Let’s get together’

“When I think of Konya, I think of people who are faithful, high-spirited, honest, holy, loyal to their country and nation,” said Deniz Yessel, provincial chair of CHP Izmi. The people of Konya do not like the rights of slaves, nor do they like the people who eat the rights of slaves. He is dedicated to his country and nation. We are going through difficult times. Until we unite and embrace, we have the power to overcome these difficulties. When good people, right people, honest people find each other, they should not be let go… as long as we talk, discuss, compromise, we have the power to transcend everything. We have three red lines; The first is the red flag floating in the blood of our martyrs. Second, Mustafa Kemal Atatর্কrk and the values ​​of the republic. Third, the inseparable integrity of the Republic of Turkey with the country, the state and the nation … ”

‘We served’

Confederate Chairman Mehmet Aidogan added: “Our actual population in Izmir is over 500,000. We are the people of Konya who came to Izmir a long time ago and became citizens of Izmir. Mr. Kılıçdaroğlu is also our compatriot. We, the people of Konya in Izmir, have established our associations, foundations and federations with two main objectives; We have made it our intention that our people who were born and raised there forget the customs and traditions of our forefathers and pass them on to future generations… and to serve the beautiful Izmir where we live, to eat bread. And breathe the air, “he said. Then he talked about their work.

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