Epek Kirak explains in detail the ‘Daughters of Gold’ education project

Koç Holding Board member İpek Kıraç started an educational journey for children growing up in adverse conditions about 2 years ago through the ‘Suna’s Daughters’ project named after his mother.

With the Suna’s Daughters project, İpek Kıraç leads a series of important studies, ranging from creating a supportive and safe environment for children through education to creating models that cater to the unique needs of girls.

İpek Kıraç, who made a statement in the corporate publication of Koç Holding, Bizden Haberler, explained the project’s starting point, goals and roadmap.

Regarding how the project was created, Kirak said, “In addition to being a very successful business person, my mother was a truly educated person who dedicated her life to education and even, in my opinion, was involved in struggles that could change fortunes.” Measures, especially for children and youth. In almost every statement, he said, “You can see the mark of education in his every step. This is exactly why I have been thinking about education for a long time. I was wondering how? We can continue from where my mother left off, “he said.

‘Only 1 in 5 directors is female’

Noting that the roots of gender inequality are both deep and multidimensional, Kıraç said, “Child marriage is extremely detrimental to both girls and boys, and we need to fight this problem for the welfare of all our children. We find that 17-year-old girls are married 18 times more than boys. According to data shared by OECD, 44 percent of women aged 20-24 are not in education or employment in 2019. This rate is 22 percent for men of the same age. Looking at the recipients, we see the same situation. According to TUIK’s statistics 2021, the ratio is the number of women in senior and middle management positions in the company and the rate of female deputies in the Turkish Grand National Assembly is about 1 in 5 men. Take, from the most fundamental problems in our daily lives to the most critical long-term consequences. Only 1 of the businessmen is a woman. “

Kıraç said the issue should be approached from a variety of perspectives, including a holistic approach, adding: “We consider all achievements to be very important in girls’ schooling. However, we now say that it is time to focus on deeper structural. Problem. Now it’s about the girls. “It’s not just about getting into their school. We need to create an environment where they are safe and able to feel and realize their full potential. “

‘We started with the goal of contributing to all children’

Emphasizing that girls’ access to quality education not only enhances their own well-being and those of their families, Kirak said: “It also positively affects strategic issues such as women’s employment, economic growth, gender equality, climate resilience, public health and social stability.” Which must prevent it from ‘falling through the sieve’ at some point. If we can keep this sieve tight so that even the girls from the most disadvantaged communities do not fall, we must. Contribute to all children, including boys. As a result, we set out on this fundamental goal. “

Talking about the details of the Daughters of Suna project, Kirak said, “We are under the umbrella of the Suna and Inan Kirak Foundation. We do not create any projects or campaigns in the classical sense. Data collectors and decision makers share the same goal: to ensure a future where girls are helped to realize their dreams and participate equally in life, they need to be physically well and sensitive. To rest, to survive without stress. And we aim to create an ecosystem that allows them to make decisions about themselves, “he said.

‘We do not hesitate to share our hands’

Kıraç also explained the starting point of the project name.

Revealing where they started from where Suna Kirak left off, Epek Kirak said, “We wanted this journey to be named after her, inspired by her. “Girls” is a very meaningful name. We are as determined as my mother, we are ready to fight like her and we do not hesitate to take responsibility.

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