Fenerbahce Opet Women’s volleyball team manager Palin Chelik’s statement


Tuesday, September 14, 2021 22:59

Pelin Çelik, manager of our Fenerbahçe Opet women’s volleyball team, was a guest on Fenerbahce TV’s ‘Current’ program and made a statement. Here is what we collected from Pelin Celik’s statement:

“I am just as excited as I was the first day. It’s as if I went back 13 years. I am very happy and excited.

I grew up in the love of Fenerbah. I was born with it living Fenerbahce. We have been proud of my father (our former soccer player Pasha Hussein) for years. I am very happy to play in the same team with him later. There is a bitter truth that comes to life; My father died the year I moved to Fenerbahce. That’s why he didn’t see me play for Fenerbahce, but I know he felt it. When I wore this jersey, I tried to act here because I learned from him what it means to play for Fenerbahce and he always inherited it, and I tried to be worthy of this jersey during the game. I will continue with what I have learned and what I have experienced here in my current position.

The Fenerbahce community forgot my parents and us. He was always by our side in sickness and death and he is with us even after death. I would like to thank everyone again for their loyalty.

After I played, the club had great success, won great championships. Everyone knows Fenerbahçe Opet is one of the biggest volleyball teams in the world. I hope at this time I am in charge of the museum will add new ones next to the trophies.

I would like to thank the President of our esteemed Federation Mehmet Akif Ustundag for allowing me to work at Fenerbahce Opet. I would like to thank our President Ali Kok and our Board Member Shimla Turkar Bayajit for believing in me, for believing in me and for making me worthy of this responsibility. It will be a source of great pride for both of me to continue my role in the national team and to be a manager of OPET at Fenerbahce. A very busy job is waiting for me. I love working volleyball and getting involved. I like to feel the environment of the field and I care about this place as much as it breathes. That’s why I’m so excited about what I’m going to do. I want to contribute to the team and be a partner in success. I know very well what conditions the players are going through on the field, I have felt the same way year after year. I know their problems, their stress, what they need in their dialogue with coaches and clubs. I feel very clearly what can be achieved when we are shown the right path. I would like to share this experience. I am very happy to be one of this team. There is a difference between being an athlete and being a manager. I will learn some things by experience.

We are living in a very successful time in the national team. With our President Akif Ustundag and the structure of his projects, the Sultans of the Net accomplished great things. He has risen from 12th to fourth place in the world rankings. This is a remarkable achievement. Our 5th place in the Olympics, our position in the last 3 European Championships, our silver and bronze medals in the Nations League have gained momentum with the change of generation. The right structure, the right project and the right planning have huge implications. It’s not just something that teams, coaches or players can do. These great achievements can be achieved when all the gears work properly at the same time. We have been able to achieve these results because everyone who has followed, especially the President of our Honorable Federation, has done their job properly and sincerely. I hope that the trend of success will continue by painting the medal in gold so that it does not go back from here. No success in the national team is a coincidence. If clubs don’t invest so much, evaluate their players and teams so much, and sponsors don’t support, none of these things will happen.

We are a very big family, a very big community. I know how beautiful a place I am, I know I’m back home. Knowing its value I will embrace my work with all hands.

You have the luxury and ability to play with fans in Fenerbahçe. Your television, your fans, your club, your energy, your clothes all brand. You represent a very big brand while playing in Fenerbahçe. It’s too much responsibility. Winning or losing a lot. The more shocked you celebrate when you win, the more upset you become when you lose and your responsibilities increase. While staying here, working and playing we take special care to tell foreign players. You need to be aware of how big they are, how valuable they are and how visible they are. They have to pay attention to every step they take on and off the pitch, and Fenerbahce has to behave and live a useful life.

Whether you win or lose, when you struggle, when you fight, when the community, the fans, the club feel it, is actually the crown on everyone’s head. Players need to know this, the team needs to understand it, they need to understand it with unity and honesty. I think the first thing that comes to mind in our team right now is playing as a team. To be happy together when we win, to be sad together when we lose. If we can survive these and save you, we will have a great success.

It was very difficult for us. I can say that our players have experienced the toughest summer experience an athlete can experience. From May to the last day, we fought with almost 90% of the same workers and participated in the 3 largest solid organizations in the world. We went to the League of Nations and stayed in the fan for 37 days. We played 19 matches between the hotel and the hall, where we could not go anywhere and everything was forbidden. Then after a week of preparation we went to Tokyo. We have experienced the most important organizations in the world, such as the Olympics, where the situation was already difficult because of the epidemic. We came in 5th with a historic success, but we were sorry about that. It could be much better. Then the European Championships. We can say that it is a championship with the toughest teams. Going to the Olympics from Europe is much more difficult than playing in the Olympics. It is in third place behind giants like Poland, Netherlands and Russia. When we saw the semi-final with Serbia, it was easy to play the final. The sultans of the net can find something for themselves by entering the summer success, pride and virtually every home in Turkey. We all became a team. I would like to thank everyone who has sent us their prayers, good wishes, sorry and happy during this time.

I came back to Fenerbahce, where I knew everything, sweated and fought. I never felt unfamiliar. We also need time to get to know the team, to understand the order, to understand each other. Apart from that I have a very good relationship with the national team for 4 years with my captain, we manage well. I am very lucky to have him in the team.

We have a lot of valuable players in our team. Experienced players and youngsters have very good chemistry. Hopefully this will be reflected in the field. Our foreign players are also very young, very talented, very talented, who will be at the top of the world, whose names we will hear for many years to come. Gradually they proved themselves. Our technical team is compatible with each other. We played with Zoran Terzic for 25 years and we were rivals. We are in the same team now and will fight for the same success together. We know each other very well as off-field rivals, but now we will fight together and reflect that ambition on the field. Pre-season trainings continue at a rapid pace. Training with incomplete staff because weightlifting and fitness are intense and the team is not complete. Hopefully the team will be completed this weekend and by the end of September. Everything is going according to plan now.

We will compete in four lanes. We will play Turkish League, Turkish Cup, Champions League and FIVB Women’s Club World Volleyball Championship. Their goal is to stay on top. I hope it will be a good season, healthy and injury free.

(FIVB Women’s Club World Volleyball Championship) It would be great. We will play in front of our fans. In support of our fans, in their strength কদের the love and interest of Ankara spectators in volleyball is well known. Ankara has always been a good city for volleyball. That has always been the case in the national team. I am sure we will play with great support against the full stand. They will be a very strong team. The giants of the world are there. I hope 2010 will be a repeat of history in Qatar.

As much as it happens on the field, it also happens outside the field. Although we say that we are professionals, the teams that love each other, support each other and share their problems on and off the field are much more successful because you have extended your hand more sincerely to your friend who took to the field during the most difficult time. The moment we are all professionals, we want to win, but the small details determine the results of the last 23-23. We have to hold hands, we have to be together. This means that everything from the first moment of the day to the last number of the match has to be taken together. In the process, I want to do my part. I am very excited and happy. It is a difficult process, a difficult task but I believe that Fenerbahçe Opet will work very well.

(Our fans) They are very valuable. They are always with us. I feel it and I know I will continue to feel it this year. On behalf of my team I expect support from them. I believe that if we are united, if they fall and pick us up, if they show some patience then we will do great. Great opportunity to go on the field with them. I am waiting for the day when I will come on the field. It’s been so long, I miss them too. Our players also missed them. I hope that on a good day we will all be together and sing the song of success together. ”

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