Gündoğdu took part in Turkish Film Week in Kyrgyzstan

BISHKEK (AA) – The “6th Turkish Films Week” event in Kyrgyzstan began with the screening of the film “Dedicated Sacred Fight”, which was released in Turkey this year and starred Ismail Filiz, Esra Bilgic and Baki Ilhan.
The inaugural ceremony of the “6th Turkish Film Week” was held with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Turkey, the Turkish Embassy in Bishkek, and the Indigenous Thought Association.
The organization of the event, which contributed to the Kyrgyz-Turkish Manas University, General Directorate of Cinema, Kyrgyzstan Meskhetian Turks Association, was coordinated by director Öner Kılıç.
Kyrgyzstan’s Minister of Culture, Information, Sports and Youth Policy Azmat Kamankulov, Turkish Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Ahmet Misbah Demirkan, Turkish Ambassador to Bishkek Ahmet Sadiq Dogan and AK Party Deputy Army Deputy Metin Gundogdu were present at the inauguration ceremony.
Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Manas University Rector Professor at the opening ceremony. Dr. Alparslan Silan, Muktali Bektenaliyev, head of the Kyrgyz cinema department, Atamsa Dursunov, president of the Meskhetian Turks Association, and Shirin Ayatmatova, daughter of writer Genghis Aitmatov.
The event, which was attended by moviegoers, was attended by Dedication Cinema actors Serder Deniz and Dilek Ozgur, Dirilis Ertugrul and Osman of the organization Osman Celal Al, Walnut Tree Cinema director Faisal Soysal and Sinan. The director of the movie The Hero in Me, Sertel, was the guest of honor.
“Turkey has become one of the major countries in the world”
Minister Kamankulov stressed that Turkey has become “one of the world’s leading countries” in the movie and TV series industry.
Referring to the Turkish Film Week as an important event for the development of cultural relations between Kyrgyzstan and Turkey, Kamankulov said, “Kyrgyzstan and Turkey are one nation, one people. We have the same religion and language. We want such an event. It will be held every month.” Says
Referring to culture as a very important bridge between countries, Kamankulov said that they attach great importance to the efforts of Turkish actors and directors who came to Kyrgyzstan from Turkey to share their experiences.
– “Turkish movies and TV series are shown in 152 countries around the world”
Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Demirkan said that Turkish films and TV series are shown and liked in 152 countries around the world.
Demirkan, who said he was researching why Turkish films and TV series were shown in 152 countries, published one of the answers:
“Turkish movies and TV series ultimately bring love, affection, brotherhood and dialogue. Because it’s our culture. It’s our feeling. Our movies and subjects don’t go back to hatred, anger and hostility. Isn’t that Turkish culture? Unity and solidarity.” Isn’t this brotherhood? Isn’t this the epic of Manas? Isn’t Chingiz Aitmatov saying exactly that? Isn’t this the essence of the Turkish nation? “
Ambassador Dogan thanked the participants on behalf of the Turkish nation and state and said, “The movie brings two people closer to each other and strengthens our brotherhood.” He said.
Deputy Gundogdu also thanked the two governments for their support of the “6th Turkish Film Week” event held in Bishkek this year.
– Demirkan was rewarded
At the ceremony, Kamankulov presented Demirkan with the ministry’s “Best Man of Culture” award for his contribution to cultural relations between the peoples of the two countries.
Also, Kamankulov presented Gundogdu with a plaque of appreciation for the ministry.
The event concludes with the presentation of name plaques to individuals, directors and actors who have contributed to the organization, and the taking of a souvenir photo.
– 5 Turkish movies have been brought to Bishkek
During the 6th Turkish Film Week, which ends on Monday, the movie “Devotional Sacred Fight” as well as “Love Call, It Comes”, “Walnut Tree”, “Hero in Me”, “Istanbul Guards” will meet the audience for free. Russian cinema hall charges.
During the event, Turkish directors and actors will meet, discuss and take part in cultural tours of the country with Kyrgyz filmmakers.

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