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First reader’s letter:

Hello, Mrs. Yesim, I would like to share with you. There is a substance that I am addicted to. I went to the army, and I was surprised to find my father sleeping on the bed by the window. As soon as I entered, my father woke up and looked at me. I kissed my mother. My mother was sleeping, she woke up, she started crying as soon as my father looked at me. I went to her, kissed her, hugged her but she couldn’t get up. I asked my mother, “Mom, what happened to my father?” I said “sick” he said. “Why didn’t you take him to the hospital?” I said. “We took it, but they gave me syrup,” he said. The epidemic had just begun … I went out and cried … My brother took my father to another hospital, but they had an argument with my father and he left my father. When the doctor asked for an endoscopy, my father said, “I will start treatment if my son is released from the military.” As soon as I came to my father I took him to the doctor again and as a result of the procedure, we found out that my father had cancer. The doctor said he was unlikely to survive. He wanted to send her to a more equipped hospital, but my military service was still going on. His treatment lasted for 5 months, after which my father recovered and started walking. However, I had an uncle in the town where the hospital is located, I had to leave my father there, but it was a single house and it was not clean. At that time, my father decided to have surgery, but my father was suffering from covid disease. I was with my dad for 2 months, I cleared the house he was in, but I had a very hard time. I’m broken, my psychology is broken. As a result of the process, my father died and I was devastated. Then I became addicted to drugs and could not leave. I’m still drinking, my life is dark. It’s been 9 months, I haven’t entered the house. My mother would be very upset to see it. I called yesterday, he is sick, I sent money. All my money goes to goods. What should I do if I’m too bad? How to look at the mother’s face? How do I go to my father’s grave?

Second Reader’s Letter:

Hello, I am a 19 year old university student. My brother has been using harmful substances for over a year and is very addicted. 32 years old. My family knows too, but they don’t want to be treated in any way, we all tried. In a good or bad way, but now the crisis of selling things and buying medicine has started. I don’t know what else to do. I need your idea too …

Yesim Tijen’s answer:

When my favorite boy is young, sometimes one loses himself because he doesn’t know his life or himself. Especially if you are a fragile character, life officially plays with you. If you start to understand something, you will try to stop what is happening in your life. One should not leave oneself in the hands of fate, one should do one’s best for one’s own life. For that, all you have to do is declare war on what you are going to do. Although you will fight with yourself, you should not accept defeat without fighting. For this reason, you need to strengthen those fragile rebellious aspects within you, even though you first have the material. I advise you to feed your soul by saying, “I can do it, I can do it, I am strong”.

I think you are already a strong young man, being involved with matter does not mean that you are weak. It’s just a misfortune, sometimes such a mistake can happen … Lifelong illness for the sake of momentary happiness … Pain, suffering and slavery are taken into consideration. If there is no unconsciousness, then who can do it on their own? I have seen a young man with a very good mind in your writing. Losing your dad and doing your best for him has left a good impression on me. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either, Looks like BT aint for me either. People still do not face justice from birth and struggle to make themselves free from injustice. You will also fight for yourself, because the solution to everything that happens to a person is again within the person himself, the struggle that cannot leave his character.

There are many young people in your condition, you know, and you have heard what happened to many of them. You go to work today, can you work, or can you go to work tomorrow? Your health will deteriorate and you will have to make mistakes to get to the substance. So what are you waiting for now? Don’t wait for treatment, you tell yourself, come on. Say, “You don’t deserve them.” Treatment can scare you, but what about being an addict … Is it easy to try to survive as an addict? Relief cannot be reached without overcoming difficulties. I think that treatment is no more difficult than surviving a life where the substance oppresses you. Now you have to make a decision, you have to go from “I have to be healthy” to “I will be healthy” and stay in that resolution. This is not a problem that you can overcome by resisting yourself at home; With treatment, you will resist the urge. You have to get emotional support for this resistance, don’t you enter this struggle for yourself? Would you surrender to that substance? For your youth, for your dreams, for your mother, because you deserve a better life, you must fight this battle.

Yes, addiction is a difficult disease, but there is a cure. If there is healing, there is success if the person wants. If it doesn’t work with one treatment, go for another. Never give up hope of a better future than yourself. There is nothing impossible if people want it, otherwise the matter will drag you into the pit which will fall day by day. Your hair will turn white today, your teeth will fall out tomorrow তাদের they will be damaged depending on the substance you use. See, you see hallucinations. One day, God forbid, you can kill yourself with the effects of this hallucination. Please don’t feel this pain of your mother who raised you with a thousand hopes. I am a mother, for a woman who is a mother, there can be no such thing as someone else’s child. You’re my son too, please don’t do this bad thing to yourself, my child. Start treatment immediately and ask your mother to support you by staying with you. Don’t be alone in the hospital. Your mother takes care of you, nourishes you, gives you strength and helps you in your struggle. Keep yourself busy after the treatment, clear the mind from the body by playing sports, stay away from the old environment. That using this substance away, no one will trigger you, is such a curse. With awareness of this, you will protect yourself. Create your program while you can still think properly. You can get your treatment for free at one of your nearest amulets. Get psychological support as well and keep getting as much emotional support as possible. Take advantage of the government. My last word: you have to be successful, you can’t give up on this. I expect this from you as a mother. Let my beautiful son see you … don’t waste your youth …

As my other reader questions… my dear sister, your sister must have reached the peak of her drug addiction… if she does not want to be treated herself, you complain and the state forces her to be treated. I have it in my article. Do not hesitate to complain about this. If left untreated, the condition can worsen. Amatemla is the best place for this. It’s so good, it’s a little confusing. You can get anywhere you want to get rid of the object. What I have written above also applies to your brother, I wish you and your family patience. May Allah help your brother and your family InshaAllah …

Love for my dear readers …

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