June 21 brings change and renewal! – Dr. Army goddess

On June 21st, we experience the solstice, which is the longest day of the year and the beginning of summer in the Northern Hemisphere and the shortest day of the year and the beginning of winter in the Southern Hemisphere.

On the way to the solstice and when the solstice reaches its peak, nature overflows with maternal energy. All plant life, all animals and even our bodies respond to the increase or decrease of sunlight.

Nature is at its peak in the Northern Hemisphere, where we experience the longest days of the year. The sun stimulates, stimulates and allows us to focus on the outside world.

The southern hemisphere is the quietest state of nature, where we experience the shortest days of the year. Increasingly dark hours attract us and allow us to focus on our inner environment.

Bright sun and dark night affect our pineal gland, which is known as the place of consciousness or the place of our soul. When the sun shines, our pineal glands support the flow of our vital energy. When the dark night comes down, the pineal gland helps to awaken our dream state by activating our imagination, activating the gift of assertion and experiences outside our body.

All nature responds to an increase or decrease in daylight that occurs during the solstice. It can be subtle, but if we adapt and connect, we can feel these changes in our body as well.

RAM: At this time of year, your thoughts always return to your family and home, and the arrival of the sun in this area of ​​your chart is both warm and encouraging. Spend as much time as possible with your near and dear ones, because they are now your strongest supporters. However, especially if you are unmarried, you may want to move away from home for socialization from Wednesday. Venus puts you in a very flirtatious mood and there is nothing wrong with having a great time if you are flirting – but be very careful not to hurt your partner if you are already in a relationship. The weekend is helpful in adjusting your budget because you will find it easier to avoid extra expenses.

Bull: Around the time, you will notice an increase in positive thinking. This is helpful because from time to time you get stuck in a frustrating spiral. Now is the time to face the sun. Moving Venus to the money zone of your net chart brings a sense of splurge – you need to be aware of your budget for the next few weeks because spending is so much more fun than saving! The last part of the week ruled by Taurus is relatively calm and pleasant for you. This is a great time to use your instincts – practice tapping on your psychic senses to pick out feelings about people, places or objects.

Twins: The energy of the moment encourages you to focus on your finances, to keep them well before the changes that will come in the coming season. This can be a great time to research a better loan or insurance contract and reduce your costs whenever possible. On Wednesday, the arrival of Venus in Gemini is the music of your soul, which allows you to dance, laugh, flirt and fully indulge your acting. If you are single then this is a great week for dating. If you are unmarried, be careful not to misunderstand your intentions. Spend some time alone in the weekend to catch your breath after a social whirlwind.

Crabs: The solstice is always a special moment for you, whether you consciously realize it or not – this is the time to make positive plans for your own little new year and the next twelve months. As Venus enters the most spiritual part of your chart, it is also a great time to practice forgiving and giving up. Release the remaining traumas and release your oppressors with your blessing. The second half of the week is quite social, so feel free to go out with your friends after work week.

Lion: The solstice marks a very spiritual time of year for you and marks the moment when the sun enters the most emotional area of ​​your natal chart. Take some time to practice high vibrations and mood, prediction or meditation. The middle of the week is a great time for a party because Venus is entering your social space. Fun, dating and trivia are definitely on the agenda – and why not? It’s about time! However, you have to work hard as well as play hard, especially on weekends. Lunar energy is very much in demand in your career, so pay attention to the details and make sure that you do not drop the ball.

Daughter: During the energy of the solstice, you are very community oriented. You are well aware of the interconnectedness of the world, you are now in harmony with human purpose and eager to do everything in your power to improve our common ground. As Venus enters the career zone of your natal chart, you can use these progressive forces in your career as well. Does what you do for a living really make a difference? If not, can you find a way to change it? Travel weekends are highlighted, especially in places you’ve never been to before. A mind-blowing experience awaits you.

Scale: This time of year is always important for your career, and you will want to do what you can to show off your talents during the off-season. Feel free to introduce yourself. If you don’t, who will? With your long-term future in mind, you may want to use the power of Venus to acquire a new skill or course type this week, especially something that will help you manage marketing, promotion, public relations or reputation. However, beware of hidden frustrations as the week draws to a close. No one is by your side but can you tell who is innocent?

Scorpion: Every year during the solstice, you feel the urge to expand your horizons. The sun is now giving you a very positive, enthusiastic, adventurous energy – it can be a great time for a vacation or to start a new game. But Venus is about to enter one of the most sensitive areas of your natal chart Personal issues, jealousy, betrayal and power struggles are all on the agenda, but the key is to stay calm and use Venetian diplomacy and tactics to reduce tensions. For the last few days of the week, the moon is shining through your love zone, so these moments are for repairing any worries and losses in your closest relationship.

Arrow: This week’s solstice powers are very thought-provoking for you, encouraging you to look deeper to find powers you didn’t know existed. These internal resources will serve you well in the upcoming season, so make sure you are doing well. It can also be a very romantic week as Venus enters the love zone of your natal chart. But this power is flirting and hard to detect, so don’t push too hard to get a promise from someone you just met. The weekend brings well-organized energy that helps you move forward with your work or connect with your coworkers in a more constructive way than late.

Goats: Lunar New Year illuminates the love zone of your natal chart every year and lets you wear your heart in your hands for once – don’t miss this loving, caring, bright energy! Fri enters your wellness zone in the middle of the week, which lowers your motivation for exercise, diet and a healthy lifestyle. Still, it’s good to enjoy a little – don’t be too hard on yourself right now. The lunar power at the end of the week is pretty fun anyway, and it’s hard to stick to a diet while partying!

Aquarius: At this half of the year, the strengths are good to take stock of where you are. What has worked so well – and what hasn’t worked so well? Don’t be afraid to reconsider or change your plans for the next six months; The power of the moon provides inspiration and courage to do so. In the meantime, Venus has entered the joy zone of your natal chart; Whether you are single or not, this is great news. Finding passion in a relationship is much easier now, and there are promising signs that an amazing date can be really magical. However, spend a lot of time at home on the weekends. You spend a lot of energy and you get some rest.

Fish: Each year the solstice marks the arrival of the sun in the joy zone of your natal chart with a burst of creativity, inspiration and fun. Give these a few magical days, so enjoy them to the fullest! You too should feel happy and comfortable in your home because Venus softens all the recent family matters and calms the nerves. This is the perfect week to beautify, rearrange or otherwise make your home your sanctuary. Use energy after weeks to communicate with someone you’ve lost contact with; They will be happy to hear from you.

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