Last minute: Surprise transfer from Batuhan Karadeniz! The team has toured, coming back …

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Batuhan Karadeniz, one of the most influential names in Turkish football, continues his tour of the team. The veteran striker, who signed a 2-year deal with Iğdır FK at the start of the 2021-22 season, has decided to leave the club.

Batuhan Karadeniz, who plays for Igdar FK, a team in the TFF 3rd League, has announced that he has left the team despite a one-year contract. Karadeniz, who shared a post on his personal social media account, announced that he would announce his new team in the coming days.

As of today, I have left Iğdırspor, which I relocated to earlier this season. I would like to thank the President of Iğdırspor, Mr. Cantürk Alagöz, who has always supported me during my stay in Iğdırspor, the valuable Iğdırspor fans and the people of Iğdır, my colleagues, Iğdırspor employees and my manager. I will soon share with the sports people the team with which I will continue my career. Respect.

Batuhan Karadeniz

The career is going differently than expected

The career of Batuhan Karadeniz, who grew up in Beşiktaş’s infrastructure and joined the A team at the age of 16, did not go as planned. The Black Sea, where Turkish football has high hopes and expectations, could not hold many big teams.

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Beşiktaş, Eskişehirspor, Trabzonspor, Elazığspor, Sivasspor, St. Galen, Sunliurfaspor, Sakariaspor, Adana Demirspor, Bandirmaspor, Tuzlaspor, Hekimoglu and finally Batuhan Karadeniz, who played for Igdar FK, could return to their old squad.

Go back to the old team

Sakaria according to Spor 264 news from the local press; Batuhan Karadeniz is on the agenda at Sakaryaspor, which continues to prepare for the TFF 1st League. After Tahir Babolu, who left the team the other day using the 550,000 TL exit option, green-and-black players who want to add a local name to their squad want their former striker.

Finally, Sakaryaspor management will have a meeting with the 31-year-old striker, who has been sweating the Iğdır FK jersey this season and has scored 16 goals in 29 league games. Sakariaspor management, who want to fill Tahir’s vacancy with Batuhan Karadeniz, will send his offer to the experienced striker in the coming days.

Batuhan Karadeniz, well known to fans of Sakariaspo and sweating over the green-and-black jersey in the 2017/2018 season, has scored 12 goals in 22 matches.

Last Moment: Amazing transfer team from Batuhan Karadeniz toured, coming back ...

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They paid 153 thousand euros

Surprisingly, Iğdır paid 1431 Trabzon 1461 Trabzon for FK Batuhan Karadeniz and signed a 2 year contract with the experienced striker. Batuhan Karadeniz, who has played 26 games in the league with Igdir FK, has done well with 16 goals and 3 assists.

“I’ll be on top if I get psychological help.”

Batuhan Karadeniz, who quickly rose from Beşiktaş’s infrastructure to become a professional at the age of 15, was shown among the stars of the future, but his career did not turn out as he had hoped.

The player, who felt his performance was declining, moved to the lower leagues after his adventures with Eskişehirspor, Trabzonspor, Elazığspor and Sivasspor. “I would have been at the top if I had the psychological support,” Batuhan Karadeniz said in a statement a few years later.

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In an interview with Sabah Newspaper in April 2021, Batuhan Karadeniz used the following expressions:

People stood on me too much, but I did not stand on my own. I’m working on something I shouldn’t have. If I rewind the time, things would be different. I went from the highest to the lowest. At the moment my feet are on the ground and I am going to jump again. If I could access the trabzonspor facilities 10 minutes away with the current maturity. When I look back, my legs are now stiffer on the ground. I am getting closer to my goal day by day. I hope to get a chance to play in the Super League again. I am in favor of getting psychological support from young players. Fast-growing players should have a mentor by their side. If I could be 18, I would work with a psychologist. If I had the psychological support, I would be at the top. I am currently working with a psychologist and everything is going well. A 15-year-old player should not be thrown in front of thousands of people. Any player who burns at a young age has been removed from the market.

Batuhan Karadeniz

“I made the biggest mistake of the Turkish nation”

The veteran player said these things on the April 2020 live broadcast of McCollick’s Instagram:

Did I make a mistake at the time? I did. But none of my teammates or coaches did anything wrong. My only mistake was our race. If it weren’t for my ignorance at the time, I would be a player who could wear the national jersey for many years and not look for a striker for the national team for many years. This will be the biggest regret of my life. But I believe that it is not too late for anything. I try to continue my work as much as possible. “I’m trying my best because I believe I can do it again,” he said.

Batuhan Karadeniz

Last Moment: Amazing transfer team from Batuhan Karadeniz toured, coming back ...

How did he get back from the gate of Getafe?

I went to Spain to transfer to Getafe. Their president is very happy, I am very happy. The lawyer called and said, “Batuhan, you will not be able to play in the third team in the same season. The transfer has been canceled.” I even forgot that I played 20 minutes on Eskişehirspor. I canceled my contract with Beşiktaş, I asked the lawyer what I would do, he said, ‘You can stay home now,’ and I was home for six months. Don’t get me wrong, we work with some of the best lawyers and managers in Turkey.

Batuhan Karadeniz

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