Legislation regulating the financial rights of health workers was passed in Turkey’s Grand National Assembly.

Formula, Getty Images

A bill to amend some health-related laws and decree law No. 375 in the General Assembly of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, including the improvement of the financial rights of health workers.

Accordingly, those who are working as contracted family physicians till January 1, 2029 will be able to perform family medicine residency training without being subject to central recruitment as per the results of medical specialty examination.

Based on the medical or dental staff and positions, the index for physicians and dentists who have been paid a pension, general disability or duty disability pension and who were not entitled to compensation by the authorities with their pension – An index figure of 20,000 for specialists. Multiplying the monthly coefficient with the pension, an additional amount will be paid per month along with the amount received.

An inspection committee will be formed at each health facility to inspect the transactions on the basis of additional payment.

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