Marathon Runner, PhD Nurse Ada Kinachi: “I think everything will be more colorful and beautiful with sports”

MalatyaEda Kınacı, who works as a nurse. Mentioning that he started with 10 kilometers and is now running a marathon, Kınacı said: “I am a person who thinks that everything through sports will be much more colorful and beautiful. I think it will be more colorful and enjoyable, but also healthier. Not just physically, but spiritually. “

Kınacı, who began her career at Sivas in 1998 after graduating from Health Vocational High School, was a nurse for 24 years. Kınacı continues her duties as a nurse at the Ino University Family Health Center. The game He is doing his doctorate in the Faculty of Science. Kınacı, who has always had sports in her life while working as a nurse, soon became interested in athletics. Kınacı, who started running short distances, later competed in ultra-marathons. Kınacı, who has been participating in ultra-marathon competitions for 6 years, draws attention to the degree he has earned.

Has achieved range in many competitions

Kınacı, who finished third in the 30km 2016ekmeköy mud marathon in 2016, first in the 30km in the 2017 Sapanka Ultra Marathon, first in the 54km race in 2018, second in the 5th Frisian Wallis track and second in the Ultraki 26 marathon. Won the 2018 Ida Ultra Marathon, the 2019 Humanitarian Marathon. He won first place in the ultra marathon race. Eda Kınacı, who finished second in her age group at the 38th Eurasia Marathon in 2016, ran the Berlin Marathon in 2017 and the Paris Marathon in 2018. Kınacı, established The game It also gives the citizen the opportunity to play with his club.

It started with a short distance then joined the Ultra Marathon

Kınacı says that sport has always been an important part of his life and says:

“I was interested in running. At first I ran short distances. After running 3 kms, I started running 10 kms. Every time, people feel the need to outdo themselves. I keep going step by step thinking if I succeed.” I will do more.Then, it lasted until the ultra-marathon competition.I have been participating in the ultra-marathon competition for 5-6 years.We usually run on hills, slopes and terrain with various difficulties.

“I enter by identifying people while playing.”

I participated in the Humanitarian Ultra Marathon Race in 2019. In that race, I was the first to run 60 kilometers. In the Ultra Marathon held in Alanya this year, I finished second in the age group of 54 km. Last weekend, I also came first in the age category in the first Van C Marathon. We have this kind of degree in ultra marathon competition. I am doing my doctorate in Ino University Faculty of Sports Science. Because of my interest in ultra marathons, I work in movement, training science, sports and health. I am a person who thinks that everything will be much more colorful and beautiful with sports. I keep the ‘Be Happy’ part because I think it will be more colorful and enjoyable, as well as healthier, not only better physically but also spiritually. Our goal is to establish the club; Let people see it, give them courage and get acquainted with the sport. I’m already into people branding when it comes to sports. “Can I do it too? After thinking about it, I can see that they are following me. We can establish our club so that we can be a role model for people, open a door for them, create awareness. Our door is open to everyone.” Open for. “

“Sport is a part of my life and my lifestyle”

Kınacı said: “First, I want to complete my doctorate in the best possible way in academic terms. In addition, I want to continue playing sports as much as I can, because sports are a part of my life. And my lifestyle. I can’t say ‘I’m finishing here’. ”We’re working at the club, we want to add more branches and appeal to more people. Yoga, modern pentathlon and dance branches will also be in our club We want to appeal to everyone and expand our family, “he said

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