Outgoing physicians, targeted professors and collapse

From Abdul Hamid to the present, our country is the land of great journals.

You will not be disappointed if you try to get rid of the sins covered by all the saints.

You become a terrorist, you become the manager of an organization, you become a militant, sometimes you are a tool of three or five organizations at the same time.

He looks at the gossip a little.

Logar whatever the country. A small notebook in his hand, he immediately whispered in his ear.


CHP Deputy Chairman Honorary AdiguzelRecently revealed that the information technology authority stores all the information from more than 300 telecommunication companies to everyone who uses mobile phones and internet.

Furthermore, in the case filed with the Council of State, BTK acknowledged that it had been storing information regularly for 4 years, and explained the filing with National Security.

The country has become so accustomed to being tagged that no one is there.

All the citizens who knew that they were flagged and somehow all their information was being passed from one hand to another were in a state of agreement and they did not even think about the harm that would come from filing BTK, or even consider it necessary.


At Bogazisi University, which is being tried to be destroyed step by step and the students who enter here with almost high scores will be declared traitors that they have become isolated from the public, all the information of the academic and administrative staff, the students. , And information from a private firm that accepts consulting services without tender.

And what information will come out of that company.

After all, the Ministry of Home Affairs has affiliate information.

If half of the country is a terrorist, if it goes astray, the other half is a terrorist candidate.

However, professors who were concerned and only board members created to be concerned about information security were declared traitors when they conducted research to control this knowledge gap.

They were fired in a hurry, they learned from a newspaper article that an investigation would be launched against them.


All the glorious journalists, news bulletins, television broadcasters, politicians, ministers, prime ministers, presidents and community leaders were announcing that the period of professional journaling and profiling, which has been going on for 100 years, will end in 2010 with the amendment of the constitution. .

However, since the constitutional amendment in 2010, far from stopping tagging, activities have evolved further under the guise of the “concept of cooperation”.

Journalism has become a respectable profession, filing state routine.

The “foreign power” lie that people are ready to buy is also the margin of this film.


It is still surprising to see that they swear to destroy anything that goes their way.

Health was one of those areas.

Self-sacrificing doctors, paramedics, administrative staff …

Hospitals were initially isolated from cities.

The professional body of doctors was then declared a traitor.

Doctors are asking about their rights.

“You go away,” he would say, “we can’t live anymore.”


Nevertheless, there are medical candidates and doctors who want to be doctors, try to stay in the country and embrace life.

A few days ago, the Ministry of Health, using the security investigation as an excuse, decided to cancel one appointment after another or did not appoint those who wanted to be appointed.

Doctors and medical candidates, who were surprised by what happened and did not say what the allegations were, filed a lawsuit to overturn the decisions, but the administrative court rejected their appeal.

An application was then made to the Constitutional Court.

The Constitutional Court has decided a pilot of this appeal.

The pilot’s decision is not just the doctors, but anyone who is the victim of a security investigation.

The conclusion is,

“It concludes that the right to claim the protection of personal data in violation of the right to privacy is violated on the grounds that there is no legal basis for intervention in the form of collection, storage, transfer. Government authorities use it to investigate personal information and security.”


In the decision, it was clearly stated that it was the administrative authorities who violated the fundamental rights, and demanded that the violation be remedied through retrial.

Subsequently, appeals for reconsideration in the administrative court were made with enthusiasm.

The result is tragic.

The Administrative Court has clearly stated that the Constitutional Court has already overturned the provisions of the law by allowing security investigations, thus making security investigations illegal.

Shortly afterwards, he emphasized that for this reason, even personal life could not be questioned or researched.

However, since a new regulation came into force in 2021, he added that doctors who want to be hired are bound by the rules.

He noted that the doctors who were not hired, whose appointments were canceled, faced irregularities, but this situation will not result in their appointment and a new security investigation under the new rules may be called into question.

What a beautiful rule of law!


In the most qualified university hospitals of the country, in the city hospitals which cannot be completed, there is no specialist doctor in the most complex service.

It is not possible to make an appointment and get immediate treatment if you do not know.

Those who remain or those who want to serve are either traitors or supporters!

President of the Constitutional Court Juhatu ArslanIn his speech in Bursa, he reiterated that court decisions and non-compliance with the law cannot be discussed or even brought on the agenda.

Shortly before his speech, the Council of Judges and Prosecutors firmly decided that no action would be taken against judges and prosecutors who deprived the people of their freedom without implementing the decisions of the Constitutional Court.

The same HSK has promoted some people who did not comply with these decisions and appointed some as members of the Supreme Court.

The President will not be left behind, he appointed the most famous of those names as the Deputy Minister of Justice.


The whole geography in the legal system that pretends that everyone knows the truth but can’t speak, where the journal is rewarded, the recorder is pushed back, the right to asylum, education and work is taken away. .

However, not everyone knows, even if they do not speak.

Journalist will insult someone else tomorrow.

The one who will plug in will plug in someone else tomorrow.

This is why they are useless, even if they guard.

Despite all this, there is no way to walk without getting stuck in the current, without losing the sense of justice and ignoring the situation of fear.

And if you want to get up, you have to fall down, you have to drown, there is no better time than this.

Who is Gökçer Tahincioglu?

Gökçer Tahinciooglu served as Judicial Reporter, Ankara News Director and Columnist for the Milliyet newspaper from 1997 to 2018.

He received journalism awards for his news, articles, and photographs, including names such as Musa Enter, Matin Goktepe, and Abdi Epeki. He was considered worthy of the Press Freedom Award by the Contemporary Journalists Association and the Turkish Journalists Association.

Did they teach these students this task ?: Student opposition and repression (2013, with Kemal Goktas), White Taurus: State Assassination with Criminals (2013) and State Lessons: The Story of Child Rights and Impunity for Violations (2016), because we care about that book. Signed. He was the editor of the compilation of Wounded Memory and Lost Justice.

Her first novel, The Seal, 2018Was also published. He won the Yunus River Novel Award for his second novel, Cherry Tree, published in 2020. He has been working as a T24 Ankara representative since 2018.

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