Sleeping pills that do not use the control of the doctor is a huge loss!

Unconscious use of sleeping pills, which should be used under the supervision and advice of a doctor, can sometimes lead to serious health problems. Psychiatrist Assist mentions the harm of using medication based on recommendations. Assoc. Dr. Fatma Duigu Kaya Yartutanal, “Because the drugs in this group mainly affect the nervous system, it distracts attention and alertness. Therefore, even if the person wakes up in the morning, the attention / focus disorder may still persist, i.e., the remaining (remaining) effects may be felt. Accidents and loss of mental performance are seen as perception and slowing down of action. “Warned Assistant Psychiatrist.

Noting that there can be many sources of sleep-related problems, Assist. Assoc. Dr. Yertutanol said: “It is caused by a wide range of factors, from inadequate physical activity to depression, excessive blue screen exposure to alcohol, sleep apnea from various medications, chronic medical disorders from anxiety disorders (neurological, cardiovascular, respiratory, respiratory, etc.). It is possible to work in shifts. Since many different causes are seen, the treatment of sleep problems also varies. There can be no single sleep problem and no single treatment. “

Sleeping pills should be used for quick and temporary treatment of sleep problems that cannot be solved with general behavioral counseling, help. Assoc. Dr. Fatma Duygu Kaya Yartutanal, “Because for most mental conditions for which sleeping pills are recommended, the main cause of sleep disorders is existing mental disorders (such as depression, anxiety disorders, addiction, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder). For this reason, treatment of major mental illness ensures that the sleep disorder also disappears. Thus, long-term use of sleeping pills is not required.

Note that it is important to seek expert advice when using sleeping pills. Assoc. Dr. Fatma Duagu Kaya Yartutanal warns against unconscious drug use:

“Sleeping drugs are drugs that work on the nervous system. These drugs slow down the rate of nerve cells working in sleep-related areas of the brain and work by altering the levels of natural chemicals in the brain. The onset of action Different genetic characteristics, age, whether she is using other drugs, whether she has any other medical condition, whether she is addicted to alcohol / substance, whether she is pregnant / breastfeeding, whether she is doing any heavy work, etc. Characteristics: Driving a vehicle, the choice of drugs is evaluated by the physician. Like all drugs, the use of sleeping pills and unconscious drugs can cause more harm than good. “

Please help improve this article or section by expanding it. Assoc. Dr. Fatma Duigu Kaya Yartutanal, “Medicine is a chemical that is produced for a specific purpose in a laboratory environment and is not found in the body’s natural structure. The results of taking sleeping pills may be heavier than expected. Therefore, even if the person wakes up in the morning, the attention / focus disorder may still persist, that is, the remaining (residual) effects may be felt.

Please help. Assoc. Dr. Fatma Duigu Kaya Yartutanal reminded that these drugs, like many other drugs, can have a negative effect on the heart and liver and said, “Some, if not all, sleeping pills can be addictive. Again, some sleeping pills used without a doctor’s advice may interact with other drugs or alcohol. It is possible that sleeping pills used uncontrollably with alcohol can cause death. Sleeping pills can harm the baby in women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. On the other hand, some sleeping pills can exacerbate existing mental illnesses or trigger invisible mental illnesses, meaning they can manifest themselves. “

Note that sleeping pills are recommended for a small portion of sleep disorders and often for a temporary period, help. Assoc. Dr. Fatma Duagu Kaya Yartutanal, “The treatment of most sleep disorders is the treatment of underlying causes. In cases where sleeping pills are needed, it is advisable to try behavioral counseling first, that is, apply sleep hygiene rules. Says

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