Stockholm Syndrome in Sweden: Love PKK! (Episode 1)

News of Stockholm, which reported on Sweden’s application for NATO membership and Abdurrahman Simsek, Sabah’s news co-ordinator, on, headlined ‘Candle in the Heart of Sweden’ today, has been distorted with the terrorist organization. PKK. I will consider psychological relationships.

Let me first describe the thesis that I will say at the end and which I will explain in detail in the second part of the article: Sweden’s relationship with the PKK, which assassinated its own prime minister Olof Palme in 1986, is similar to the Stockholm syndrome.

Stockholm Syndrome; Inspired by a bank robbery in this town in 1973, it refers to a negative psychological state where the hostage falls in love with the bully or the perpetrator falls in love with his abuser.

Seven years after the incident, PKK started ‘Donut’ in Stockholm. That is, in 1980 … at that time, the PKK was very intelligent and uprooted, so to speak, against the European secret service that dared to fight against Sweden. The execution of leaders of the PKK’s top organization who left it in Sweden forced the Swedish government to define the PKK as a terrorist organization since 1980. On June 20, 1984, Enver Ata was assassinated by Zulkuf Kilank in Uppsala. On November 2, 1985, Chetin Gungar was executed in Stockholm by Nuri Kandarmi. Thus relations between the PKK and Sweden continue to deteriorate. And then there was the Palme massacre. The group decided to assassinate Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme at a meeting in 1986. Abdullah Okalan himself ordered the execution. But it is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

How PK was downloaded in Sweden!

As time went on, the rift between Sweden and the PKK / PYD began to close. Because their mutual interests forced them to go back to their happy, old days in their relationship. The PKK has set up many associations and foundations in Sweden where the word ‘Kurdish’ has been ‘used’ both literally and figuratively. Some of these are the Swedish Kurdish Council, the Swedish Democratic Kurdish Community Center, the Swedish Cultural Association, the Kurdistan Free Life Party, the PYD Sweden Branch, the Free Youth Movement and the Rojava Committee. Details are already in the news from SABAH’s News Coordinator, my colleague Abdurrahman Simek.

In addition, there are the following elements that I can add to intelligence detection:

Sweden has been an important country for ‘Kurdish expatriates’ since 1980 and even earlier. The members of the terrorist organization established dominance over the Kurds living as immigrants in Sweden, where they went as political refugees at the time. Through threats, extortion and fundraising, they were able to bring the Kurds under their influence in Sweden. The Swedish government has also called on the terrorist organization PKK to strengthen its influence within its borders; It was not a “word” at all, as the Kurds often use it. Sweden defended its economic interests by selling arms to the PKK and its political interests by the number of voters.

The positive atmosphere between the Swedish government and the PKK lasted until 1981. Then cracks start to form between them. At the time, for example, Casey Ocalan, wife of Abdullah Ocalan, was not allowed to enter Sweden. With the intervention of the Armenian terrorist organization ASALA, Kesire Öcalan received a residence permit along with his entry permit. This time, the request of Abdullah Ocalan, who wanted to enter Sweden through his wife, was denied. The rift between Sweden and the PKK has deepened. Hussein Yদldিরrিমm, the PKK’s European chief, then threatened the Swedish government.

Ocalan, meanwhile, accused his former right-hand man, European envoy Hussein Yদldিরrm, of being a MIT spy, presumably because he was too prominent. Executives of other agencies accused of spying for Yildirim were not killed, but were expelled. In the meantime, we remind you that Abdullah Ocalan’s wife Kesire Öcalan also lived in Sweden for some time and was accused of being a MIT spy.

Confidential service that failed!

Now that sir; I wrote an article entitled Scandinavian intelligence report, later Sweden and Finland were interested in joining NATO, of course, with US persuasion and investigation. Writing; It started with the phrase “Members of the organization who do not want to stay in Greece prefer Belgium, France and Sweden, mainly Germany”.

And this is the beginning sentence; It was not part of the original, but included an information note prepared by the National Intelligence Agency (MIT) following the July 15, 2016 coup attempt by the Fetullah terrorist organization (FETO) or FETO Corps. Status. (For details of the article, see:

Let’s go into the details of Sweden’s intelligence report on terrorism by correcting a material error in that article. Especially in the wake of the assassination of Olof Palme and the Swedish Secret Service SÄPO.

SÄPO, like every secret service, performs counter-espionage activities, i.e., counter-espionage and counter-terrorism, i.e. counter-terrorism. One of the purposes of Steven Spielberg’s existence Minority reports Prevent crime like a movie before it happens. The service reached its current form on October 1, 1989. It does not have such a long history. Even on February 28, 1986, when their own prime minister, Olof Palme, was killed in an assassination attempt using PKK as a subcontractor, consider that he had not returned to his current form.

However, I would say that the SÄPO was founded in 1914, the year World War I began. The service also did a lot of work on Nazism during World War II.

In the article I wrote on May 22, entitled Scandinavian Intelligence Report, I stated that “the biggest failure of the SÄPO is its failure to cover the assassination of their ‘own Prime Minister’ Olof Palm, who was assassinated on February 28, 1986.” By the way, let me make a correction; They caught the gunman who killed Olof Pamek with a bullet in the back of the neck, named Hassan Hairy Guler. But in the end they could not resolve the case. Furthermore, although the SÄPO has identified that PKK members listened to their phones before the assassination and a ‘marriage’ was advertised just before the assassination, they have not been able to resolve it.

In a nutshell … Sweden felt the same way about the PKK as hostages and bank robbers in the 1973 incident, and the beginning of this ‘thing’ was the Pam murder.

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