Successful athletes were rewarded in Shehitakamil, pride, joy and enthusiasm were felt together in sports.

Shehitkamil Municipality has rewarded the athletes who have achieved great success in various disciplines on national and international platforms during the 2021-2022 season. There was a lot of excitement in the program which was held with the participation of the champion clubs.
ALG Sports Club, which completed the T. Women’s Football Super League as champions in the 2021-2022 season, Gaziantep Basketball Club, which completed the Turkish Basketball Federation Youth League as the champion, Nazip Jeugma Sports Club, which completed the European Club Men’s Hockey Championship, And Women’s Open Gaziantep Polisguku Sports Club, which completed the Field Hockey Super League and Indoor Hockey Super League as champions, Gaziantep Doruk Sports Club, which won first place in the Women’s Indoor Hockey Super League, Gaziantep Youth and Youth and Sports Club, which are Turkish Enjoyed the championship in the 2nd league of the federation, sports club volleyball men’s team, Shahinbe municipality youth and sports club which finished 2nd in the amputee football super league, Has brought 25 players to the national team. There was a lot of pride and joy in this event which was held with the participation of the athletes of the club.
Gaziantep Governor Davut Gul, Shehitkamil District Governor Omer Kalaili, Shahitkamil Mayor Ridvan Fadiloglu, Gaziantep Youth and Sports Provincial Director Muhithin Ozbe, President of Gaziantep Amateur Sports Club President Abdulkadir, President of the National Branch. Didn’t leave.
“The advantages of amateur sports lift the burden of Gaziantep”
Addressing the participants at the awards ceremony, Gaziantep Governor Davut Gul said that the facilities built by the Shehitkamil Municipality, especially for amateur sports, have made Gaziantep understandable. Governor Gul said, “We have a long way to go with sports in Gaziantep, we have work to do. But we always have to look at the half-filled glass. When we look at the glass half full, we see that this year was better than last year, its previous year was better than the previous year. We are seeing an increase in the number of sports facilities in Gaziantep. We are together in the hosting of the mayor of Shehitkamil. The facilities built by Shehitkamil Municipality, especially for amateur sports, lift the burden of Gaziantep. Do we still need it? Yes here. I believe that such new facilities will be created throughout our city. The more facilities you create, the more you grow. This organization of our municipality is more valuable than a reward for remembering you, remembering your achievements and feeling the same passion with you. I would like to thank our President Ridvan and his team. I congratulate you, your teachers, your supporters and the club management. Together with you, I believe we still have a long way to go. Together we will achieve great success. I want to thank you for reviving our city with this feeling and wishing you much success. “
“We’ll be in the kitchen of this business.”
The mayor of Shehitkamil, Ridvan Fadiloglu, said they would be in the kitchen of the business for sports and would lay the groundwork for professional points. Fadiloglu said, “As a Shihitkamil municipality, we maintain the highest level of our relationship in education, sports, social and cultural activities within the framework of inter-institutional cooperation. I sincerely congratulate all our athletes for their personal and team play, who have brought us smiles in various disciplines in the 2021-2022 season. I hope it comes back. With the inauguration of our Honorable Governor in Gaziantep, we are working together to build the activities of Gaziantep Sports City. Here, we work in tandem with our National Education Department, the Provincial Department of Youth and Sports, the Amateur Sports Club Federation, and all of our federations. As a municipality we have put our bodies under the rocks, not the hands. As Shehitkamil Municipality, we have recruited 25 athletes in our national team, especially in certain branches. There is one thing we always say, we will be in the kitchen of this business, we said we will prepare the base for professional points. We will continue like this from now on. But today, we are here to reward our athletes and the team that represents Gaziantep in the professional league. I sincerely congratulate all our athletes who have been successful again. I would like to thank the technical committee, the manager and our governor and the district governor for their support. ”

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