The bill, which seeks to improve the financial rights of health workers, has been adopted by the General Assembly of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey.

By law, those working as contracted family physicians until January 1, 2029, will be able to perform family medicine residency training within the policy framework set by the Board of Specialists in Medicine, regardless of the outcome of the central appointment. Medical Specialization Examination.

Based on the medical or dental staff and positions, the index for physicians and dentists who have been paid a pension, general disability or duty disability pension and who were not entitled to compensation by the authorities with their pension – An index figure of 20,000 for specialists. Multiplying the monthly coefficient with the pension, an additional amount will be paid per month along with the amount received.

An inspection committee will be formed at each health facility to inspect the transactions on the basis of additional payment.

Terms and standards of service delivery as determined by the Ministry in health institutions and organizations, staff titles, responsibilities, disciplinary conditions, working conditions and duration, contribution to service, performance, examination, education-training and research activities, examination, surgery, anesthesia, intervention methods and features Supply. The rate of overpayment will be determined by regulations issued by the Ministry of Health, taking into account factors such as working in a risky department.

The law also determines the amount of additional payments that can be distributed to employees.

The Ministry of Health will be able to utilize the revolving fund revenue, all resources received from social security institutions and other cash resources in addition to grants, interest and rental income to provide additional pay to workers.

Ministries revolving fund enterprise, improving health services, promoting quality and efficient service provision, meeting the needs of health institutions and organizations that cannot be met in their own way; For participation in education, research, development activities and expenditures made to assist the provincial agency of the Ministry, the rate fixed by the Ministry, not exceeding 6 per cent of the total monthly revenue, shall be transferred. In the account of the Revolving Fund Central Accounting Office of the Ministry.

410 per cent of the highest government employee salaries, 335 per cent of specialist doctors, specialists under the law of medicine and specialist dentists and 335 per cent of general practitioners and general practitioners. On the other hand, 265 percent extra salary. No contribution will be made to dentists from the central government budget every month regardless.

This provision will also apply to the contracted physicians of the Provincial Department of Health and Hospitals who have undergone specialized training or sub-branch specialization training in other public institutions and organizations in accordance with the Medical and Dental Specialties Act. Employees of the Ministry or its affiliates.

Debt collection

If the amount due by December 31, 2021 is 10 thousand TL or less, from the cost of health services provided by the health facilities affiliated to the Ministry of Health, 10 thousand TL will be officially deducted, if half is less than 10 thousand TL, And the balance will be collected.

Through amendments to the Higher Education Act, a parallel arrangement is expected to be made with the Ministry of Health to provide certain additional pay to the staff working in the university hospital from the central government budget.

Additional funding from the central government budget

Additional pay for the staff of the Ministry of Health will be ensured from the budget of the Central Government. When determining the amount of additional payments that can be made to employees, additional payments may be made to employees based on the total revenue and cash benefits of the Ministry of Health, instead of individual income or income from health institutions and organizations.

By law, the limit for the additional fees that faculty members charge for providing healthcare at universities outside of working hours will be increased.

Certain additional payments to the staff of the Forensic Medicine Institute will also be covered from the central government’s budget.

Rotating funds may be provided to civilian employees and contract staff working in the Forensic Medicine Institute and its units, considering their rank, responsibilities, class, working conditions, qualifications of service, contribution to service, performance and similar factors.

The maximum pay ceiling will be raised to 215 percent for employees who are committed to the nature of service and high-level difficulties and risks for autopsy officers, and to 200 percent for other employees.

The amount of additional pay for contracted employees will be determined on the basis of equivalent employees working in the same unit with the same title and having the same year of employment. The extra payment for these will in no way exceed the upper limit of the additional payment that can be made as an example.

The law also regulates the conditions for the first or re-appointment of staff, and positions of specialist physicians, specialists, physicians, dentists and pharmacists in accordance with the law of specialization in medicine, as well as drawing lots. Lotteries and their recruitment procedures and policies in the Ministry of Health shall be determined by a regulation issued by the Ministry of Health.

Specialized training in medicine and dentistry will be provided by professors, associate professors, medical lecturers, academics and key assistants who specialize in relevant fields in accordance with the law of specialization in medicine. In order to be able to provide specialized training in medicine, faculty members and the principal assistant must work at least one year in their field of expertise.

The law amends the law on hiring contracted healthcare workers where there is a shortage of staff and amends some laws and statutory decrees. Accordingly, workers who are obliged to serve the state within the scope of the relevant law may work as contracted health workers in the province in which they are located, subject to the relevant law.

When there is difficulty in hiring contract workers due to lack of posts, the number of posts will be increased to overcome this difficulty.

Faculty members and academics working in the Education Family Health Center or Education Family Medicine Unit will also be paid at their parent institution.

Additional funds will be provided from the revolving fund budget to the research staff of the Ministry of Health to ensure uniformity of implementation from the central government budget.

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