Trabzonspor Transfer Show Begins! – Trabzonspor (TS) News

Trabzonspor, who want to retain their unforgettable league championship title next season in the Super League and achieve successful results by staying in the Champions League, the No. 1 organization in Europe in terms of clubs, exploded its first transfer bomb yesterday. In Bordeaux-Mavilla, it was announced that negotiations for 4 football players had begun yesterday.

4 year contract.

Black Sea representatives Erin Elmali and Dokukan Haspolat, who have had a great season in Caspiana, as well as Jens Striger Larsen, whose testimonials are in his hands, and Stefano Densville, who played for the team, have reached a happy ending. Lonely last season. Midfielder Dogukan, who has a 2023 contract with Cassimapas, and left-back Aren, who has a 2025 contract, are expected to agree within four years.

Landing in Turkey.

It is learned that a 3 + 1 year contract was signed with Densville, who played for Lone Trabjanspor from Bologna in the 2021-22 season. In a statement to Densville; 1.2 million euros plus 900 thousand euro signature fee for 2022-23, 1.2 million euro plus 950 thousand euro signature fee for 2023-24 and 2024-25 seasons and 1.2 million euros per year and 400 thousand euros 262- In this case using the extension option. Signature money will be given. Finally, it is said that Jens Striger Larsen, who played for Udinese and went to Turkey yesterday and underwent health checks in Istanbul with Irene and Dogukan, will sign a 3-year contract.

Message from Densville

After signing a 3 + 1 year contract with Stefano Denswil, a ridiculous video was published on Trabzonspor’s Twitter account. Densville’s speech was dubbed in Turkish with a Black Sea accent. In the video titled “There is a message from Densville about the transfer of local football players”, the Dutch footballer said, “I heard something, slaves. Because the contract with Densville is being negotiated. There is no way. We have finished it. Signed. Even for Hazelnut. I’m holding. Get ready for next year. I love you “expression was used.

Mini comment

Larsen Solid Defender (Gatano Maxiaro)

He has performed well in Udinese in recent years. Although his contract was not renewed, he did his best. Although he did not have a very good strategy, he did well for the midfield team in the Italian league. He drew attention with his good performance during the offense. I think the strongest part of his game is his tough defense. He can play as a full-back or winger in defense. Playing 3-5-2, he can take a place on the midfield wing. Udinese has always wanted to extend his contract with Larsen. He also said this in public. However, tensions between the two sides have risen sharply. In the end, they can’t come to an agreement and Larsen is going to the Trabzon. I think he will do well in the Super League. I think the club’s decision to play in Europe was also influential.

Doğucan puts it (Tunç Kayacı)

Cassimpassa’s young star in midfield is a complete staff. This season, the Istanbul team has struggled with a new format, especially with Sami Ugurlu. However, with the success of this format, offensive names have come to the fore. Everyone is talking about goal scorers like Umut Bozok and Muleka. But there are also unseen heroes in success stories. Such players are very popular, especially with coaches. In my opinion, Dukan has also played an important role in the implementation of Sami Ugurlu’s strategic approach. He can play both sides of the game. He is very energetic, communicates and likes hard play. A midfielder who fits his job description very well. At this point, when local and young names are valued, he puts himself above her with Abdullah Avcı. Honestly, I wouldn’t exaggerate if I said that whoever buys it wins.

Best Local Eren (Om Nekati Albayrak)

Erin Elmali is one of the rare talents in Turkish football who has left-back problems. So transfers are popular. Let’s start with the shortcomings … important scouts from Europe come to see Eren during the season. They highlight the need to improve defense. His strong body, speed, agility and perception of the game are his most important features. It is a great opportunity for a teacher like Abdullah Avcı to be able to reach European standards. When Avcı develops some of Irene’s defensive skills such as positioning and timing, he can reach the potential that will hold a very important testimonial for his contribution to the treasury and Trobanspor. Travajanspar finished the best move in the domestic rotation.

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