7th International Congress of Health Sciences and Management

Istanbul Provincial Health Director Prof. Dr. Kamal Memisoglu“If our healthcare system sets an example to the world today about the Kovid epidemic, it is the result of long-term efforts and many efforts. It is not something that will happen from today to tomorrow. When we say digital health, Turkey has implemented a system that is very good.” He has set an example to the world by studying. ” Used phrases.

The 7th International Congress of Health Sciences and Management, organized by the university, began with the theme “Digital Health, Personalized Medicine”, according to a statement from Yuscudar University.

The event was attended by members from the University of Uskudar, the International Strategic Health Research Center Association (USSAM), Karadenez Technical University, Suleiman Demirel, Sakaria, Selkuk, Kirikkale, Ahi Ivran and the Department of Health Management. Director of Health, Prof. Dr. Kamal Memisoglu was also present.

In his opening remarks, Professor. Dr. Kemal Memişoğlu says that the development and preparation of health services in Turkey, especially in the last 20 years, has borne fruit in the Kovid epidemic and says:

“There are people who have great experience in improving health. No one or any society has a chance to succeed without being prepared for something, without working for something. We need to know this first. If our health system sets an example to the world. This is a long term effort and the return of many efforts. When we say digital health, Turkey has set an example to the world with its excellent work, and implemented its measures. Managing any health service and data is the result of great efforts. Turkey has proved its success in health tourism. Its success has been supported and appreciated by the people of the world. He came to our country from a very developed country and tried to get health care. Our country has got many benefits in the field of health, but these benefits have not been achieved.

Noting that Covid 19 has shown many countries in the world that those who can better manage health-related development processes in the future may be able to manage the world, Memisoglu said that digitization of health is necessary to manage the population. .

Memişoğlu said: “The future is preparing for a big change in health. If we see this change as a country, as a people, as a health director, as a health scientist and take our position and vision accordingly, this country will be even more concerned. Health is better than running after some big revolution like the industrial revolution that was missed in the past. “If this revolution is caught, it will force people, society and countries to run after themselves. We are now preparing for it. I think the definition of artificial intelligence is wrong. We need to create artificial intelligence. “

“We need team intelligence, not individual.”

Uskudar University Founder Rector and Chairman of the Executive Board, Prof. Dr. Nevjat Tarhan also spoke about the importance of information privatization in improving the quality of health services.

Mentioning that to create a field where genetic information and digitization come together, group intelligence is needed, not individual, and said that those who fail to be a team will run and fall behind.

Referring to the need to improve the quality of healthcare worldwide, Tarhan made the following assessments:

“Personalization of information is also important for improving the quality of healthcare. Creating a field where genetic information and digitization come together requires group intelligence, not individual intelligence. Team intelligence comes with team leadership and management. Those who fail to become a team fall behind in this race. This is very important. Being a team also ensures efficient use of resources. Use of resources is important for health as it is in all cases. It is a separate science to be able to grow resources properly. We do medical recording in the model we use in the hospital. We wrote an algorithm that records brain signals.

We have launched a scientific research project on artificial intelligence. We presented this project, called Computational Psychiatry, to more than 10,000 members worldwide at the Congress of the American Psychiatric Association last year. When we enter the digital world, it used to be said that data is everything. Data is not everything, in fact everything is data. Even pen hold information. We are in a digital-based universe. The philosophy of the material universe has changed. The interpretation of material philosophy is not satisfied. There was talk of an energy-based universe, and now there is talk of a digital-based universe. Digital resources are very important. He who can manage digital resources also rules the world.

“Many countries around the world have taken Turkey’s fight against Kovid-19 as a reference.”

Professor Dr. Navjat Tarhan reminded that the digital world, artificial intelligence and finally the “metavers” phenomenon has emerged, and said that there is a rapid digitization behind them.

“The world is seriously moving towards digital control. In such a situation, digitalisation should be our subject, not an object. We must have our own digital platform. The Ministry of Health has succeeded in setting an example to the world,” Tarhan said. Kovid-19 was a serious crisis, but initially digitized. We were able to manage it. Those who are prepared for the crisis and have risky plans against the crisis can do it. Manage the crisis well. The country has taken Turkey as a reference in this regard. It is a success of health management. ” Used phrases.

The Congress will last for four days.

The Congress, where experts from different countries will take part as speakers, will have four days of digital and face-to-face sessions.

“Human Sensitivity to Health Services”, “Health Economics”, “The New Location of Private Health Services in the Post-Epidemic”, “Book Writing and Editing in Health Management”, “Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Digital Health and Personalized Medicine”, “Health Tourism” and “Cancer Panel” “Research on Innovative Technology” will be held.

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