Aram Gullius holds the Turkish cinema record for 15 films a year.

Change in the middle of the war

Comfort Gullies With a colleague Gune Kosovo We see through
It was in the early 2000s.
I often went to shows by filmmakers and tried to chat with actors, directors and producers.
Tariq Akan, Kamal Sunal, Battle Dinsell, Bulletin Kayabas, Arif Keskinar, Abdur Rahman Keskinar And it will be a unique experience to hear others discuss and reminisce about current events and movies.
One day, while Gune was chatting with Kosovo, Aram Gulliz, whom the locals called ‘Baba’.

I learned later that the reason his colleagues called Aram Gulliz ‘Father’ was not simply out of respect for his experience. He is also credited with directing films with the largest number of father stories in Turkish cinema.

Aysik: Go Home Father (1968)
Director … Comfort Gullies
Players … Jeannep Degirmensiolou, Feliz Akin, Aedes Hun, Omersik

He talks about the changed life of ‘Osman’, who lives happily with his wife and two children.

Captain’s Daughter (1968)
Director … Comfort Gullies
Players … Jeannep Degirmensioglu, Kunit Arkin, Figen Se

জীবনের The life of a girl who has paid a lifetime price for her fatherlessness.

Dear Father (1969)
Director … Comfort Gullies
Players … Janep Degirmensioglu, Kunit Arkin, Sema Ozkan, Omersik

It was a family reunion that broke up 6 years ago.

Omersik’s father’s son (1969)
Director … Comfort Gullies
Players … Omersik, Murat Soedan, Maine Mutlu

েক A remake of the 1963 ‘Ayşecik Canım İçi’, the film tells of the changes that took place in the life of the cheater ‘Fikret’ when she was reunited with her son, whom she had not seen for years.

Aeschylus: Guards of the Home (1969)
Players. Janep Degirmensioglu, Ayhan Ishik, Belgin Doruk, Omeric

The story of those two siblings tries to reunite their estranged parents.

My Son (1972)
Director … Comfort Gullies
Players … Ayhan Ishik, Ferry Cancel, Fatma Belgen, Aitak Arman

The film tells the story of a man who tries to save his son from the clutches of a woman.

Honor My Father (1986)
Director … Comfort Gullies
Players … Sadri Alışık, Bulent Kayabas, Sevda Ferdag

উত্ত Inheritance sharing in a family was acquired as a story.

During our hour-long conversation with Aram Gulliz, who reflected the name of his face, I was quite surprised to see the story of the beginning of the movie.
Aram Gulliz was born in 1931 in Istanbul.
After graduating from college, following the predictions of his family that television would affect the whole world in the near future, he went to England and took a four-year technical course at the Electric and Musical Industries Limited in London, which makes televisions, cameras and calculators.

Aram Guluz receives 'Honorary Award' from Istanbul Film Festival 6 months before his death

Aram Gulিউez received the ‘Honorary Award’ from the Istanbul Film Festival six months before his death.

After returning to Turkey during the Korean War, Aram Gulliz changed his career path, where he was deployed because he could speak good English during his military service. Gülyüz, whom he met in Korea Halit RefigHe was fascinated by the movies he planned to do after his military service.

Aram Gullius decided to work in cinema, not in television strategy. Unlike Halit Refig, he wanted to act. On the other hand, considering playing the guitar and singing because of his beautiful voice, Galileus began looking for opportunities to realize his plans for acting and singing while working as an officer in British Airlines after the end of the war. At that point, Refig comfortably changed the course of Gulliz’s career.

Halit Refig (1934 - 2009)

Halit Refig (1934 – 2009)

Halit Refig, Turkey-Germany co-production which he will direct.Istanbul Adventures’He handed over the administration of the shooting of the film in Turkey to Aram Gulliz.
Sadri Alisik, Carl Mohner, Eva Palmer, Orhan Gunsira, Bianca Breneka And Ozturk SerengilAram Gullius, who thinks he is the executive producer of the movie.

Aram Gulliz, who founded Metro Film in 1958 on the advice of Halit Refig, wrote the screenplay, bringing his dreams to the back of the camera as he continued his production; Matin Serejali, Nurhan Nur And Spiral GurActing ‘Years without you’ He started operating in 1960.

One of the important contributions of Aram Gulliz in Turkish cinema is that he was the first director to give up dubbing and return to sound shooting.

Aram Gullius, who was one of the hardest working directors of his time with an average of 5.5 films per year during the 8 years between 1960 and 1968, took the first step towards being accepted as a film director with a father-child story. His 1968 production in Turkish cinema was ‘Ayşecik: Yuvana Dön Baba’.

Aram Gullius has the title of the director who shoots the most movies in a year in Turkish cinema. Gülyüz directed 15 films in 1965, averaging 24 days.

After the box office success of ‘Ayşecik: Return to Home Baba’, Aram Gulliz continued to make films for his own film company Metro Film, where he directed one film after another about the story of father and child.

With the rise of television in the mid-1970s, the decline in interest in film led the industry to explore. The ‘Sex Fury’ era began, with producers turning to erotic films to present what is not on television like abroad.

Aram Gullius also could not stay away from this trend and started sitting in the director’s chair for erotic-comedy films so that there is no pornographic element and he compares it with pornographic jokes.

Belgin Druk‘S wife Ozdemi’s BircelIts producer; Nur Saylu, Mete Insell And Emile OzdenAram Gulliz, who was involved in a sex frenzy with “Hit the Davula Knocker”.

Aram Gullius, in an interview, compared Yesilkam to today’s Turkish cinema as follows; “The actors now get paid for astronomy, but there was no cash at the time. They worked with promise notes. At the time, they were more spiritually satisfied. “They went through a very difficult time because then, there were no make-up artists or tailors like now. They used to do their own make-up, even their clothes.”

After her death, Aedes Hoon spoke to Aram Gulliz about “the director who can get the best performance from the artist in front of the camera”, while Ayla Algan said, “They both love me playing comedy and taught me.”

Banu AlkanWhich has an important role in carrying the reputation ‘Aphrodite’I actually Remji Young Turk Began to rule. Young Turkish producer Halis Senol Aram Gullius continued shooting for the movie after he lost his life in a traffic accident.

In the 1990s, initially ‘Sweet booty’ The farewell film of Aram Gülyüz, who is also the director of the above line series, was made in 2014. ‘Time Machine’ It happened.

Aram Gullius, who died of a heart attack on September 1, 2018, was buried in Shelley’s Armenian Cemetery.

Mujdat Gazen, who attended the funeral, shared his memories while describing Aram Guluz's contribution to Turkish cinema.

Mujdat Gazen, who attended the funeral, shared his memories while describing Aram Gulliz’s contribution to Turkish cinema.

History of Father’s Day
Sonora Smart Dodd, the daughter of an American Civil War veteran, thought fathers should have a day like theirs. Similarly, Dodd has raised 6 children alone in the absence of his parents.
Although Sonora Smart Dodd began work on announcing her father’s birthday, June 5, Father’s Day, the celebrations were postponed to the third Sunday in June because she could not be reached.
Father’s Day was first celebrated on June 19, 1910 in Spokane, Washington. In 1924, U.S. President Calvin Coolidge did not declare Father’s Day an official day, although he did support the celebration.
In 1966, U.S. President Lyndon Johnson issued a statement announcing that the third Sunday in June would be celebrated as Father’s Day each year.
In 1972, with the signature of President Richard Nixon, Father’s Day was legally declared a public holiday in the United States.
Father’s Day, which gained worldwide popularity in later years, is usually celebrated in the third week of June, but in some countries for cultural reasons it was a date for other months.

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