Beryl Pozam, TV series Dad’s ‘Seville’: Leaving unfinished always hurts me

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Can we say that he is in the most exciting time of his life?

My life has been busy for a very long time. Because I do my job and I like it. I am always excited because I do my work without a break.

Why do you love your work?

I thought this year. When I was in high school, I used to participate in theater plays and perform. I got off the stage and said, I can’t do anything but that. I said. Until then, my teachers always insisted that I be an actor. I wasn’t even sure about the financial side of the business. I was thinking of another profession. But after that scene I thought I could do nothing but that. Because that’s the best way I can express myself, that’s what I enjoy the most. I love to solve puzzles, I love to solve puzzles. It’s all there. I love psychology. It’s here again. For me, acting is the sum of all my interests and loves in everyday life.

What would you do if you were not an actor?class = “medianet-inline-adv”>

I think I’m going to be a psychologist. Because I’m really interested in psychology. I could study art history. I wanted to be a tour guide for a while. I want to travel, I want to see, and I want to pursue a career that involves people. But I can’t be a teacher. I don’t have that patience. It is a job that requires a lot of patience and respect.

When a script comes to you, you feel like someone who can memorize it in an orderly way and combine it. Are you hardworking

Yes, as Ferdi Ozbegen says, “My day is with you, my night is with you.” As soon as something comes up, I research everything about it. This has been the case since school days. Of course, since we were working on theater lessons in school, I was researching everything like time, socio-economics, geography, climate. When this guy looked out the window, I wondered which trees he would see.

How did the “daddy” project come about?

A scenario that fascinated me a lot. I think I read very few things that fascinated me. Went to interview, they gave me the character of Seville. I fell at home and cried. A knife pierced my heart. I think every woman goes through this or she seems to have a friend. Love so much, can’t forget, can’t give up, being halfway … especially being half way always bothers me from “Titanic”. There are also scenes where they reciprocate. They try to express in poetry what they cannot say. She also fascinated me a lot. It’s already so real, written, shot and acted from life. After watching the first episode, I gave a message to everyone; I don’t get up for 1 minute even though I’m not involved with work. I sent congratulatory messages to my teachers and friends. I think this is a very good job. I am extremely happy to be it. I am also very happy to play Seville.

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What does it mean to have Haluk Bilginar and Tolga Saritas in the cast?

Haluk Bilgina is my master. I’ve been following him for years already. We had no identity.

How did you first meet?

I have played with Demet Akbagh in my previous two jobs. I felt the same way about it. Because they are both my masters. Having fun with them, I fell asleep watching them think. And when I met him, I was confused about what to do. Should I say teacher or should I say lady? The same thing happened with Haluk Bhai. Something unique. It’s a beautiful thing that the person you admire so much also becomes a good person. Because zero frustration. Some do not. You admire, you meet, he behaves very badly. Never … Very kind, very funny, really listening to you, energetic, happy … because they are true masters. We are their apprentices.

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You are enthusiastically committed to this project.

It was great to read the script. Then we went to Ay Yapım. We met with our second director, Ezgi Seal. Her eyes are shining … She sat down and asked me, “Do you know how our Seville is?” Said he speaks like us. The whole project, the characters, everyone যে the feeling I felt and the twinkle in my eye.

Will we see more top things about the character of Seville?

Hope we see.

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Do you think you are going to urinate the audience? What was he waiting for?

Right now I’m getting the opposite comment from people. I see they are right, they understand.

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Could it be because they love you?

I think they understand Seville as well. When we play with Tolgar, a very real situation arises. Tolga is a very good partner, a very good man. You can be very simple and honest when playing with him. I think that’s why they understood the situation without blaming Seville or Qadir. Most of the reviews I read said something like that.

Can you work in an orderly way?

Of course. The stage is treated according to what we need. As long as we all feel comfortable, let’s be happy, that scene will be beautiful. Because we all love our job and we want to stay in a good job.

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What was the last thing you wanted most?

I would like a TV unit but I can’t find it. Either a lot of bad things are going on or something ugly is going on. I can’t find anything in the middle. And a vacuum cleaner.

What was the last thing you didn’t say?

I do not say no.

If someone suddenly calls you and says we are going, we have a plan, will you go?

Then let’s go now. I do not know where we eat? Let’s eat, okay. I do not know where to go? Let’s go.

Are you compatible?

I love that journey. Spending time there, talking, people… sometimes I want to be alone.

Are you sorry


When there are situations where you can feel sorry for yourself, can you live it?

Of course, I feel all my emotions.

Does it hurt?

I don’t think he ever did. Because it’s about me, about me.

Some people feel very relieved when they cry, others feel headaches later. Does crying make you tired or fed?

If I hold back and cry like a violent earthquake, of course, my head hurts. However, it has a predecessor. This is why I didn’t feel a big earthquake, so it doesn’t have a big physiological effect. Allow me to feel what I feel. I’m not trying to avoid them, whatever.

Do you have any serious injuries?


Aren’t you reflecting on these because you’ve gone through too much or you see them as a source of nutrition?

I think it’s related to my acceptance that life is like that. This is life. I’m feeling something. Sometimes I say why do we live, if not live. But there is a reason for all this. I am a person who always believes in good. Good if nothing happens, and good if not. I’m not sure it will happen. There’s something, it’s set for me. Honestly, I would say it’s not good. That’s why I look back on what I did and say I’m happy.

Are you heart

I get I believe the value of having a heart.

You are at a time when you can forgive yourself and he is listening to you. Can you tell me

Of course, I’m doing it wrong, and I’m making the wrong words. Sorry … I didn’t do anything so big. Even if it is done, I have tried to fill it.

Do you forgive when you hurt?

I apologize if I’m upset. But I have to understand. What will I do if he comes and apologizes?

How can you describe loving him?

If I only had one more heart to love him. If only my heart were engaged in daily work. If the other was his.

Do you love me so much


How do you think he loves you?

I think he loves me that way. I’m talking about my cat. Because we fell in love with each other.

How does love for humanity make you feel? Do you believe in love?

Yes i believe I don’t separate it as a person or something. I think I also fell in love with my work. Surprising him, missing him, feeling him, being able to fight easily, defending oneself without fear of abandonment or criticism, being oneself… these are the most important criteria for me. Can I fight comfortably? Can he hear me? I hear it? Are we being taken too easily? Being able to fight comfortably is my measure. There was a saying in such a series; I felt sorry for him when I was fighting him. He felt forgiven even during the fight. I think it’s something very valuable.

A program that has been watched by 83 million people has given you the opportunity to ask any question you want. Who will be and what will you ask him?

Either I ask Timothy Chalamet or I ask Tom Holland. A prayer, what is the reward? Every movie, every commercial … what’s going on? I want to learn this.

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