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Ismail Ife Chelebi – Thanks to that bird

One morning I saw a bird in front of me. She looked at me as if she were asking for help. Thinking about all this, a bullet went off in my head. I was so scared. 10 hunters were shooting at our house. They were obviously going to shoot that bird. I immediately took the bird to the back door. I had military weapons there. I put dope needles on all of them and shot the hunters. I knocked them all out. The bird told me that other animals had been taken captive by the hunters. We went there immediately. He left a lion around. We saved all the animals by keeping them busy. The animals seemed to be happy.

Irva Nur Esma – A hero by accident

It was a beautiful morning. The panda woke up and went to his father. Dragon warriors will be chosen in the city that day. Panda decided to join. 100 step stairs. When Panda came on the field, someone pushed him and sent him to the middle of the stadium. The jury chose him by chance. Seeing the panda choose, the tiger became his biggest enemy. The USTA-FU, who trained the panda, was not optimistic that he would become a dragon fighter. One day the crocodile came out of the prison and attacked the dragon warrior. Seeing the panda, he quipped, “This dragon warrior.” The panda immediately attacks him. The USTA-FU saw this and told Panda, “Stop fighting, you will lose anyway.” Panda didn’t want to hear that. You think so, he said and killed the crocodile. Master-fu was surprised to learn that a hero had been born by chance.

Mehmet Akif Ayildiz – Animal Group

Taner, Akif, Yusuf, Nalan and Yagmur had a group. The members of this group loved and cared for the animals. They all had pets. Yusuf had a cat, Nalan had a rabbit, Yagmur had a bird, Tanor had a fish and Akif had a dog. Don’t worry that they are just one animal, they love all animals. They went to the forest with herds of animals. They saw hunters trying to hunt deer in the forest. Yusuf tells the hunters that what they did is wrong, and Nalan tells the deer that the deer should be protected. When Akif said that animals make human life easier, hunters leave the hull and go back to their homes.

Erem reader- my beautiful dream

It was a summer morning. My mother woke me up early. Asked why, he said he was going somewhere. I was so excited. I was wondering where we were going, I asked my mother and she said that when she said a very nice lakeside, I was very surprised. When my mother told me to hurry up, I left on my own. I quickly got dressed and went downstairs. My father was waiting for us. We got in the car and started our journey right away. We reached Lakeside in 5-10 minutes. Arriving at the lake, we immediately set the breakfast table. We were very hungry. After breakfast I asked permission to visit my mother. My mother allowed him on the condition that I would not go too far. I started walking towards the forest which caught my attention. I entered the forest and saw flowers playing dodgeball. I was very surprised. I went to them. Can i play Yes, they said. When I heard my mother calling Anil, I realized that I was in a dream.


One day when he saw the bead window open, he jumped out of it. He looked around and did not know where he was. At this time the owner of the beads also came home. She did not see the beads. He saw the window open. She realized that she had run away and started looking for him. Beads, on the other hand, are attacked by a dog while walking around. He was injured. Easy searched for him for a few days but could not find him. A few days later a phone call came. The caller was a veterinarian and was reporting from Bid. He immediately went and bought the bead and brought it home.


The son of the dried bean was the parrot of the Sultan. He was very adventurous. He used to dream of flying since childhood. His mother said he was young. At one time there was a boy named Esat. He insisted that his mother buy a bird. His mother bought a bird for Asat on his birthday. See the work of God that this bird is a dried bean. Assad was very happy. In Esther’s house, who lived the bad cats. Asat loved his bird and took it out every day. Baked beans were sad to come here at first but now they are very happy.

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