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Today is Father’s Day.

June 3rd week.

Placed in 3rd place.

3rd class.

Today is Father’s Day.

On days like this, you’re looking for more.

He looked at the tired chair in the living room and said, I will not listen to your voice again.

You combine your saddles with your saddles and mourn their value.

You can see how much you love your father.

Looking for your hand on the morning of the feast.

Eyes on the terminal.

Exceeding a handset, he says, “You’re right, honey.”

The shadow of that big flat tree without fruit, the sigh that you will never forget.

My father.

Her name is Keya.

He is strict and masculine and especially generous.

His wrists are not bent, but his heart is soft.

My father used to say;

Do you know when you will grow up?

When I grounded

Because when the father dies, the child grows up.

My dad used to say, “If you love your child, do it!”

A child who does not see difficulties cannot grow up.

I have worked every vacation since 4th grade in primary school.

As children 40-50 years ago, we had big dreams despite living a hard life!

Our words will be shorter than what we do!

Now children have computers and phones, they have no dreams!

But let’s not eat their rights, no action, big discourse!

My father always said;

“Son, the greatest asset and wealth you can leave is to be a good person.

Don’t curse anyone behind you. “

My late father used to say:

Do not eat meat near the hips, boy!

Eat less, eat halal!

Don’t let your stomach get used to someone else’s bread, your back to someone else’s clothes, and your pocket to someone else’s money!

Yes, father.

Heroes hidden in the shadow of the mother, the most sacred creatures.

Fathers are the most orphaned in the house.

He cannot be weak as a hero.

He cannot be weak as a hero.

He can’t cry because he’s a hero, he always has to be a hero and stay that way.

It doesn’t benefit her first family or her new family, she’s always in the middle. That is why he loves his uncles and aunts in the family all the time, he loves his grandmothers more.

Uncle, especially your father’s sister, is not yet known.

A grandmother is also often a bad mother-in-law.

The most lonely father in the house.

So why not listen to the last word?

It is either hidden or lies, or there is no need to share.

After years of working out like crazy, she doesn’t even realize that her cubs, which she thought would never grow up as children, have changed.

When they are dependent on him, they suddenly start declaring their independence, they meet with some frustration, there is nothing to do.

Has your father ever died?

It became mine …

With my inner child …

November 25, 1998 …

Kagithane Ornektepe Primary School.

I was called from class.

Voice on the other end of the phone …

‘Our father has received the mercy of Hawke.’ My brother said …

November 25, 97 …

It’s been 24 years!

I walked without a father for 24 years.

I grew up without a father for 24 years.

A man grows up when his father dies ..!

Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. There is no shadow of the plane because of the length of your body.

It turns out that the shadow protects you from the rain and sun, even though you may not realize it.

Start a family, be a parent,

There are some people you shade and protect, but you look for that shadow a lot more.

You grow up when your father dies.

You grow up without a father to ask questions, to learn, to scold, to compliment, to look for a way home in the evening, to be afraid.

If you don’t have the person you are responsible for tomorrow, you have to take what you want …

If you don’t have a flat tree that always cries silently, loves silently, looks indestructible even in the most difficult times and leans on your back …

Only when you grow up.

To be without a commander in the middle of a war means to be without a father.

Regardless of your age, you are still a child if your parents survive.

Praise your father for surviving, what would be good if you knew after his death, because it does not return the land he bought.

Being a father is easy, but being a father is difficult.

Pillar of father’s house

His heart became UFCA

To be worthy of them

Every child’s duty …

God bless you my dear father …

May the light of your grave be heaven!

I wish mercy to all the fathers who have passed away forever, and I congratulate their day in the hope that the values ​​of the living will be known.

Let’s talk about fathers, let’s not talk about fathers.

Erhan Zia Sankar

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