Fathers who leave a mark with their children

The business people who shaped the Turkish economy are told in the book “Fathers Who Live a Mark” about the legacy of ideas and experiences they received from their fathers. Articles featuring business strategies and inspirational messages that lead companies in various sectors and lead fathers and their children to success have found their place on the shelves under the DÜNYA label.

Created in 2020 in the form of a special file with the theme “Inspired Fathers”, led by World News Co-ordinator Mostafa Kamal Kolak, the work was published in a book called “30 Fathers Who Live a Mark” on Father’s Day. Last year. On this year’s Father’s Day, the scope of the book is expanded, bringing together the business perspectives and life experiences of 54 experienced fathers.

World General Co-ordinator Vahap Munier, who elaborated on the book’s preface, said that in the extended printing process, interesting stories were also created by those who wrote “Imprinted Fathers.” Began writing articles. The book’s stories stretched as far as Anatolia, and there were portraits of them leading the economies of their own cities. “

The book contains emotional articles, rich with interesting snapshots, along with nostalgic photographs, inherited advice as a natural need of the father-son relationship, and a key to success in important business life. The actor of economics.

Guide to the new generation

Offering a variety of sections, including advice and memories for work-family balance, as well as policies, Imprinted Fathers Hall is a guide that will be a compass for a new generation of entrepreneurs who will establish the future. In this book, he shares with readers the principles he adopted as a guide to carrying the flag he carried forward and the children, who tell of their fathers, each of whom has achieved unattainable success in their own field.

As a DÜNYA family, we would be happy if we were able to pass on the legacy of boss fathers who lived and lived a precious life based on hard work, honesty, entrepreneurship, charity and patriotism. Happy Father’s Day to all our fathers who have established and nurtured life through hard work, justice and love …

From Jeanne Bodur Okaye to Ibrahim Bodur

My father, whose mind, heart and heart remained in Chanakkale, founded Chanakkale Ceramic, the first publicly traded company in Turkey, with the encouragement and public support to bring art to Anatolia. My father, who boldly devoted his heart to industrialism and the development of Turkey, worked with a people-oriented approach, aiming for quality production throughout his life and putting his country first.

From Semahat Arsel to Vehbi Koç

Vehbi Koç’s goal was never just to make money. His desire and ambition to create something, to innovate, was parallel to earning money in his life. My dad used his labor and intelligence to succeed, produce, use where he came from. There is no city he has not visited. His devotion to the country was endless. (Generation to generation book, Yapi Creedy Publishing)

From Izzet Garih to Uzair Garih

For every child, their father is “wise”. Especially the lost father… my wise father was also my father. With his wise personality, he has always transmitted hard work, patriotism, philanthropy and humility as a way of life among our children and grandchildren. We will keep him alive with his work and the precious philosophy of his life.

From Dilara Altinkilik Kutmangil and Kan Altinkilik to Rare Altinkilik

Our father never keeps a boss-employee distance between him and his employees. Values ​​the effort and new ideas in any position. He has the power to always create something. That’s enough investment, we didn’t see him say stop and wait. Even 4-digit numbers can hit your mind very quickly. We thought the will to create came from this intelligence.

Written for all fathers

Among the fathers who left a mark, Adil Sunny Konukolu introduces Sunny Konukolu; Ahmed driver, Mahmut driver; Ahmet Kokabiyik, Asim Kokabiyik; Ahmed Nayan Altug, Altay Altug; Ali Gulselik, Sadi Gulselik; Ali Karahan, Salih Karahan; Ali Kibar, Asim Kibar; Baris Gokturk, Uxel Gokturk; Baris-Basar-Bilge Pakis brother, Enver Pakis; Brothers Burak and Mehmet Ali Kuchke, Irfan Kuchke; Bülent Eczacıbaşı, Nejat Eczacıbaşı; Bullet Ozan Deren, Orhan Deren; Sefi Joseph Kamahi, Jacques Kamahi; Cem Hakko, Vitali Hakko, Davut Dogan, Ali Dogan; Dilara-Kan Altinkilic brother, rare Altinkilic; Emre Gencer, Mehmet Nezir Gencer; Engine tuner, sabahattin tuner; Erdal Bahyavan, Mesit Bahyavan; Erkan Gural, Nafi Gural; Fatma Durmaz Ilbirlik, Ali Durmaz; Brother of Feihan-Selim-Idil Yasar, Seluk Yasar; Firozan Kanatali, Feroz Kanatali; Fuat Tosyalı, Hacı Şerif Tosyalı; Gulphem-Gorkem Alapala brother, Ismail Alapala; Hakan Atesh, Husamettin Mehmet Atesh; Great Gural, Ismet Gural; Hairalullah Jafar Aral, Kahit Aral; Hulia Gedik, Halil Keya Gedik; Hussein Nuri Komu, Hachi Nuri Komu; Hussein Youssel to Enver Youssel; Ibrahim Erdemoglu to Mehmet Erdemoglu; Lker Sözdinler, Eyüp Sözdinler; Izzet Garih, Uzair Garih; Muharrem Ilmaz, Sadiq Ilmaz; Murat Meteor, Sabri Meteor; Necdet Yesilyurt, Cemal Yesilyurt; Neşe Gök, Cevdet Anci; NilayiIşılay Reis brother, Mehmet Reis; NilgüniHüseyin-Vedat-Sedat Erikoğlu brother, Ahmed Nuri Erikoğlu; Nuri Tuna, Turan Tuna; Onur-Eren Ulusay brother, Fahretin Ulusay; Orçun-Mithatcan-Berkcan Eğinlioğlu Brother, Hasan Ali Eğinlioğlu; Akzcan Tahincioglu to Yakup Tahincioglu; Palin-Selim Akin brother, Hamdi Akin; Rahmi Kula to Farooq Kula; Sedat zgür, Sadık Özgür; Semahat Arsel, Vehbi Koç; Şenol Şankaya to ükrü Şankaya; Tevfik Yamanturk, Idris Yamanturk; Tunke Ozilhan, Ezet Ozilhan; Vahap Küçük, Vahap Küçük; Janep Bodur Okaye, Ibrahim Bodur; Jeanne Shemsy talks about Isalar Hassan Shemsy.

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