Happy day to the superheroes of our hearts!

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Melissa: Jizem, what gift will you get for Ismail on Father’s Day, have you decided?
Mystery: Ismail is not my father, why am I buying gifts? So of course Lorin should get it, I get it for my own dad every year, but Lorin is younger, she can’t!
Melissa: (Laughter) Of course you’re replacing Lorraine. Our twins are 10 years old but I still get it. Ismail is not buying you on Mother’s Day?
Mystery: No, she is not, am I Ismail’s mother? Naturally, he takes it to his own mother. Which, I think, is actually a birthday present for our parents buying gifts … My mom doesn’t like these days at all. Fortunately, we never had a problem with such a gift on Mother’s Day.
Melissa: Aaa, I’m wondering if I’ve been screwing myself in for years!
Mystery: (Laughter) But your twins can handle it now. I don’t know, let them draw, get breakfast ready, okay. Will they buy perfume, what will they do? I’ll teach Lorraine, she says, “Happy Father’s Day,” kisses you, okay.
Melissa: I’ve tried it. Then they go cheap because they get it from their own pocket money. They always buy panties or stockings. By that logic, my brother once bought a flute for my dad when he was very young.
Mystery: Because they are very accurate. Such days are nothing but stress on children and spouses. I bought it for my dad when we were little, he didn’t like his gift at all. As you said we used to buy socks, he would tell her, “It’s inferior”. Thank God I have a very rational father. Now that we know, we accept what is good. But my dad was always surprised, “Today is Father’s Day”. I don’t think men are as important as women these days. “Both
Mother’s Day and Father’s Day will be picked up if asked, “Okay?” I think the answer would be ‘yes’ without any loss.
Melissa: By no means.
Mystery: That’s right, you’re right, you’ve worked so hard for so many years, don’t pick it up, friend! Come tell me, what did you buy for redemption? Two different gifts?
Melissa: Yes. A pair of shorts, a T-shirt (laughs)
Mystery: Excellent, what kind of father is Ferhat, for example, ‘a shorts, a t-shirt dad’ (laughs)?
Melissa: I married Ferhat because I thought he would be a good father. Of course, there was love at first, but I knew it would end. So the important thing was that he was a good father.

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Gizem: “Everyone should be a parent as much as possible, but always full of love. I think that’s the most important thing! “

Mystery: So which guess was correct? Love is over, is paternity still there?
Melissa: When the babies were born, Ferhat was like a fish out of water. My mother was out of her mind with her first grandchildren. It was predominant over children. Ferhat left the responsibility on us and went back a little. But that has changed a lot as the kids get older.
Mystery: I don’t know of a father who takes all the responsibility with the birth of a child. There is less though.
Melissa: A few years ago, we learned from child psychologists how important parental authority is. Farhat has never seen such paternity from his own father, since my father-in-law got married at a very young age, he was like the elder brother of the house. But when psychologists explain the importance of the subject, Ferhat has become a completely different father in recent years. I think it’s getting closer to the perfect day!
Mystery: Huh, tell Ismail once, okay? Ismail consists of a large man standing on the sofa in front of Lorraine. If we ask Lorraine, I think she will say what she said about Ferhat on behalf of her father. Because Ismail forgot the word ‘no’. She doesn’t do what her daughter says. She says “Daddy’s not going to work” and she doesn’t, let me tell you. If hanging them upside down or throwing them in the air creates a strong impression about a father, then maybe they will tear it up (laughs).
Melissa: Oyyy, she admires her daughter, of course, she can’t help it.
Mystery: That’s right. But I thought Ismail would be a little dictatorial. It really surprised me. Our issues go as far as “Gizim, Lorin doesn’t eat, Gizim, Lorin doesn’t sleep” or even “Gizim, Lorin doesn’t listen to me”.
Melissa: But you know kids like borders. I think it’s important that he sees a little discipline from his father. Let me talk to an Ishmael about this (laughs). So, is Lorraine in love with her father? Deniz is in love, if Ferhat makes a little noise, he will be devastated. She is pressing her lips and crying.
Mystery: Yes, Father Lorraine.
He was 1.5 years old, he was saying a few words. He slapped her on the chest and said, “My people are my father, my father” as if he were speaking Azerbaijani.
Melissa: I eat him. Here the mobility of each house is different. Everyone’s motherhood and fatherhood are very different …
Mystery: Everyone should be a parent as much as possible, but always be affectionate towards their children, this is the most important thing in my opinion. Happy Ferhat and all Father’s Day then, Melis.
Melissa: Absolutely I agree. My father was a tough man. I was very angry at him. It’s been 10 years since I lost. I miss you so much. If I want him to survive and if he wants to be mad at me. Anyway, at least I didn’t go down without explaining myself first.
Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers who have love, respect and good intentions for Ismail and their children …

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