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Regardless of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin price movements, we have observed from time to time that those who have previously criticized Bitcoin or who do not consider Bitcoin suitable for research or testing change their views as the ecosystem develops. The last word on this topic is from the author of the book “The Bitcoin Dog”. Will ShoelkopfWill Shoelkopf came in a letter to his newborn daughter Bitcoin He expressed his views in this regard.

In this article, we will share with you the letter that Shoelkopf wrote to his daughter.

“I was a computer science student at UCLA when I first heard about Bitcoin in 2013. This new magic internet money is questionable, the Mt. Gox Exchange has actually shown the importance of keeping Bitcoin in our own wallet. Not available, so I made the mistake of quitting. That’s when I decided it wasn’t worth learning more about Bitcoin.

I was confused.

You are not yet born, but my heart is already warmed by your love. Thinking about the upcoming Father’s Day, I can already take a picture of myself holding it in my arms. You’re wearing a cute little jumpsuit and a floppy ear cap, and I’m pinching my nose with your nose as I move you back and forth. To my surprise, a smile flashed across my face as he tried to hold my nose! You can just hold your little finger.

Sitting in our rocking chair swaying back and forth, you are in my arms, I am looking out the nursery window and I think you will be in that world: a world with cold wallets. I think about your goals, dreams and ambitions! But I don’t want you to have everything, it’s not easy. Although I want the best for you, I do not want to present it to you on a silver plate.

As your father, I will raise you as a young woman who works hard for what she wants. I want you to control your destiny. I want you to have a chance to succeed. Asking something so bad that you gladly shed blood, sweat and tears in your emotions and ask without closing your eyes, “Is this really happening?” I want to surprise you. However, in its current form, you do not have the financial freedom to do so.

I hope you are born so freely that your career choice will be caged by inflation. I’m afraid you’ll be thwarting your own dreams and abilities by thinking about higher wages because of rising inflation. For this we have to get rid of the cage of inflation.

Bitcoin will fix that.

Bitcoin is the key that allows you to quietly open the door to get out of the inflation cage peacefully. While your Piggy Bank pennies may not stand up to inflation, you will still be able to save SATs. Whatever this life is, you can live the life you want and you will save for your future.

My dear girl, you can do anything, your choice. Living up to the Fiat standard, a unit of account controlled by a central bank and arbitrarily controlled by artificially increased money supply, will fight Wings inflation. But if you choose the Bitcoin standard, you can fly freely. Thanks to Bitcoin, you can choose the most suitable carrier for you and your lifestyle.

Since you are my daughter, I am sure you will share the same critical thinking skills as your father. You can choose not to blindly believe me from birth, but to verify my bitcoin claims. Even my dad, despite his computer science background, first approached Bitcoin as a little more than an unproven software algorithm and I quickly left. After 8 years, I have changed my perspective and I think Bitcoin is a money revolution that can come to civilization once and for all.

“If my dad is super powerful, why can’t he change the bitcoin supply?” I can already hear you thinking.

My dear daughter, my answer is: follow the principles of Bitcoin; Don’t just listen to me, do your own research. You have a lot to learn about Bitcoin! Find out why you don’t make more bitcoins when you’re a little older বেন remember girl, if you choose bitcoin, there’s literally no limit to the possibilities.


Your father “

Even a writer with a computer science background BitcoinIn a letter to her daughter 8 years later, she talks about what Bitcoin can do. What do you think of Shoelkopf’s letter to his daughter?

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