“I’m so proud of Meteke” – TRT Spore

On the occasion of Father’s Day, Matin Gajoz, who gave a statement to the AA correspondent, spoke about Matt’s childhood, the beginning of archery, his achievements and his feelings.

Born in Sakaria in 1972, Metin Gajoz started archery in 1984. Gajoz, who has been an archer for almost 40 years, has been a part of the national team. Father Gajoz, who took over as a coach and manager, left the active athlete in 2012.

Matin Gajoz, whose biggest dream is to represent Turkey at the Olympics as an athlete, was proud of her son being one of the best in the world, even though he did not achieve it himself.

Metin Gajoz says Mete was born into an archer family. “His mother also contributed a lot when he was raising Mete. He said, ‘I supported his father more than Mete.’ “After my marriage, I played and coached for the national team for 14-15 years. The last time we ran together was in 2012 at 4 Distance Mets. At that time, he told me, ‘Your son is coming too. You stop shooting now. ‘ They said, I was archering with love, ‘The boy is growing up, will you stand in front of him?’ And I agreed. After the European Cup Grand Prix in 2012, I stopped shooting and moved on to business management and operations. The work that we did, Mate showed himself at the 2016 Rio Olympics. He also won a gold medal. 2020 in Tokyo. He said.

Matin Gajoz says his family’s great devotion was instrumental in Matt’s success. “As a parent, I want our child to get the best education, to be in a good place in society and to be happy. As his mother and father, our first goal was to always be happy. A smiling face and a positive outlook on life.” Used expressions.

Gajoz describes a memory he had with his son:

“I always wanted my child to do well, to be proud. I wanted him to be a good boy for the country and the nation. I had my own ideals while doing this. Going to the Olympics was my biggest dream. The Olympics. The whole community knows this. When the election year comes, I will start throwing and quit coaching. The election for the 2008 Beijing Olympics was held in 2007. I did not succeed. I finished fourth in the team. I told my wife, ‘I still have Olympic dreams.’ As we were talking, Mete said, ‘Dad, I figured out how to get to the Olympics.’ He said he was 7-8 years old at the time. Asked how I wanted to go, he said, “I’m going to the Rio Olympics. My jersey will have ‘M Gajoz’ written on it. You will come Look at me We’ll both watch the Olympics, “he said.” Mate has seen two Olympics and won a gold medal, but I still can’t go.

“One day I will watch the Olympics”

Matin Gajoz, who missed 2016 Rio and 2020 Tokyo, where Mate competed for a variety of reasons, insisted that she support her son in front of the television and continue as follows:

“We had the right to go in 2016. I will be in the group too, but our team psychologist wrote in his report that our father-son bond is strong and my departure could have a negative impact. Until then, I was constantly talking about the importance of psychology in archery and working on it. After years of talking like that, I had my own dreams. ” I see my child on TV. “I said. We decided to go to our team psychologist. Again, I could not go. Tokyo was not destiny, but I believe. One day I will watch the Olympics. I hope Mete will win the championship again.”

“As a parent, I’m very proud of Meteke.”

Matin Gajoz says his son’s achievement has made him feel indescribable.

Gajoz mentions that the national archer makes him proud again in every competition. “As a parent, I am very proud of Mete. I think the only thing a family expects from their child is that they feel proud of him. Dad can give. Mete always gives us the feeling that he is participating in the competition. “ Expressed opinions.

Gajoz, who said he rarely sees his son in a year, used the following statements:

“Met training is very heavy. My son is out of 355 days out of 365 days. Either camp, travel or competition. There is a competition 80-90 days a year. The season started in April. There is only one Eid. Al-Adha Gap, but we camp there too. I did. Alone. I can see him for 3 days. We can go to the hotel and have 2 cups of tea in the lobby. We usually talk on the phone. Distance doesn’t really matter. “Mate is constantly competing, representing our country, waving our flag and trying to play our national anthem. Our life is difficult. We are a boy separated from us, but we endure. His success and the smile on his face in the final makes us happier.”

Watching the final match of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, where his son won gold, on television, Baba Gajoz, those moments, “The ground has moved. If I say I didn’t cry, it will be a lie. Tears have flowed. It’s not a feeling that can be described.” He told me.

“Mate Gajoz is my son, but now he is the son of our country.” Metin Gajoz says, “I no longer introduce myself as Metin Gajoz. When there is an issue, when I have to introduce myself, ‘I am the father of Mete Gajoz.’ I say. Our people show a lot of respect. There is a lot of support. Our people and our nation loved Mete. Mete, the son of Meral and Metin Gajoz, Mete Gajoz became the pride of our country. ” He finished saying.

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