Meaningful collaboration in the healthcare industry

This week has been very exciting for me. As the founder of BP Clinic, we have launched a very important collaboration project with the Turkish Cancer Society. The project, which we set up with the principle ‘Your genes need your leadership’, is almost like a summary that I wanted to tell you from this angle, and I have had every opportunity for years.
First of all, I would like to talk to you about the Cancer Society of Turkey, one of the main non-governmental organizations in Turkey. Since its inception, millions of cancer patients with limited opportunities; An association that has supported and will continue to support screening, treatment and follow-up, psychological support, nutrition counseling, second opinion, palliative care and oncology coaching. In collaboration with the municipality and the organization, they organize conferences and seminars to inform the society. Mr. Burak Durman, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Locomotive of this valuable organization. As one of the oncology community, I have always watched with interest and appreciation what they have done over the years and I really wanted to realize this project, which is a signature of what I have said to them so far. It is a great honor for me to respond to my call and to travel together and I would like to thank them from this column.

‘Genetic testing’

As for the project; In fact, we say “you can stay healthy, it is possible not to get sick”. Healthy living was a choice before meeting the Covid-19, it has become a necessity today. For this reason, measures taken before the disease is cured in our body are on the agenda. Genetic testing is done at the beginning of the caution. Within the scope of the project, which began with the principle ‘Your genes need your leadership’, the Turkish Cancer Society and the BP Clinic collaborate to learn about human genes and raise awareness. Announcing this at a press launch held at the BP Clinic in Levant, Istanbul, we invited more people to believe in their genetic leadership through genetic testing, without meeting the disease, with the chairman of the board. Turkish Cancer Society, Burak Durman.
We now know that some diseases are hereditary and that our preferences are the cause of many diseases, especially cancer. Again, one thing we do know is that we can improve our health by working on our differences, not on rumors. That we should choose our lifestyle, our style, what we eat, drink and whatever we feel, not this or that but this. Every day, we are offered dozens of diet, vitamin or nutritional supplements from social media or conventional media that are claimed to be protective. However, we know that in the light of our common sense and science, there is no medicine, treatment or method that will be good for all of us. In contrast, there is a condition of ‘feeling good’, which we call wellness; There is no benefit for all of you, there is a solution for each of you. What we need to do to solve this problem is not very difficult. The easiest thing is to separate our perception from our neighbor, such and such woman, such and such patient and take it back to itself. Not forcing our body, brain and body to do what we don’t like. If we have the material-spiritual power to go one step further, use genetic testing and get to know ourselves and our cells better and more clearly. In other words, providing the ‘feel good’ advantage in 21st century science and technology according to our genetics.

‘It is possible not to get sick’

At the launch, Burak Durman, chairman of the board’s Turkish Cancer Society, who emphasized the importance of caution in today’s science and technology, said: “Scanning has a very important place. Disease prevention. As the Turkish Cancer Society, our biggest goal is; Genetic studies of all diseases require early diagnosis and / or our tendency to know. After knowing the details about your body, we will be with you so that your whole life is long, healthy and your energy is high. Illness does not knock on your door, you want us to work now. Through genetic testing conducted by the BP Clinic, you can learn how your body reacts and reacts to your life since you were born, and through microbiota analysis, you can learn about the health of your gut, to which the medical world has turned its eyes. At the same time, through genetic testing, you may have the opportunity to learn about your children’s genetic predispositions, such as mood and sports, and many other things that can improve your quality of life.

Your health and body are your most important assets that you need flawless management. You need to listen to all of it, understand the situation with a clear mind, share solutions with professionals and enjoy yourself.

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