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State Minister for Youth and Sports. Mehmet Muharrem Casapolu attended the preparation and evaluation meeting of the 5th Islamic Solidarity Games after the opening of the athletics track and Olympic pool in Konya. Minister Casapolu said, “The 5th Islamic Solidarity Games will be held in Konya from August 09-18; We will once again witness the strong hosting of both our Konya and Turkey. With this company, the vibrancy of the game will beat in the Konya plain, ”he said.

“Total 2079 medals in 34 branches”

Underlining recent achievements, Minister Casapolu said, “These investments; It was the Turkish sports revolution that took place under the leadership of a kind-hearted man who began to be a servant of the nation, not a guru. We call it sports revolution, but we don’t use it as an empty word. We support this claim with the success of our field. Here I want to give you some numbers. In the last six months alone, from January to June, our athletes, after wearing the Crescent-Star jersey on their chests, have 34 different branches in the international arena; He has won a total of 2079 medals, 569 gold, 644 silver, 866 bronze. It’s a record, it’s a picture of pride, “he said.

11,932 applications for the Games from 56 countries

Minister Casapolu said 11,932 applications had been received from 56 countries for the 5th Islamic Solidarity Games, which are members of the Islamic Solidarity Sports Federation (ISSF) and the Islamic Organization Cooperation.

Minister Casapoglu said the record number of appeals was a source of pride for Turkey and he went on to say:

“Our hometown of Shams Tabrizi will serve as the Games Village. It is a testament to the strength of our dormitory infrastructure that we are always proud of. Our hostel is proud to host our students and is ready to host athletes from all over the world. All our facilities will now be able to host international organizations. The games will be held in 24 sports divisions, including 19 games, a traditional show and 4 Paralympics. Our Velodrome, which we will open in the coming days, will be one of the most worthy facilities of the bicycle branch in Europe and will also be our country’s first Olympic Velodrome. “

Ministry: “We are pleased to be able to provide our athletic track in the service of sports capital Konya”

Led by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change Minister Murat Kurum says they have added a new dimension to the 20-year-old vision projects, adding, “Our goal is to set up our athletics track, where thousands of our young people and athletes will grow.” And that would add value to the service value of our sports capital, Konya, to the brand value of our city. “

“We think the project of spreading sports on the floor is very important.”

Wishing the Konya Athletics track to be beneficial, Minister Kurum said that they support Turkish sports and Turkish football and they have built a total of 19 stadiums in our country with the help of the Tokyo Presidency. Youth and sports.

Minister Kurum concludes his speech as follows;

“Within the scope of our Youth and Sports Minister’s initiative to expand sports, we have allocated about 2.5 million square meters of treasury land to our Ministry of Youth and Sports and our municipalities to create areas where our youth can play sports in 39 provinces. Designed by our Ministry of Youth and Sports for Youth and Children ৷ It is for the service of our nation, our youth ৷ We attach great importance to sports expansion projects ি Foundation. “Praise be to our young brothers, they are at the center of all our projects with us, their ideas are at the center of all our projects. We are continuing our projects in line with their views.”

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