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Duigu Alcan, whose name we first heard with the album “My Garden’s Perennial”, meaning “Longevity of My Garden”, recently released his new album “Serenad”. After graduating from the Edge University State Turkish Music Conservatory in 2017, Alkan moved to the Netherlands, where he completed his undergraduate studies at the Codarts Rotterdam Conservatory. Currently living in the Netherlands, the artist is going to give concerts in various European countries, mainly in the Netherlands and Belgium. We spoke with Alkan, a classical and traditional Turkish musician and popular music distributor living in the Netherlands, as well as a vocal and Makam music instructor, about his new album and his musical journey.

Alcan, who gained acclaim through his album My Gardens Perennials, which includes traditional and contemporary interpretations of Lulabij in five different languages ​​spoken in Anatolia, took his audience on a brand new journey with his album Serenad. For his new album, which was released under the CK Music Production label and hosted by Coşkun Karademir, Alkan said, A modern and traditional word. In this sense, we can say that it presents different aspects of love to the audience. ”

These works are the legacy of Anatolia

On the Serenad album, which consists mostly of anonymous works from different regions of Turkey; I have built a house by the sea, there is an in front of the houses, tutam year alden, the is snow on the mountain on the opposite and no smoke. Alcan Serenad, who said, “These were works that I have long enjoyed singing and explaining in concert and on stage,” and that he had the opportunity to realize this. Alcan also has a song called “Reckless Heart” on the album.

Alkan, who gives voice to works in different languages ​​and genres, says he always feels the universality of music and adds: “Since I make music for different audiences with musicians from different cultures, there is definitely a natural interaction. These works, which differ only in language, are in fact Anatolian and Ottoman traditions. Since we have a simple tune, we are not really that far away. I don’t feel foreign when studying any language. “Even though I’m a Makam music player, I love listening to jazz, blues, indie and pop,” said Alkan, adding that he especially likes Turkish and jazz synthesis. Erkan Ogur and Birsen Tejar are among his favorite names, Alkan said, adding that his favorite name in Turkish music is Yaprak Sayar.

Theater and music complement each other

When we asked Alkan, who took the stage with the Amsterdam Theater Rust and was professionally interested in theater, what it feels like to be a part of a musical, he said: “Honestly, it was a special experience for the Amsterdam Theater Rust. Me. On top of that, I had another experience with the National Brussels Theater last month. I received very valuable comments. Music and theater are two separate branches of art that complement each other. It actually went a bit too natural for me because I usually use my expression when singing. I wasn’t too hard. It was perfect to be on stage in both the plays. ”

We play for ourselves first

Bass guitarist Philip Spanley and Selection of Grapes group drummer Evan Odes were in opium last week. He said they were most impressed by Istanbul’s Sulaymaniyah Mosque. The 20-year-old band insists that a professional musician play first for himself. One of the people who took the stage for the Opium Jazz Festival is the Selection of Grapes Group. Bass guitarist Philip Spanley and drummer Evan Odes have answered our special questions from their music careers to Turkish culture.

You took part in this festival in Turkey. What was it like being Afyon? What was the reaction of the audience?

Our 4th festival has been held here. We weren’t able to come for 2 years because we were sorry Kovid, but it was great to be together again. We had our best participation so far. Our guests were very enthusiastic. In addition to opium, guests from Istanbul and surrounding cities made us very happy. It was an exciting experience for everyone. It’s a great feeling to play both at school and for the students in the main hall here. I don’t know about the city’s jazz and classical music habits, but the listeners here really understand the music and it reflects on us.

We have been together for 20 years

Afyonkarahisar Jazz music director Hüseyin Başkadem says they are making music for themselves and for you, they have surpassed it. Why do you think he said?

Here’s our newest 16 years ago among our musician friends. We have been on the best stage in the world together for 20 years. We professional and professional musicians should not forget that they play for themselves first. We will enjoy it so we will reflect on it.

What do you think of Jazz’s capital?

We were in the United States about 20 years ago, the capital of “New York” jazz, of course. All the musicians who come from there can work very comfortably in all the countries of the world including Europe.

Suleimaniya Mosque is inspired

How many times have you been to Istanbul, how well do you know us?

We have been to Istanbul many times for concerts. We especially like walking in this town. Especially great for observing street performers. The historic structure of Istanbul, the cheerful and warm-blooded Turkish people, the greetings of the people walking down the street are the most beautiful things we see. It is impossible not to appreciate the Suleimaniya Mosque in Istanbul. I think we were very impressed by the preservation of the largest mosque in Istanbul and the surrounding land. We will keep coming.

We both do business and study

I know that Miles Davis, like all jazz musicians, is a very important person to you. What is the place of the master in you?

This name is Joyce Dwayne. The greatest representative of modern jazz transformation. He is also our role model. We played for him near his grave, which made us feel great. You have done a lot of successful work so far and you have won many prizes. Do you still have goals? We do business, we teach and we build our lives on music. Our only goal is always to be with new people in new countries.

The nomadic game strengthens the national consciousness


The nomadic game strengthens the national consciousness

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