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Turkish translation of Surah Pen

1,2. Monk. (O Muhammad) By the pen and line by line what they have written, by the grace of your Lord you are not mad.

3. Of course, you have a lasting reward.

4. Of course, you have a high morality.

5.6. You will soon see who among you is mad, and they will too.

7. Surely your Lord knows best who strays from His path. And He knows best those who are on the right path.

8. So do not bow down to those who disbelieve.

9. They wanted you to be polite so that they would be gentle.

The verse refers to the request of the polytheists from the Messenger of Allah that he should compromise in the struggle for unity and not accept or criticize their superstitions, injustices and some ugly motives. It has been indicated that if the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) had treated them in such a compromising manner, they would have treated him kindly.

10,11,12,13,14. Swearing, hateful, always finding fault and condemning, always talking, always hindering good, aggressive, sinful, rude; Beyond all that, don’t bow down to a degraded person just because you have children.

15. When My verses are recited to him, “The story of the ancients!” Said

16. Soon we will stamp his nose.

17. Surely We afflicted them (the disbelievers of Makkah) as We afflicted the “Gardeners” once. You know, those garden owners swore to collect garden produce very early in the morning (before the poor came).

18. They made no exceptions (when designing it). (They did not say “InshaAllah”.)

19. Finally, while they were asleep, a plague (fire) from their Lord engulfed the garden.

20. Thus the garden was (dug) in the scorched earth.

21,22. Then, in the morning, they called out to each other, “Come on, if you go to harvest, go quickly.”

23,24. Then, they whispered, “Don’t let any poor person come to you today.”

25. Though they were able (to help the poor), they hurried off (saying so).

26. But when they saw it as it was, they said: Surely we have gone astray. They said.

27. (And when he realized the truth), “No, it turns out we’re deprived!” They said.

28. The wisest of them will say, “Did I not say to you, ‘If you declare the glory of your Lord!'”

29. They said: We declare the glory of our Lord. Surely we were unjust.

30. Then they began to rebuke one another.

31. They said: O woe to us! We were cruel!

32. “Hopefully our Lord will give us something better than that. Because now we pray to our Lord.”

33. Such a punishment! The punishment of the Hereafter is certainly greater; Oh if they only knew!

34. Surely those who fear Allah have the gardens of Naim with their Lord.

35. Do we treat the Muslims like criminals?

36. What is happening to you, how do you judge?

37. Or do you have a book that is yours and you read from it (these superstitions)?

38. In it, “What you like and dislike is yours,” (is it written?)

39. Or have you received a firm promise from us that what you command must remain until the day of judgment?

40. Ask them: “Which of them can prove this?”

41. Or do they have partners? If they are truthful, then bring their partners!

42.43. Think of the day (the Day of Judgment) when the calves will be loosened (things will become difficult) and the disbelievers will be called to prostrate, but they will not be able to do so, their eyes will widen and they will be filled with humiliation. However, when they were healthy, they were told to prostrate (and were denied).

44. (O Muhammad!) Leave me alone with those who deny this word (Qur’an). Step by step we will bring them closer to destruction, as if they did not know.

45. I give them respite. No doubt my trap is tough.

46. ​​Or do you ask them for a fee so that they may be burdened with a heavy debt?

47. Or do they write unseen (Mahfuz’s plate) next to themselves?

48. Be patient in the judgment of your Lord. Don’t be like the owner of the fish (Yunus). When he cried out to his Lord in anguish.

For this prayer of Hazrat Yunus, verse 8 of Surah Ambiya and verses 139-148 of Surah As-Saffat. See verses.

49. Had it not been for the Blessings of his Lord, he would have been hurled to the Throne.

50. (But it did not happen.) His Lord has chosen him and made him one of the righteous.

51. Those who disbelieve, when they hear the remembrance (the Qur’an), their eyes will almost roll over you. They say, “Indeed, he is a madman.”

52. And this (Quran) is only a reminder for the worlds.

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