Relations between Bursa UÜ and Germany are getting stronger

The close relationship between Bursa Uludag University in Hessen, Germany and Geisen Justice-Lগbig University (JLÜ), which has been going on for more than 20 years …

For more than 20 years, the close relationship between Bursa Uludag University in Hessen, Germany, and Geisen Justice-Lগbig University (JLU) has been growing stronger.

Bursa Uludag University has hosted academics in the fields of veterinary, medicine and theology from the Geysen Justis Liebig University, with which it has been collaborating for many years, and Hessen State officials. In the delegation; JLU Vice-Chancellor and Director of Surgery at the Small Animal Clinic, Prof. Dr. Dr. HC Martin Kramer; JLU Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Dean Prof. Dr. Dr. Stefan Arnold, director of the Department of Equine Surgery, Professor. Dr. Michael Rocken; Deputy Dean of the JLU Faculty of Medicine and Director of the Department of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology, Prof. Dr. Dr. Dieter Korholz, director of the Institute of Pathology, Professor. Dr. Dr. Stefan Gatenlohner, Director of Trauma, Hand and Plastic-Reconstructive Surgery Clinic. Dr. Dr. HC Christian Hayes, director of the Center for Medical Microbiology and Virology, Professor. Dr. Trinad Chakraborty, Director of the Department of Radiology. Dr. Gabriel Crombach, director of the Department of Surgery, Professor. Dr. Dr. Winfried Padberg, head of the Department of Surgery and Islamic Theology. Dr. Yasar Sarikaya; Former Deputy Secretary of the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Sciences, Professor. Dr. Joachim Felix Leonhard, professor at the Turkish-German Health Foundation (TDG). Dr. Dr. Yasar Bilgin and Rafet Solak took part.

At first Professor. Dr. A scientific meeting called “Academic Day” was held at the Mete Sengiz Cultural Center within the framework of cooperation between the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Reaur Professor Dr. BU at the meeting. Dr. Beau’s Vice Rectors Professor A. Sim guide. Dr. Ferudun Ilmaz, Professor. Dr. Adam Doganun, Professor. Dr. Irfan Kristioglu and International Academic Relations Coordinator (IAİK) Prof. Dr. Bullet Sene was with him. After the meeting, an academic cooperation protocol covering the entire university was signed between the two universities. With the protocol, joint research projects will be run between the two universities, as well as exchange of undergraduate and graduate students and academics.

We are an international university with 7000 students from 135 countries

At the opening of the meeting and protocol ceremony, emphasizing the pleasure of hosting guests from Germany in Bursa, the first capital of the Ottoman Empire, BUÜ Rector Prof. Dr. Dr. A. Sim Guide; “Bursa is the fourth largest city in Turkey in terms of population exports after Istanbul. You are in a city with three large automobile factories and TOGG is preparing for the fourth automobile in Turkey. Bursa is also the textile capital of Turkey. , Which was founded in a city, is one of the 20 research universities in Turkey. It will protect our 7000 students from 135 countries, aiming to live in a more just world where resources are shared equally when they get the best education here and return to their country. We see them as goodwill ambassadors. Our university collaborates with students from the Balkans, the Turkish Republic of Central Asia, and Africa in various countries. I believe that through this protocol we have signed, a Mother’s academic collaboration will reach many more points. I hope that the scientific meeting will be fruitful and that the protocol we have signed will be beneficial to both universities. “

Barাa is my second home

The delegation from Germany is led by Bursa Coordinator and Vice Rector of Geisen Justice Liebig University, Prof. Dr. Dr. Martin Kramer, on the other hand, in his remarks after being introduced to the delegation; “Our university is a state university consisting of 11 faculties. Thanks to the cooperation between the two universities, I am happy to strengthen the ties between our country. It is a great honor for me to participate in this event. I love this beautiful city, the capital of the Ottoman Empire And situated between the Marmara Sea and the Uludag. I must say that I was a staunch supporter of Bursaspor at the time. In the process, many important seminars and conferences have been held in Bursa. For example, we held the World Veterinary Radiology Congress in Bursa in 2013. The first formal agreement was signed between the veterinary faculties of the two universities in 1998. In the 2010s, Hessen State A delegation arrived in Bursa and signed a fraternity agreement. We have strengthened the relationship. A protocol that covers the whole world. The university is also very happy with his death. Thanks to this collaboration for almost 30 years, I feel like I came to my second home in Bursa. “

Professor Kramer; Beau Jisen coordinator said. Coaching member E. Sinem Özdemir Salcı for his contribution to the communication between JLU and BUÜ, past coordinator Prof. Dr. Dr. To this day, Deniz Serek Intas, President of the Turkish-German Health Foundation, Prof. Dr. Dr. He thanked Yasser Bilgin and Rafet Solak for their contributions to the organization.

Turkish-German Health Foundation President Prof. Yasser Bilgin said in his speech, “The state of Hessen, the state in which I lived a few years ago, wanted to make Turkey a sister city. We came to Turkey as a group and visited several cities. The group members chose Bursa. A fraternal relationship was established with. “In the global world, inter-state relations have become very difficult. And yet, how important is the relationship between the universities here? As scientists, we are people who work with science However the world has become chaotic, scientists need to maintain relations with each other and help develop relations between countries. “” The better the relations between Turkey and Germany, the more we Turks living there will benefit. Otherwise, we will suffer the most. It is. We hope the relationship between our universities will be even stronger, and we thank you for organizing us here. “

Within the organization, academics from the University of Geissen Justice Liebig have visited the BUÜ Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and made various contacts.

Relations between Bursa UÜ and Germany are getting stronger

Relations between Bursa UÜ and Germany are getting stronger

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