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Ever since the man got married, his father has been arguing with his wife because he lived in the same house because he was bedridden. His wife did not want his father and thought he was left at home. Negotiations sometimes reach incredible heights.

Again at the moment of such discussion; His wife severed all ties

He rested and said, “Either I go, or your father will leave this house” … The man could not afford to lose his wife.

In fact, in addition to the argument made by his father, he had a happy home, a wife and children whom he loved and loved himself.

Until he got married he fought hard for his wife, tried hard to convince his family and faced many problems. He still loved his wife very much.

He desperately thought about what to do and came up with a solution on his own. A few years ago, she decided to take her father, who made a hut-type chalet for her because of her hunting interest.

He would stay with his father a few times a week and take care of his needs so that he would not have such problems with his wife.

After preparing all the necessary materials for his father, he picked up his bedridden father from his bed, hugged him, and put him in the car.

When his son Kan Baba insisted, “I want to come with you,” he picked her up and drove off.

Then in the middle of winter and terribly cold outside. They choose the hard way because of the snow and the type.

Little Cane is constantly asking her dad, “Dad, where are we going?” He asked but got no answer.

On the other hand; The old man, realizing where he was being taken, was secretly shedding tears, not trying to show his son and grandson.

After a journey of half an hour, they finally ran away. In fact, he hasn’t been here in a long time. The hut-type chalet was now on the verge of decay and its roof was leaking. She clears a corner of the shed and spreads her loaded bed out of the cart there.

Then he took the other things and finally laid his father on the bed on his back.

Outside its type can be felt inside the shed. Disappointed, he followed his father a little. It has already started to get cold. But she thought I’d come back tomorrow and bring a rui and a few blankets.

He was so upset that it seemed as if the earth was falling on him. A father abandons his son in a shed, which he has worked hard to raise over the years. His arrogance hurt and his heart burned, but he did not try to show it. Little Can, on the other hand, had no idea what had happened. She just stared, meaningless, but with the sadness of being separated from her grandfather.

Now was the time to go. She leaned her head on her father’s bed and kissed him on the cheek and hand. He hugged his father to forgive me. Both of them could not control themselves and started crying. She stared at her father’s face as if to tell me, and they grabbed Can’s hand and hurried out of the hut and took a taxi.

When they left, Kan started crying, why did I leave my grandfather in that cold place. The father could not find an answer for his son, could not say what we should do, your mother wanted.

Can: “Dad, when you’re old, shall I bring you here?” Your father’s world collapsed on him just to ask. When this question arises, your father is struck by lightning and, with the courage to risk breaking up with his wife, drives like crazy to the shed where his father had put him, and when he reached the shed, he said, “I’m sorry.” Me, Dad. ” He hugged his father’s neck. The father and son hugged tightly and cried like children.

His son pointed out his mistake and said, “Dad, forgive me for treating you like that!

His father gave the most meaningful answer to his son’s words …

– Boy, I knew you’d be back. Because I never threw my dad on the top of a snowy mountain so you could hire me … so I knew you wouldn’t leave me in this cold, snowy mountain. “

Look, today is Father’s Day, like this story, our children don’t leave their fathers in the mountains today, even many rich people leave their children and grandchildren in old age homes when tears fall from their parents’ eyes. . Most of them never call them again. See, children who behave in this way should not worry, they will see the same behavior from their children as they get older. It is absolutely unequivocal. Because there is no torpedo in the sight of God. I have never seen a wheat harvester or a barley harvester till this age. Adults don’t say it’s useless, whatever you spend comes to your spoon.

Happy Father’s Day to all fathers.

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