Retired Cancer Patients from Elazig: Health Policy Bankruptcy.

Aziz Hadir Dogan, a retired cancer patient living in Elaji, said: “The government has no policy on the disabled, retired and patients. Can I? Those who don’t have money can’t go, even if they go I am pushed back through the door. “I have been waiting in line for a few days,” he said.

Aziz Hadir Dogan, a cancer patient living in Elaz, said he had retired and could not get the help he needed from the state because of his health problems. Dogan says:

“I’m retired. I get a salary of 3,100 lira. I can’t make a living. I’m sick of cancer. The state doesn’t even give me my device. They take care of the Syrians for free. They don’t give them their device. Granted, I sent a file to the ministry, I did not receive any response.

Now I can’t even take my medicine. You will go to a separate department for medication, you will be tested, you will make an appointment, a lot of procedures. Pay. They removed many drugs from the 10 percent payment last month. In other words, this government has no policy regarding the disabled, retired and patients. Health policy is bankrupt, I can’t get the line from the hospital for a few days. Sir, you built a hospital, you did, but can I go? Those who don’t have money can’t go, even if they go I am turned away from the door, I stand in line and wait.

“Meat does not enter our homes, we buy fruits and vegetables with grains.”

Meat does not fit in our house properly, we have started buying fruits and vegetables, go by weight. Do they not know? You see, a deputy cannot come and find out the status of a pensioner. Why? Because there is no way to see the faces of retirees. “

“I saw for the first time in my life that a watermelon was taken with my tongue”

“In the aftermath of the epidemic, the constant rise in prices of every commodity and the relentless inflationary skepticism have broken the backs of retired citizens. Should the wages we receive be paid to our children, support our house or pay our installments?” Cemalettin Yıldız, a retired citizen of Ilazig, said:

“I have retired from university hospital. My friends who have retired with me are currently doing extra work in the market. In other words, the standard of living of the pensioners is low. I get 2,500 lira. “What do we give to our children, to support our house, to pay our installments, that is, the pensioner has a lot of problems. The standard of living of pensioners should be raised a little more, all the conditions given to civil servants should be at the same level as those of pensioners, unfortunately the situation in Turkey today is getting harder and harder day by day. I am 60 years old. This is the first time in my life that I have seen buying a watermelon with my tongue. This is the first time in my life. Indicative of the level we have reached. But hopefully our wishes will be fulfilled. A good level of prosperity. “

“High pensions pay off on the same day”

Nadir Hangun, another retired citizen, said pensions needed to be improved. Hangun continued his statement as follows:

“Retirees are in financial trouble right now. Retirees are really struggling with their wages in this situation. So we hope our government will improve their salaries this July and give them better pay. Reflects the “increase given to pensioners is melting in the same day” We expect our government to improve it The 3,600 additional indicators are not available to us at the moment, and we hope they will. “

“I’ll make it smaller by eating and drinking”

Mehmet Ali Ayildiz, a retired citizen of Ilazig, said that the cost of living has affected retirees the most in the current economic crisis and said:

“I will reduce everything, I will reduce my food and drink, and I will reduce my heat to make a living. I am a retired worker. I get a salary of 3,630 TL. But it is not possible to make a living with a pension. I am a Businessman, I don’t have a house rent. But my problem is I can’t manage from 3,630 lira. Everybody gets 15-16 thousand salary. No one. They have been working properly for 2 years from where they live. We sit like this. I have 2 engineering students with 3,600 lira, I have no chance to manage. If I didn’t work as a businessman, I would never get a chance to manage. I will cut my clothes too, I will reduce my eating and heating, because I have to manage. Accordingly, what is my income, after this age will I borrow money from someone else? I am not in a position to lend money. I borrowed money from you today. I have to pay tomorrow. Somewhere Find? And give it a go, it’s not. In this case, the high cost of living has greatly affected retirees. There are also many who do not have jobs in the domestic market. Has two children. Someone is an engineer. They could not go to work. They are wandering around. “

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